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Michael Tsarion is Wrong

Michael Tsarion is Wrong -2009 a Debunkumentary

This is the video that Michael Tsarion keeps having my internet video accounts shut down for. He has had me reported to Youtube, Google video, DailyMotion, Veoh, Metacafe, Blip tv, and on and on. He has also had videos taken down that were just of me talking about this video. This video is protected under the Fair Use act, which is using copy written material for the purposes of critique and or for non profit use.

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Back in 2007 I did two other videos about Tsarion, they are both a little rough around the edges, but the information is there if you can sit thorough my lackluster presentations. The first is called Michael Tsarion and the Rosicrucian Connection, and it details some interesting things about Tsarions history with the Rosicrucian’s and the Theosophical Society.
Thankfully I saved the html from the original forum post that I did this video on, you can veiw it here:


The next one is called The Many Mistakes of Michael Tsarion. I did this one as part of a radio show on the Revere Radio Network and forgot about it, until Tsarion caught wind of it, then it got a little crazy. for more on that check the Outlaw Journalism article …

Michael Tsarion Threatens to Kick Chris White`s Ass for Exposing Him

Outlaw News

December 16, 2007

New Age guru Michael Tsarion, who has recently been publicly exposed as a Freemason and generational occultist, has threatened physical violence against one of the people who assisted this exposure – Chris White, of the ‘Nowhere to Run’ internet radio show, who recently did a show on Tsarion’s occult connections, noting among other things that he is an admitted member of the Rosicrucian Order.

This show was brought up on Tsarion’s forum, and rather than respond to any of the facts brought up by Chris, Tsarion simply called him “trash who has emerged from his fucking toilet” and then stated that “the only debate i’ll give this pathetic specimen is with my fist” (entire response posted below).

Though this comment was somewhat offhand, and not something one would really take to court as a threat of assault, it shows Tsarion’s mindset. By degrading Chris with Ad Hominem attacks, Tsarion claims that he has no obligation to respond to any of the facts he brought up.

When I tried to go on his forum and bring up some of the facts mentioned on the show, my comment was denied approval by one of the Admins. This doesn’t surprise me. If you go on his forum, you will see that people are talking about the show, but none of them have said one word about the actual content of it. This is because any mention of the facts brought up in the show is disallowed from Michael Tsarion’s forum. I encourage anyone who doubts this to go and try to post something negative about “Mtsar” on his forum.

His forum is filled with people who follow him with religious fervor, and on my own forum, I have found that his followers will viciously attack anyone who mentions anything negative about their great spiritual leader. This is no different from the behavior of the members of any other cult.

All of this is simply further proof of what those of us in the know were already well aware of: Michael Tsarion is a fake and a shill, put out by the powers that be to mix fact with fiction and create mass confusion among our movement. He promotes the belief in aliens as well as a mass of other occult garbage including tarot cards and astrology. He also promotes the Rothschild funded philosophy of Theosophy, and is an apologist for the very high Freemason and founder of the OTO, Aliester Crowley, who it is recently declassified was a paid agent of MI-6.

Alan Watt, though apparently hesitant to say all he knows about this situation, has several times indicated that Michael Tsarion, David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, and the rest of that little club are all disinformation agents, put out there to mix the truth with the sci-fi/fantasy world of the New Age religion. Here is a recent interview where Alan discusses this.

It is also worth noting that Tsarion’s forum is hosted by Red Ice Creations, the Admin of which, Henrik Palmgren, does a radio show where Michael Tsarion is a regular guest. Alan Watt used to appear on this show every month, but recently he has stopped being invited, claiming on his own show which airs on RBN that this was due to the fact that he refused to go along with the “alien agenda” propaganda which most of the Red Ice guests promote. I like the guy, and we regularly like to each others sites, but apparently, Henrik has become a member of the club.

Chris White is a friend of mine, and after the threats and hateful statements which Tsarion has made against him, this issue is pretty close to home; I also feel that the people doing what he is doing, sabotaging our movement from within, are actually more damaging that the attacks from without. I am going to continue to do everything I can to make sure this man is fully exposed, so as he is no longer able to harm people with his psychologically and spiritually destructive propaganda.



