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by Phoenix

Today Is The Beginning of “A New Dawn

Many of you may remember the VNS breaking exclusive a few months back on

Operation New Dawn“.

Well, today is the start of their New Dawn and I would like you to read a tid-bit found a few days ago in an investment newsletter and internet group…

“A New Dawn … a New Day ~ Wednesday September 1st Operation New Dawn begins in Iraq … Message written by Phoenix …

As of Wednesday September 1st Operation New Dawn begins in Iraq.

We celebrate the launch of the last and final phase for the United States military in Iraq and with great hope and expectation we pray to see great things for the nation of Iraq and it’s people.

For years the specter of war and blood shed has haunted the nation of Iraq bringing pain, suffering and sorrow but through unwavering perseverance in the face of all odds, victory and freedom has appeared from beneath the ruble of warfare and now stands tall to face the bright light of a new day.

The New Dawn brings hope and opportunity to the people of Iraq and hope and stability to the region.

The New Dawn brings the light of hope to illuminate the darkness allowing the seeds of tomorrows great nation to sprout…taking root in the soil well tilled by a multitude of hands…from a multitude of nations for the welfare of all.

This Dawning of the New Day brings with it change and hope for the peoples of Iraq and the world will witness the birth of a New Government, a New Budget, and a New Economy.

The Sleeping Giant has awoken….awoken to the light of the New Day….and the world will witness the rebirth of Babylon and her mighty towers shall stretch to the sky and all the world will be amazed as the great wealth once hidden….is seen sparkling as new gold in the bright clear light of the new day.

As has been said from days of old…

“It is always darkest right before the dawn” and right now it is evident that this saying has never been more true.

In the darkness before this great new dawn of this great new day confusion is rampant … shadows …dark images…sounds in the night and howls of creatures unseen … chaos some would say.

But know full well the new dawn is about to break and as the light of the New Day begins to flow the darkness will flee and the truth will be made evident and jubilation will abound as all marvel at the birth of this great nation of Babylon rising like a mighty tower to take it’s rightful place as the Queen of the Nations at whom all will marvel as the merchants of the earth rush to her and the peoples of the earth will drink deep of her riches.

All hail Babylon and may all whom drink from her cup prosper now and forever. September 1st 2010…the New Dawn….of the New Day.


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