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by Todd Stevens

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is a philanthropic outreach charity that’s goals are to decrease poverty and promote health in third world countries. One of the ways in which the goals of this foundation are attempting to curb such disparity is through reduction of carbon emissions and vaccinations. The picture above is an algebra equation that represents the CO2 emissions and the causes that make this CO2 occur. P stands for people, S stands for services per person, E stands for energy per person, and C stands for CO2 per unit of energy. Bill Gates explanation on how we are going to help this situation is “probably one of these numbers is going to have to get pretty near to zero.”[i] Which one of these variables is not specified but we can deduce which factor is going to be affected most by observing the actions they take through their charities and the rhetoric that they express.

One of the most prevalent implementations that have been used by this foundation is vaccination. Their group has even dedicated “to pledge $10 billion to help develop and distribute vaccines over the next 10 years. Gates announced his intentions at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland[ii] and further stated that “We must make this the decade of vaccines,” said Bill Gates. “Vaccines already save and improve millions of lives in developing countries. Innovation will make it possible to save more children than ever before.”[iii] Well let’s not take his word for it, do vaccines save millions of lives and what vaccines are we talking about? Fortunately this research has been done already and was reported that “In the aftermath of the most recent unnecessary Pandemic declaration of a global H1N1 swine flu emergency, industrial countries were left sitting on hundreds of millions of doses of untested vaccines. They decided to get rid of the embarrassing leftover drugs by handing them over to the WHO which in turn plans to dump them for free on select poor countries. France has given 91 million of the 94 million doses the Sarkozy government bought from the pharma giants; Britain gave 55 million of its 60 million doses.”[iv]

Now there is extensive research and information on this subject but I wanted to wrap this up on some other notes. First of all, the myth of Bill Gates that is perpetuated. It is reported that he was born into an entrepreneurial family and entered Harvard where he met Steve Jobs thus sparking his career by creating Microsoft. Well that sounds great but in truth his family was already apart of such wealth and prosperity as you can see “William Henry Gates III made his best decision on October 28, 1955, the night he was born. He chose J.W. Maxwell as his great-grandfather. Maxwell founded Seattle’s National City Bank in 1906. His son, James Willard Maxwell was also a banker and established a million-dollar trust fund for William (Bill) Henry Gates III.”[v] Also “William Henry Gates, Jr. and Mary Maxwell were among Seattle’s social and financial elite. Bill Gates, Jr. was a prominent corporate lawyer while Mary Maxwell was a board member of First Interstate Bank and Pacific Northwest Bell. She was also on the national board of United Way, along with John Opel, the chief executive officer of IBM who approved the inclusion of MS/DOS with the original IBM PC.”[vi] Now this does not mean that he himself is not smart nor does it mean that he didn’t do any work to get where he is at. It just shows that he has been apart of a higher social class sense his birth.

He has continued to be apart of a high social society and now is even in talks with the most elites of elite. Back in 2009 he met with a super group of philanthropist that included David Rockefeller Jr., the patriarch of America’s wealthiest dynasty, Warren Buffett and George Soros, the financiers, Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, and the media moguls Ted Turner and Oprah Winfrey.[vii] They met to discuss the great humanitarian work of curbing overpopulation and disease. Most of these people have ties to pretty shady things over the years, probably most notably the Rockefeller family with their past in eugenics.[viii]

Now the interest here was that Bill Gates is the other half of the software for The Kinect, sense he is the owner of Microsoft and Microsoft made the Xbox this links him, at least in some part to Prime-Sense. In the very least he does business with this group. And in looking into this information about him the word philanthropist kept coming up. Philanthropist was originally coined by the playwright, Aeschylus who wrote the works Prometheus Bound.[ix] The literal translation is someone who has the inclination to increase the well being of man kind. Much as the mythical character Prometheus did in Prometheus Bound as you see “the author told as a myth how the primitive creatures that were created to be human, at first had no knowledge, skills, or culture of any kind—so they lived in caves, in the dark, in constant fear for their lives. Zeus, the tyrannical king of the gods, decided to destroy them, but Prometheus, a Titan whose name meant “forethought,” out of his “philanthropos tropos” or “humanity-loving character” gave them two empowering, life-enhancing, gifts: fire, symbolizing all knowledge, skills, technology, arts, and science; and “blind hope” or optimism.”[x]

It will be interesting to see what gifts these new found philanthropic friends will bring to the world and how quickly their actions will come about.






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