Here is Tsarion’s full explaination of why he will not respond to the facts brought up on Chris White’s show, from his forum (this will probably removed when attention is drawn to it):

what are you people talking about when you say debate? debate with this trash who has emerged from his fucking toilet?

do any of you know what a true “critic” really is? it appears not.

some skinflint muckslinger has a bash at a few short free webstreams and that is now regarded as criticism. he has not the dvds, and has not bought the book. that is obvious. a few errors is all he can summon to mucksling at.

he did not contact me like a decent respectful being, and ask me personally about all this. he launched a vicious online attack hoping to be somebody by slander, slander of someone who actually has achieved important things.

these vermin are a dime a dozen. they’ll can spew what they want, and mucksling, and waste valuable time.

my work has been complimented by veterans in the field of research from every part of the globe. and i don’t even need or require these people’s endorsement, although its nice when it comes from a sincere person.

this undereducated, spluttering inarticulate christian (not) moron needs to shut his cakehole, and stop making a total idiot of himself. but being so terribly desperate for attention, this is the way ENVIOUS people go about. the only debate i’ll give this pathetic specimen is with my fist.

send the creature these two articles, and ask him to comment on me, and say i’m a disinformationalist or a servant of the illuminati.



ask this genius of criticism, to show me his articles. ask him to prove he is not a servant of the secret societies that are clearly out to silence the servants of truth?

exposed, am i? the sewer rat does not even know the meaning of the word. he could not find a tit in a whore house.

Michael Tsarion is Wrong 2009 a Debunkumentary


Let me start by saying that in many areas I agree with Michael Tsarion. And not just in the existence of the new world order but also the history especially ancient history is nothing like we have been told in our classrooms and it is in fact so strange that few would believe that if you outright proved it to them.

I will attempt to show you that Tsarion is wrong and that the views he promotes are indistinguishable from the Freemasonic, Theosophical, Luciferian views that I will demonstrate to be false I will also show that there is an attempt to indoctrinate those who are awake into this version of history as quickly as possible for a specific reason.

I also want you to know that I will not be debunking him because I think his version of history or anything else is too strange rather because as I will demonstrate, he is at best factually inaccurate and at worst lying. I’m going to discuss a lot of things this presentation, but I will end it with a review of Tsarion’s Science regarding 2012. If you see nothing else of this video skip forward to that section.

Let?s start by showing some of the tactics Tsarion uses so we know what to look for is good progress. It seems to be a type of mind control for instance noticed the pictures he’s placing behind the text here, of alien ships beaming down the Bible. Now listen to the verse he’s using to prove his point.

“Being-eh, taken from Atlantis, over to Lemuria, the myths suggest they were taken by spacecraft. Here in Numbers 9, we read and when the cloud was taken up from the Tabernacle then after that the children of Israel journeyed and in the place where the cloud abode, there the children of Israel pitched their tents.” -Tsarion Quote

Now he wants you to believe that when it says “In the place where the cloud abode” means that they were taken out into the clouds, outer space, or symbolic of another planet. He also suggests that when it says “After that they journeyed in the place where the cloud abode” means that they went away on the interplanetary journey.

I’m going to read the rest of this passage from the Bible and notice what is being said would be very hard to take its symbolism for being taken up into the clouds or Earth women being taken on a journey on or in the clouds. It only works because you quote such a small section of it and after he’s already told you the back story that he wants you to believe… not to mention putting pictures of spaceships beaming down Bibles in the background.

“And when the cloud was taken up from the tabernacle, then after that the children of Israel journeyed: and in the place where the cloud abode, there the children of Israel pitched their tents.
At the commandment of the LORD the children of Israel journeyed, and at the commandment of the LORD they pitched: as long as the cloud abode upon the tabernacle they rested in their tents.
And when the cloud tarried long upon the tabernacle many days, then the children of Israel kept the charge of the LORD, and journeyed not.
And so it was, when the cloud was a few days upon the tabernacle; according to the commandment of the LORD they abode in their tents, and according to the commandment of the LORD they journeyed.
And so it was, when the cloud abode from even unto the morning, and that the cloud was taken up in the morning, then they journeyed: whether it was by day or by night that the cloud was taken up, they journeyed.
Or whether it were two days, or a month, or a year, that the cloud tarried upon the tabernacle, remaining thereon, the children of Israel abode in their tents, and journeyed not: but when it was taken up, they journeyed.” – Number 9:17-21

The text reiterates that the cloud was leading them through the desert not that people were taken up into the clouds at all.
Another example of this particular type of Tsarion’s tactics is in the next clip where Tsarion is speaking to women. He’s telling them that the Bible which was written by evil aliens who hate us according to him… really hate women. He’s reading a passage from the Bible where God was speaking to the serpent, not to the woman who God speaks to in the next verse… which Tsarion doesn’t quote.

