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By Woodsy

The Chemical Wedding

We have examples through out history of men speaking with the spirit realm, but what makes Abraham speaking with God and the angels more palatable to us then say Emanuel Swedenborg’s speaking with “The Watchers” as he attains secret knowledge? The latter in my opinion is darker and conveys a feeling of messing with things best left untouched.

We have in a supreme example of the darker side of communications with the spirit realm in the life of Chrisitian RosenKreutz a symbolic name taken on by a teacher of “Spiritual Truth” who lived in the 13th century. The Rosicrucians believe that he understood and was a warder of the hidden Wisdom.

In his most famous work The Chemical Wedding we read of his encounter with various spirit beings and the wisdom they profess to reveal to Chrisitian in a seven day period. One might wonder at the words given on the Fourth Day considering that I’ve never seen a copy that offers a translation. He claims that a lion showed him a tablet with this inscription:








Bibat ex me qui potest: lavet, qui vult: turbet qui audet:


Here we offer a translation:

“I, Prince Hermes, after so many injuries brought to the human race, by the council of God and the aid of art, do here flow, having been made into a healthful medicine.  Let one who can drink, let one who wills wash, and let one disturb [me] who dares.  Drink, brothers, and live.”

Hermes and the wisdom he gave has always been thought of highly in the minds of many occult thinkers, Although this does not appear to be part of the Emerald Tablet of Thoth (a tablet that the likes of Isaac Newton, Fulcanelli, Helena Blavatsky felt the need to translate) It does seem that there is some hidden knowledge being imparted by Hermes.(Called Hermes Trismegistus in the Emerald Tablet of Thoth.)

It can be said that the Chrisitian RosenKreutz legacy of sharing the secret knowledge of Hermes is still being done by Rosicrucians today. Thru this divine spiritual guidance they claim to help man along in three ways INVOLUTION of Life, EVOLUTION of form, AND the Law of EPIGENESIS.

“This enables man to become a genius and a co-worker with the Creative Hierarchies of the world. If evolution consisted merely in the unfoldment of germinal or latent possibilities man could not thus become a creator.” (page 22 Christ Or Buddha? Mrs. Annet C. Rich)

So how has this philosophy affected our lives? We are entering a new realm of INVOLUTION of life when we can play God and decide the sex of our children and what genetic traits they may have. EVOLUTION too is a key phase we hear all the time. Most artist and performers are encouraged to evolve with the times often becoming a different person. The followers of these Idols copy them and (knowingly or unknowingly) offer worship to these Gods. EPIGENESIS is held only by those fortunate enough to be initiated into the intricacies of these dark teachings and uses a “creative intelligence” to create the experience and information for whatever it is they want to convince us of.

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