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By: Desperado

Where Is Our Money Going?

Since I had ever come across even the idea that secret societies exist and have a huge influence in the modern world, I had always been curious about identifying the companies or organizations they were a part of.

It was Manly P. Hall, 33rd degree mason, in his esoteric book The Secret Destiny Of America, who talks about how secret societies were thrown back into hiding and must communicate through symbols: (page 56)

The rise of the Christian Church broke up the intellectual pattern of the classical pagan world. By persecution of this pattern’s ideologies it drove the secret societies into greater secrecy; the pagan intellectuals then reclothed their original ideas in a garment of Christian phraseology, but bestowed the keys of the symbolism only upon those duly initiated and bound to secrecy by their vows.” he goes on further to state: “Secret Societies were formed in their own professions, using the emblems established in their arts to conceal their social aspirations.

So we know that the Pagans had to go underground because they were persecuted for their beliefs, by the Christian Church. Then concealed Pagan rituals inside the Christian ones. A sneaky way of continuing their tradition in broad day light yet no one even knew. Then he clearly states that they do in fact communicate their social beliefs through symbols.

Then on page 54 he also states something interesting: “Secret Societies have had concealment and protection as the first purpose for their existence. The members of these orders were party to some special knowledge, they usually took part in certain rites and rituals not available to nonmembers, but it was more important that through these societies they were also able to practice beliefs and doctrines in private for which they would have been persecuted if these rites were made public.” then he goes on to say: “In most cases these secret orders are benevolent and the members are bound together by obligations of mutual helpfulness and the service of the public good.

Service of the public good? Yet the public is never allowed to know what it is they practice or believe in for fear that we wouldn’t support their “greater good” agenda? Oh, I get it! They know whats best for me! I hope no one buys that. Also, It does say that “in most cases” they are benevolent. But lets not forget the small amount of people at the top that really run the show. I think it would be safe to say that in today’s world events, those not included “in most cases” are the ones pulling the strings, and are concerned with themselves. And through the perception of a high degree mason (yes, his perception of “public good” was the same as a 33rd degree mason, even before he was recognized as one), I’m positive that Mr. Hall’s definition of “public good” and mine are far different.

So they have an agenda for the public and no one is supposed to know about it. The whole book is filled with little clues, but I want to get to Corporations that use the same symbols and how that would be related to a secret society, etc. So now lets see where our money is going.

Lets take one symbol that I see everywhere: Markets, cars, magazines, movies etc. Imagine a capitalized A with the dash taken out so it is just a point. An equilateral triangle without its base if you will. The equilateral triangle is very important in masonry because it represents God. Perfection. The holy trinity. It also has 3 angles of 60 degrees (666 possibly?) The right angled triangle is made up of two legs, representing Osiris and Isis and the hypotenuse connecting them is Horus. Horus being the product (son) of Osiris and Isis. But the equilateral triangle is Deity. It is also Delta in the Greek alphabet. (We’ll get to that later)

So lots of companies use this incomplete triangle to almost act as a funny little A. Ever seen the extraterrestrial threat propaganda movie Alien? (a great movie, don’t get me wrong) The A is what I’m talking about. Could this symbol represent imperfect man? Or God incomplete? Does it represent the incomplete Alchemical symbolism of man becoming god? The philosopher’s stone? (Anyone remember the first British Harry Potter book “The search for the Philosopher’s Stone”?)

W.Bro. J.S.M. WARD writes in The Master Mason’s Handbook on the discussion of the apron and badges of the different degrees: “…The lower triangle with its point upwards is the triangle of fire, the emblem of Shiva, and the symbol of the Divine Spark. The triangle made by the flap of the apron, which has its point directed downwards, is the triangle of water, and is thus to some extent representative of the Soul.

(Chapter VI the Badge)

If anyone has ever gone to Wal-Mart you will know their logo is the “spark” as they call it. Hhmmm. Wonder where they got that idea. That should be the first corporation that comes to mind when thinking of a monopoly. Plus when a company monopolizes to where none of us can ever own a business, its only our own fault for supporting them. Its interesting to the see the time line and how it could have been bought out by these orders and then the logo transformed to show others that “it is ours now.” They also scream for universal health care. That might tell you their “social aspirations.”

