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Learn a new Language – Legalese

At this time of the year, people endeavor to do things like learn a new language.  I suggest learning some Legalese.  This language is used in law and you will see why it is very important.

I thought about this today because, when I went to get my driver’s license, they made me read questions and respond yes or no.  One of the questions was, “Are you lawfully present in the United States?”  Most people read that and say yes without thinking.

Because of my research, I know I don’t want to affirm anything questionable to protect my Rights.  How is this questionable?  The driver’s license law (statutes) are Federal Municipal law.  That means it only has jurisdiction within Federal land (DC, territories, and any properly ceded land to the Federal Government (US)).  So, the question is basically saying,  ”Are you lawfully present on Federal land?”

By obtaining a driver’s license, I am contracting with the State which could take away Rights.  I do this “Under Duress”, (meaning forced to do so against my will and preserving my Rights,  since if I didn’t have one, I would be harassed by the police and put in jail.)

Chapter 27 of the Kansas statutes affirms that the United States is the Federal government and they have limited jurisdiction to their land only.  Now, not every single place you see United States does it mean the Federal government.  It could be the 50 States of the Union, or the land as compared to other lands, like Canada or Mexico.

I questioned the question.  I stated that “Kansas statute Chapter 27 says the United States is the Federal government and I am not present on their land”.  She said, “I’m not hear to debate that, I just want to know if you are lawfully here in Kansas”.  So I said “yes”.

That is a simple way of practicing your knowledge of law that you learn but not doing it in a jackass way that make people hate you.  Be polite about it.  No need to start fights like others do on camera to make money and get attention.  This will help to prepare for bigger battles that you can take on.

Now on to an introduction to this Legalese language.  Statutes must have definitions of legal terms.  It isn’t always easy to find them, but they are there.  Some of the terms are not defined because they are defined in legal dictionaries.

To give you some original definitions of words I am going to use Black’s Law Dictionary 1st and 2nd editions.  The reason is that law dictionaries have changed meanings of words.  This should interest you.  A word written in law in almost all cases, maybe all, shouldn’t change meaning.

Be sure to pick up a current copy of Blacks Law to know what it says.

For a more current Law definition, I am going to use for their Legal dictionary which will cite the current meaning of some words.

As I already mentioned this very common term:

United States

This word is very commonly used instead of Federal Government. In most places, it only refers to the land of the Federal Government.

You may hear this question from Police Officers or Judges, Do you understand?  You may be thinking, “they want to know if I comprehend what they are saying”, but they are probably not saying that.  Here is what they are saying.


Blacks Law 2nd edition

In the law of contracts.  This is a loose and ambiguous term, unless it be companied by some expression to show that it constituted a meeting of the minds of parties upon something respecting which they intended to be bound.

But it may denote an informal agreement or concurrence as to its term.


Blacks Law 2nd edition

The Phrase “it is understood,” when employed as a word of contract in a written agreement, has the same force as the words “it is agreed”.


Blacks Law 2nd edition

To abide; to submit to; as “to stand a trial.”

If they ask you that question, it could be Understand, or Under Stand which they are basically saying, do you Submit to, Do you agree to the said charges, or do you comprehend and agree to the charges against you?

Many times in Statutes or law, you will see it says that government employees may do this or do that.  When you see this term, you think, Why must (required) I do things while the employees may (not required) do things?  Lets look at the definition of May.

As a note also, a State Citizen, One of the People, the government can’t require you, a sovereign, to do something.  This is how out of control the system is.  Do it or else is the attitude from the so called servants.  Think of a sovereign as a King.  Could the guards force the King or Queen to do something?  I don’t think so.  The founding fathers set up this country so that the People are the Kings and Queens and not some dictator.


Blacks Law 2nd edition

In the construction of public statutes, is to be construed “must” in all cases where the legislature means to impose a positive and absolute duty, and not merely to give a discretionary power.

Lets look at the definition of License.  This is something that many of us have in some form or another.


Blacks Law 1st edition

In the law of contracts. A permission, accorded by a competent authority, conferring the right to do some act which without such authorization would be illegal, or would be a trespass or a tort.

A license is a contract which a permission is given to someone to do something that would be illegal.  Is marriage illegal?  The only marriages that I know of that are illegal are between people of the same sexes (in many States) or a human with a non human.

Let’s look at the original definition of a Marriage license.

Marriage License

Blacks Law 1st Edition

A license or permission granted by public authority to persons who intend to intermarry.

Main Entry: marriage license
Function: noun
a written authorization for the marriage of a named man and woman that is granted by a legally qualified government official

The original meaning of the marriage license has been changed from persons who intend to intermarry to marriage of a man and woman.  The only reason I can think of is to take money away from people and to create a contract.  If people believe that God ordained and set man and woman to be married, then can it be illegal to you?

Here is what intermarriage means:


Blacks Law 2nd edition

In the popular sense, this term denotes the contracting of a marriage relation between two persons considered as members of different nations, tribes, families, etc.

It use to be illegal for those of different tribes, colors, and nationalities to intermarry.  That is not the case today.  Everyone has the right to be married regardless of race, color, nationality, or creed based on the Human Rights treaty.  There would only be a need at this time for a marriage license if people of the same sex would like to get married and it is not allowed or if a person wanted to marry a non human.

I hope you will take the time to start learning law and learning definitions of common words that you use.  A great way to start learning is with HOTT’s audio series. Federal Jurisdiction is great if you have not purchased it. Other series that would be great are Allodial Title and Land Patents, History of Property Rights, The second amendment is an Individual right, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

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