Yet Tsarion goes right along as if God were condemning women. And again, to drive his point home he uses this picture of an angel condemning a woman in the background.

“But again Genesis 3, The Bible, the Judeo Christian manifesto talks about the utter wrath, the utter ire, of the Atlantians and their progeny towards the females. This was a crime that that they committed thirty,fifty thousand years ago that would never be forgotten.
Genesis says ‘Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life’.
Clearly anyone with 2 brain cells can see that merely eating an apple off of a tree, could hardly merit this kind of wrath. We have a very imbalanced story here. I mean, the whole story of Eve creating the all is so ludicrous as to not even want to be mentioned.
Why would the Lord God not respond with compassion, or love, or forgiveness?”- Tsarion Quote

And just in case anyone says well maybe he’s thinking that the serpent represents the female, a theme he tries to present just before this, but this would contradict his own theory which is that the serpent represents the Lemurians and the Lemurians were offering Eve the apple or trying to get Eve to come with them to their planet to be rejuvenated re educated. You just can’t have it both ways and furthermore right after God condemns the serpent. If God were really talking to women there why does he then turned to Eve and talk to her about it?
Are we to believe that the true symbolism of the Bible is that the serpent and Eve represent Eve?

As I said it’s not even consistent with his own version of the story. It could only be chalked up into my mind to a man deliberately taking the Bible out of context for some agenda. That agenda so far seems to be focused on getting people to dislike God in the Bible.

“…of the Lord and by His fierce anger. So there we have those aren’t qualities again. We got God and we’ve got His fierce anger, His fierce wrath.” -Tsarion Quote

I want to continue a bit longer with some of his tactics before moving on to other things. The next one is one of the oldest Masonic tricks in the book. It’s the old sounds like game. Jordan Maxwell has confused generation of truth seekers with this one. And while Tsarion is much better at it than Maxwell, he still desperately is hoping that there are no linguists in the audience.

“But what was the meaning of this word the ankh? Often we’re told that just was the symbol for life or the symbol of breath or the symbol of the coming together of the opposite sexes.

But again the word itself contains the meeting. If you replace the vowels to this ancient word it is a… it actually spells out the word annunaki which as we saw earlier means the nephilim. So Ankh becomes the annunaki or the anannage, heavenly serpents. So any time from now on where you see a god holding in their right hand an ankh, all that is telling you is ‘We are the ones from up there. We are the ones that came from the heavens to the Earth.? -Tsarion quote

Egyptian and Sumerian are two different languages and completely unrelated in this regard. Egyptian is in the afro-asiatic family. Sumerian isn’t in any family according to linguists. There is no actual entomological connection here.
According to one linguist, Tsarion’s assertion here is a, “sounds similar must be elated buffoonery.” Not to mention he has to add what he says are vowels to this word to make it work, even though two of them aren’t vowels at all… and that there was a vowel in the original word. And of course annunaki doesn’t mean heavenly serpents. But if you prefer Zecharia Sitchin’s translation of this and the word nephilim, I suggest you checkout the website SitchinIsWrong.com and see that Sitchin makes up almost as much as Tsarion.

He does something similar in the next clip. Notice the step by step way he changes the word Nazareth to na-sirius.

“We’ve all heard of Jesus of Nazareth of course… Jesus from Nazareth. The only trouble is, there is no such place as Nazareth. There never has been a place called Nazareth. And no map of any age ever shows us the location or place of Nazareth. The word in fact derives from the egyptian word Nazir, meaning prince who is sent and also from nasir meaning Sirius. The star Sirius. So it is really Jesus of na-Sirius. Furthermore the word carpenter and Jesus was a carpenter remember… Well the word carpenter comes from the semetic nagar, which means serpent priests.” -Tsarion quote

Lots of problems here. First on the assertion that Nazareth never existed. I’ve heard people say that Nazareth was invented in the fourth century, but I’ve never understood how one could believe it because when the trust them or not, the biblical texts date back to the early part of the first century. Even the skeptics scholars don’t try to push the gospels much past one hundred AD.