Not only is it strange that this symbol of an incomplete equilateral triangle pops up everywhere but more noticeably where it pops up. Lets begin:

(Just click the hyperlink to see the picture I’m talking about. Take notice as to their slogans as well)

365 Foods Pizza – This is one of the pizzas Whole Foods sells. Their store company 365 foods checks out right with the other mystery school logos as having some relation to the sun. The number of days the earth revolves around the sun is 365. There are the 4 seasons at the top, or the 4 elements. I’m sure it has a deeper meaning but I don’t know yet. Abraxas has the same numerical value, 365. Abraxas is a gnostic symbol. More on that below.

Alien and Alien Quadrilogy– Hollywood pumps it out. Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The Lion King etc. Notice the emphasis of the symbol in Quadrilogy.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire – Wow. Disney just puts out the trash. Its so easy to see what they’re doing. The references to Atlantis and the Mysteries is insane. One of their newest movies “The Golden Compass” Bet you can look that up and find it on ANY legitimate freemasonry website. In this picture the symbol is actually the center of attention. It’s sick how it is targeted to children.

Bioware Corp.It is interesting how the have a dragon in the picture.The Dragon has been linked with the serpent plenty of times and the serpent as we all know if a symbol for wisdom or Lucifer.

Coast To Coast AM – A Radio show that talks about UFO’s and all that other nonsense. Art Bell, an admitted Freemason himself, used to be the host this same radio show. Not to mention the host George Noory just came out with a book entitled “Journey to the Light.”

Creative – The symbol is gold as well. That is an important color.

Dateline – NBC’s Dateline. The NBC Peacock logo is actually showing the whole spectrum of light.

KIA – The A in their logo.

KomatsuA construction company.

Hyundai – Their 2009 Azera model. Look closely at the A.

NASA – This is the old NASA logo. Remember The Apollo Missions? Apollo was a deity among the Greeks and Romans. He was the god of light and day (the “sun god”), of archery, prophecy, medicine, poetry, and music, etc., and was represented as the model of manly grace and beauty.- called also Phebus. They also recently had their “Atlantis” shuttle.

Nissan– Nissan was originally called Datson and then to Datsun because “son” in Japanese also means loss. They didn’t want that in their logo so to honor the sun in the flag they changed it to Datsun. There is that sun again. The old Nissan logo was the Datsun logo. Thats almost identical to the Gulf logo as well.

1996 Pathfinder – Zoom in and check the A.

Also here is an older Maxima. I think its a 97. Notice the I is an inverted Toa cross. In Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma in Chapter 25 – Knight of the Brazen Serpent he states this “As the single Tau represents the one God, so, no doubt, the Triple Tau, the origin of which cannot be traced, was meant to represent the Trinity of his attributes, the three Masonic pillars, WISDOM, STRENGTH, and HARMONY.”

97 Maxima.

Notice the cross in the Masonic apron.

Samsung – They just made their new “Solstice” phone before the Winter Solstice occurs. Wonder what their social aspirations are?

Saturn (Car company) – Saturn was always the father of the Gods in the Mysteries. Isis was the eldest daughter of Saturn in the Osirian Cycle. He was supposedly the ruler of Atlantis. In Manly P. Hall’s: The Secret Teachings Of All Ages on page 171 he is discussing the seven wonders of the world. Number 4 was the Temple Of Solomon. At the end it says “Being the tallest of all the Wonders, it: was naturally assigned to Saturn, the Father of the gods and the true illuminator of all humanity.” then on page 274: “…and since the beginnings of all things were under the control of Saturn, the most reasonable inference is that the first forms of worship were dedicated to him and his peculiar symbol–the stone.” Also, page 284: “By analogy, lead would be the physical skeleton of Saturn.” (Lead and the stone? A reference to the Philosopher’s Stone and Alchemy?) Saturn has also been called the Destroyer and so has Lucifer.

Saturn (Like a Best Buy in Germany.) – Ironically enough, The Brotherhood of Saturn, a well known fraternity, was founded in Germany. You will also notice that as far as the logo goes, its almost exactly the same as the car company!)

Saturn Films – This dosen’t have the unfinished triangle in it, but in the discussion of Saturn….This is (as the UN calls him) “Bad boy” Nicholas Cage’s film company. Hes been in the biggest esoteric/propaganda movies for a couple of years now. (The Wicker Man, National Treasure 1 and 2, Knowing, etc.) He also is a Goodwill UN ambassador now. So its clear to see the trend.

Stargate Atlantis – A sci-fi show on the SyFy Channel. They talk about the lost continent Atlantis (they find it eventually and inhabit it) and that is a lot of the basis for civilization amongst the Mysteries. The first Stargate movie is about ancient Egypt and a portal to take you to different worlds. They describe this incomplete triangle symbol as a pyramid symbol.

