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By Woodsy

Pilgrims Occult Progress

“Kelly did all his feats upon

The devil’s looking glass, a stone.” – Samuel Butler (Hudibras)

Enochian Magick finds it’s most devoted followers in the late 1500’s in persons of John Dee and Edward Kelley. It is through there work that we understand the ritual and practical means by which they accomplished Scrying. (An act of using objects to communicate with the spirit realm) What brought these two together was an interest in Alchemy. Edward Kelley picked up an old manuscript and a white ball filled with “projection powder” that was found in a bishops grave. Kelley was unable to understand the manuscript and sought John Dee whom he knew was adept in Hermetic science. Sadly for them both John Dee could not decipher the manuscript but it is claimed he knew how to use the “projection powder” thereby making them both famous in having obtained “secret knowledge” including the making of gold.

The use of a seer stone (which John Dee claims an angel gave him) is also prevalent in the writings on John Dee with Edward Kelly as his scyer. This seer stone was kept for some time in the 1800?s by the Earl of Orford, at Strawberry-hill. (kind of gives new meaning to the line: “living is easy with eyes closed misunderstanding all you see.”)

Urim & Thummim

These seer stones were often given the name Urim & Thummim (named after the biblical stone) of which secret meaning has been ascribed in the following passage of the manuscript Urim and Thummim showed to be made by art, and are the same with the Universal Spirit, corporate and fixed by Paracelsus:  ”The work cannot be manifest without the destruction of the exterior form, and the restitution of a better which is the glorious substances of Urim and Thummim, which in their being, and Physical life, preserves the Temple of Man’s Body incorruptible.”

Here we see that the substance of these seer stones is believed to be of a spiritual nature and the ultimate goal of the Adept to become. To gain contact with the spirit realm by use of these stones was to gain a closer reality to becoming God.

The Children of Pilgrims

About a hundred years after John Dee and Edward Kelley On April 22, 1692 Samuel Smith the great great grandfather of Joseph Smith Jr. (Founder of the Mormons) Gave a disposition in which he accused Mary Esty of witchcraft in Salem Massachusetts. Mary Etsy pleaded innocence but was hanged soon afterwards.

Some might wonder what “secret knowledge” was passed down from Samuel Smith to his great great grandson who practiced the same ritual of consulting the spirit realm thru scrying using seer stones referred to as the Urim and Thummim, which like John Dee he claims an angel gave him. One thing we can be sure of is this, fame is gained and tradition perpetuated by use of tools that are in the end a fraud.

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