So you have the accounts of this small town of Nazareth in those texts, not to mention also in the Talmud which is also in the first century which obviously doesn’t support the idea of Jesus be the Messiah at all and would have no reason validate this story. In fact they were clearly looking for holes in the story but it mentions Jesus and in the context of trying to explain away his miracles as parlor tricks.

So the question is why didn’t anyone just say the gospels had made up a town called Nazareth? There was a window of a few hundred years where skeptics of the day had a chance to say these gospels have gone and made up a town and they would’ve been a much better position to know if the town had existed or not being locals.

On this point it seems that Tsarion is simply using the stated fact that Nazareth was little more than an outpost of a town and using it as proof that it didn’t exist.

Moving on. Nazir and nazi had different continents he gives no reason to jump from one to the other but it’s obvious he needs to get there somehow to make it sound like Sirius. Not to mention Sirius doesn’t mean serpent, Sirius comes from the Greek Seirios which means scorcher. The rise of sirius was in the season of greatest heat, summer. It’s close to spelling Seirios which means ‘twisted’ but again, they’re two different words and none of them matchup with Tsarion’s definition.

The word for Carpenter in the New Testament is Tekton in the Aramaic It’s naggar, which can mean Craftsman or possibly even scholar, I can find no good reason why Tsarion is saying that the Arimaic word naggar means serpent priests. Again, this shows that he has a specific target in these deceptions.

“Now Madam Blavatsky, one of the greatest scholars the world has ever known, writes in this way, she says the Appellation Satan in Hebrew, belongs by right to the first and cruelest adversary of all other gods – Jehovah, not in the serpent which spoke only words of sympathy and wisdom.” -Tsarion Quote

Now, even if we accept any variation of Lucifer symbolism, in this quote it’s clear that Tsarion agrees with Blavatsky ‘the greatest scholar the world has ever known’ that we call God should be called Satan, and the serpent is actually our good friend. In this case he wants us to think that the serpent represents the Lemurians not women. ‘Lemurians’ by the way is a word entered into our lexicon through Helena Blavatsky. I would also offer a definition of Luciferianism. Luciferianism can be understood best as a belief system that venerates the essential characteristics that are affixed to Lucifer. I’m not asking you to apply any religious ideas to his assertion that God is Satan, and that Lucifer is good, I just want to show you how by any definition Tsarion is a Luciferian regardless of what he tells you that minute that the serpent represents.

I will now show you a clip that will reiterate this assertion in a way that is not immediately obvious:

“The spiritual beings he is referring to are known in Latin as the Cosmocrates, or the Angele Mortivore, the angelic beings. He says the leader of these mighty beings was due to take over the direction of Western civilization in 1881, this caused considerable excitement in esoteric circles of Washington DC and the occult world in general. So now we hear that there’s a hierarchy of these beings, there is a leader of these beings. and theosophists know what this means it reminds us of Steiner, and his work on the concept of Michael in Ariman.” Tsarion Quote

Not only does Tsarion identify himself with theosophists here, which is no surprise because of his deep reverence for its founder H.P. Blavatsky. But what is interesting is his reference to Steiner, because Rudolph Steiner believed that Michael and Ariman were two aspects of the leader of the angels Lucifer, who gave knowledge to mankind according to him, and who now resides in the sun.

Now, if there’s a better example of Tsarion showing his core beliefs to be Masonic, and Luciferian, and a part of the Mystery Schools and not just exposing them, I’d like to hear it. But the real disturbing thing here, is this weird double speak, that I know his followers have noticed, which is that he spends so little time on these angels, or Macrobes, and focuses mainly on the alien oppressors. But when he does talk about them it’s clear, of the one hand, he thinks that they are really what’s behind all the bloodshed and wars, but then in another place, he tells you that the leader of these angels deserves the throne of God much more than God does. It just doesn’t make any sense.

I want to continue to show you some of Tsarion’s beliefs and how they’re Masonic to the core, right down to his hope for reducing the population, and a dislike of the idea of man as the head of the family, and getting rid of all borders and national sovereignty.

He will go through a lists of things that he implies came into the world to the idea of the Hebrew God and the Bible, he also throws in some obviously bad ideas that I guess he wants you to think that God likes.

