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Caffeine Drinks and Interrogation

Ultra Caffeinated Drinks and Interrogations

“first they smash your face in, and then they say you were always ugly” – Russian saying

Energy drinks have become a fast growing market here in the United States. This new fad seems to have arrived unexpectedly but its needfulness may ensure that it is here to stay. New and increased stresses and demands put on the public at large give people less time for such basic necessities as sleeping and eating, so many are using energy drinks.

The practice of sleep and food depravation has long been classified as a very successful form of torture. The KGB and FBI found that it is useful in getting confessions as well as breaking the spirit of anyone they deemed a threat.

The Conveyor

The 1930?s would witness the infamous “show trials” of political enemies of Joseph Stalin. (i.e. anyone who had anything good to say about Trotsky) The NKVD developed a new form of torture called “the conveyor” (a method allegedly still in use in Russia and whose origins can be traced back to Scotland circa 1640) a process of interrogating a prisoner for a week to 10 days with out a break. The NKVD would keep the prisoners awake using various methods including drugs such as caffeine. The high doses of caffeine were also useful to the interrogator in its ability to increase pain under torture. Within a relatively short time these prisoners confessed to treason even though it meant their execution.

John Doe #2

On August 21, 1995 we find the mysterious case of Kenneth Michael Trentadue, who allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself in an Oklahoma City prison cell. The condition of the body makes this explanation seem a bit unfeasible it being covered in bruises and burns, his scalp was split to the skull in three places, his throat was slashed and he had high levels of caffeine in his system.

It seems he fit the profile on John Doe #2 in the Oklahoma City bombing and was a victim of an interrogation that went wrong. (Kenneth’s brother Jesse Trentadue claims to have received an anonymous phone call to this effect) The suspicions where not at all put at ease when the Federal Government would not allow an investigation (although requested by the medical examiner) of the cell he was kept in for a full five months. When the investigation did begin the whole cell had been cleaned with bleach thereby rendering the “probable” crime scene useless.

The ever increasing dosages of caffeine in popular beverages should at least cause one to stop and ponder. Are we unwittingly taking part in a mass marketing produced experiment to see what the effects of high dosages of caffeine will do to the public? In either case we can be assured that high dosages of caffeine not only have been but will continue to be a staple of interrogations and torture; it is also a necessity that many use to just get through the day.

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