Ameritrade – this was before they joined with TD Bank. Now it is TD Ameritrade.

Valero – gas/oil company.

Viacom – their is the old logo, but you will see it everywhere still.

So those were some logos that had the incomplete triangle in it. Here are just a few others that I find very interesting.

Abraxas Applications – A company focused on “national security”. Their logo is almost identical to that of Mitsubishi or Mercedes. In the discussion of Abraxas in Maly P. Hall’s The Secret Teachings Of All Ages on page 48 we find this: “To him is attributed the formulation of that peculiar concept of the Deity which carries the name of Abraxas. In discussing the original meaning of this word, Godfrey Higgins, in his Celtic Druids, has demonstrated that the numerological powers of the letters forming the word Abraxas when added together result in the sum of 365.” Just as above with 365 foods, there is that magical number again.

Alien Technologies – One of the leading RFID Chip manufacturers. RFID Chips have been branded as being the chip that everyone will be inoculated with unknowingly to track people like cattle. Some people in Spain, already have simply for barhopping. Their A is halfway finished at the bottom. Their logo is very similar to that of PNC Bank or Delta Faucets. Or Babylon Mystery Orchestra.

Babylon Mystery Orchestra – Enough said. Just look around on the site. Just beware of the music. Its very…. different.

Citi BankThis is the sun (red signifying fire) rising between the two pillars. Another reference to gaining the initial knowledge. In the Mysteries man was always granted his knowledge, or the lost knowledge of Atlantis, through two pillars. Or they could be the two pillars of Solomon’s Temple, the pillars of Boaz and Jachin.

Delta AirlinesIronically, based out of Atlanta, Georgia (set up to be the new Atlantis) this company has the symbolism of the Mysteries. I think its funny that this whole “terrorism scare” that just happened (which will always call for more security and rights being ripped away) was with Delta.

Delta Faucets – See what Delta can do. Delta is the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet as we talked about earlier and it is the equilateral triangle. This is the good stuff. Here is one of their newest commercials. Notice what they say and what the child does at the end. Its the all seeing eye with in the triangle. Check out the Reverse Seal Of The United States. These guys also have almost the same logo as PNC Bank. Interesting.

Infiniti – It will last for an infinity, huh? My interpretation is that it is a pyramid with the sun rising behind it.

IntegrationsThat screams unity. Beyond light. Thats right it is.

Iron MountainThey use a triangle in their logo. Ever read “The Report from Iron Mountain”?

LightlifeThis is a vegan/vegetarian brand of food. There is to be a meatless society on the agenda and it shows through with some of these companies.

MazdaDefinition from American Heritage Dictionary: Ahura Mazda – “The chief deity of Zoroastrianism, the creator of the world, the source of light, and the embodiment of good.” There is that light again. You will notice that their logo is an owl. It looks more like an owl than any M sort of thing, and the owl is extremely significant in the Mysteries. There is a little owl in the upper right hand corner of the one dollar bill too.

PNC Bank –  “Leading the way.” They have practically the same logo as Delta Faucet except its turned slightly. It represents to me, the holy trinity creating the one pure god. The numerical value (A=1, B=2, C=3 and so on) of PNC is 33. That is also the highest degree in freemasonry of the Scottish Rite. It is a very important number in the Mysteries. 33rd Degree Mason Walt Disney also has his “members only” Club 33. The waiting list is 14 years.

Soverign Bank – It is the lamp of illumination.

Target – This is the symbol for the sun. My dictionary is from 1945 and has a symbols section in it. Some don’t. But it is in fact just another large corporation rockin’ the sun logo.

Tazo Tea – They make great tea but the O in their logo is the sun cross. Its also been called the gnostic cross. Also tied in with gnosticism and the Norwegian Nazi Party. I would like to do a report on just going to one of these “Sons of Cain” Health Food stores and showing you the symbolism all over the store. It’s saturated with it.

Truliant – The light coming slowly to shine over the world.

Notice everything has to do with the sun or triangles or the number 3? Dosen’t that make you wonder? For me, having a purely visual reference hit me like a ton of bricks. There is a connection between these companies/organizations. Knowing this would you provide them with your money knowing their agenda? Could you identify them and know what they would do with your support? Well, thats your choice. But next time you go to save a buck, just make sure you not handing it to the enemy.

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