“We have culture based on acquired inheritance, walled cities, enclosed cities. We have the domestication of animals we have meat diet. We have the family organization now, with the male at the head, we have the phenomenon of overpopulation.” Tsarion Quote

Even the idea of suggesting that in a utopia no one would eat meat is interesting to me, because in the Bible it makes a vivid description of what the new world order system will look like. And oddly Tsarion?s hope for humanity is close to what we see presented here in 1 Timothy 4:1 says:
Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats.

There will, according to the Bible be a prohibition of eating meat and prohibition from the standard family unit. these are two examples of Tsarion?s desires for the world matching up exactly as the overlords he claims to expose. Here’s some more examples of Tsarion subtly indoctrinating people into freemasonic thought:

“?Well the great geomantisits world understood that there is a fung shui of the earth as well. What happens if you want to suppress some good energy that?s flowing? put an obelisk there, put a statue, put a hideous piece of Modern Art, that will do the trick all right. And what happens if your a decent individual and you’re aware of spiritual earth energies and you want to conduct powerful vortexes of energy? same thing, you can put a statue or an obelisk, or a round circle there, to help tp transmute and transmit that energy.”

” One of the ancient structures that could be used in this revivification process is the Great pyramid of Giza, it was known by those who made a study of the principles of the pyramid and its construction in its interior know that was used for healing and used for re-constitution of the body and that certain monoatomic substances were taken within its precinct and that it generates certain kinds of energy and frequencies.” Tsarion Quote

Most of what Tsarion says revolves around the idea that a prehistoric alien race genetically altered humanity and as a result we humans are half evil because that trauma. Tsarion uses a very interesting tactic when speaking of this back story. I’ll show you that when he is regaling us with the specifics of Lemuria and Atlantis he never sites or even tries to site references, which is amazing considering the very intricate details that he’s proposing.

Have you ever wondered how he’s so confident in a history that the details of which even Plato was decidedly sketchy on.

Let’s listen to him spin a tale of ancient history, and ask yourself, Where is he getting this information from and why does he seem so much like a used car salesman in his next clips?

“Now, the alien geneticists did not desire a repeat of their first experiments they realized that the error centered on the intelligence of their progeny in the mark 2 experiment Adamic man’s intelligence would be confounded, well that’s right, what was the reason why your first progeny just up and left and a stopped serving you because of course their turned on mentally, they’re intelligent they can work out that they’re being used for slaves and perhaps don’t want to do some menial tasks, they were thinking Why should we with all of our capacities, and perhaps even with this other capacity that they don’t have?

I when it finally became know to them you see, that another race had been created they had a bit of a dilemma because one thing that the Lemurian’s, ‘the sons of the serpent’, the mark one progeny, and the Adamic mark two progeny have in common is of course the human DNA?

And they have the alien DNA, but on Lemuria the idea would be to condition the alien proclivities out, or to rarify them so at least they were contributing to the development of mankind?

But the Atlantians who are the master geneticists, and its habitual to them to be dealing in genetics. They decided to make yet again another slave race, another race that will be able to serve them and carry out their bidding. However, this time they decide not to go to the human species at all because they’re sick and tired of that, they thought every time we’ve done that its never worked out. but there are other life forms on the planet Earth, there’s lots of fauna and so they were making genetic profiles of the fauna, and specifically they discovered that the DNA of the reptile, the humble earth reptile crossed well with their own alien DNA?

And when they got to Atlantis, when they got out of Atlantis, went to the Lemuria that’s exactly what happened the Lemurian masters there, ‘the sons of the serpent’ awoken the Adams and Eves gradually, slowly, and possibly even worked with their DNA to awaken the DNA and parts of their biology and their chemistry that also been suppressed.” – Tsarion Quote


“Now John Dee was one of the most powerful black magicians and history, he decided it will be better to contact pan-dimensional intelligences to solve their little problem of quarantine. Via his system of magic and divination, he succeeded in opening a portal to these fourth dimensional entities, or ‘oversouls’, Dee became what might be described as a living microscope. This was not the first time in Earth’s history Where such a forbidden rite was undertaken, every time it occurs as the severest repercussions for history.

The only instrument by which we can see them or contact the Macrobes is by human intuition, human imagination, the claivoiant abilities that John Dee, Meister Dee and his cohorts were working with.”

