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By Doyel, Shamley

Enemies Foreign and Domestic

Ladies and Gentleman,

With the just hours old injunction placed on the new Arizona SB1070 law, not even allowing it to go into effect or able to prove any injured parties involved, a few items are even more obvious in our shattered Republic.

1)   The Constitution for the united states of America is all but gone.

2)   The “Whitehouse” can covertly and overtly rule over any aspect of the country.

3)   The Rule of Law is gone.

4)   “Judge” Susan Bolton can seemingly only rule on emotion, not fact.

5)   Socialist and Communist subversive cells are completely rooted within all areas of our country.

6)   Neither the “judge” nor the “Whitehouse” or the Department of “Justice” understands the Constitution.

7)   It is time for our union of states to disband because although the reason for banding together still exists, the aptitude of our countrymen to understand those reasons and enforce the rule of law is gone.

Some press releases concerning the injunction:

“The issue is complicated by politics and the approaching mid-term congressional elections. Democratic strategists are hoping the continuing controversy drives a wedge between Hispanic voters and the Republican Party.”

So let me get this straight, Hispanic voters can all be lumped into one group and assumed to be supporting mass illegal immigration, drug wars, human smuggling, kidnap and rape?  This injunction was handed down by the way from a Clinton appointed “judge”.

“The judge said the state measure was preempted by federal law because such checks would swamp federal immigration officials who are pursuing different priorities.”

What exactly are those different priorities that “federal immigration officials” are not to be watching over immigration?

In a nutshell fellow Americans, we are on the latter part of the downhill slide towards a total collapse of our society as we remember it, know it and of which millions of us swore to defend against all enemies, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC.


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