“John Dee’s mind was nearly frazzled by his communications, his astral communications with these strange overworld, pan dimesional beings, but he also was to find out that the macrobes don’t work for free, yes they had the answers to the problem of the stargate, but you see they don’t work for free. You have to pay them, when John Dee entered in to this giant pact he was to find this out and also to find out what the macrobes would want in return for the knowledge they were giving him. What they wanted was blood, we’re aware of that the place on the location and the timing are very important and the letting of blood is very important well if your dealing on a ritual level as large as what sir John Dee was dealing with… we also need a vast quantity of sacrificial victims and blood.” Tsarion Quote

Clearly if he believes this to be true then it would not be the alien overlords that are the root of the problem but it would be theses spiritual beings that are much smarter, and much more bloodthirsty, and in fact, are by his definition the sole reason for all the wars of recent times.

This is one area to agree with Tsarion on, I believe that there are these macrobes and that by contacting them we are giving them access to our dimension, and that they require things like blood. I disagree with Tsarion that we should practice these things like Enochian magic. Tsarion runs a mystery school in which he apparently teaches people to do different types of divination and other types of ritual. I say that this is what we must not do, Tsarion says that it is by magic ritual that these indices are gaining access to our dimension and it is by them gaining access into our dimension that are causing all the troubles that we’re facing, So by logical deduction, we must not practice magic rituals. And once they do gain access to this dimension there’s only one way to get them out, and Tsarion certainly is not teaching that. But when you take into account that he believes like Helena Blavatsky and Rudolph Steiner that Lucifer, the leader of these macrobes is very good, then things tend to get a little foggy.


Regarding 2012, Tsarion’s main thesis on the issue is that a galactic alignment of which kind he doesn’t seem sure, and a passing through certain photon belt is going to cause an enlightenment in the human race, and as a result a lot of people who weren?t ready for this enlightenment are going to have to be dealt with in some way, I shudder to think how, I will show that Tsarion is wrong about every aspect of 2012 in ways that can only be chalked up to either terrible research, or at worst, intentional deception.

Before we get started in two thousand twelve theories I want to play a clip from my video of “2012 debunked” to show you the difference between the twenty six thousand year precession cycle and the two hundred and fifty million year cycle of the solar system’s revolution around the galaxy, because it?s going to help you see right through most of what we’re about to see hear.

This event is only significant from the earth?s point of view. The precession cycle or the 26,000 year wobble of the earth only causes the EFFECT of the stars changing position on the horizon. and therefore on the effect of galactic alignment. if you were viewing this ?precession? from anywhere else in the solar system it would be totally insignificant, this is only a visual effect, and only from the earth?s perspective. There is no gravitational force or radiation to be expected from this event because other than the tilt of the earth, nothing will be any different than the last few thousand solstices and as such, the Earth will be no closer to the galactic center than any other day.

The other camp of belief surrounding the 2012 alignment issue is probably the more significant of the two because it is dealing with the solar system?s actual location in relation to galactic center. The idea is that our little solar system is moving around the center of the galaxy every 225 to 250 million years or so, and while doing so it is moving up and down in a cycle crossing the plane every 33 million years.

So, the question is, are we going to cross that galactic plane in 2012?

Not even close. According to the journal nature, as well as many others, there is evidence of crossing this plane 3 million years ago. This would mean that we are moving away from the galactic plane and won?t be due to cross it for another 30 million years.

Back to Tsarion

“We all know about light, well the highest form of light that can manifest physically is photonic. photonics is discharged from the movement of the electon on an atomic level. and there is purported to be a large belt of photonic energy that every period, of certain age will come in which the whole solar system will pass through almost like a car wash, the whole solar system moving through a high radiation band of energy. And if this is the case, this could be one of the reasons is precipitating the acceleration and speed, the need of the progeny of The Atlanteans to vacate the planet. Because photonic energy has certain principles, from Barbara Han Claus book the Pleadian Agenda: we find the Robert Stanley who reported on the discovery of the photon band by satellites in nineteen ninety one and he commented, these excesses of photons are being emitted from the center of our galaxy our solar system enters the area of our galaxy every eleven thousand years and then passes through for two thousand years while completing its twenty six thousand year galactic orbit. Now the Photon effect is caused by the precession of our solar system its accompanied planets around the central sun called Alcion located in the constellation of the Pleadies.

This counterclockwise cyclic precession around Alcion requires about twenty five thousand eight hundred and sixty years to make one complete orbit. Our present day Sun Moon and planets must twice pass through the photon belt during this time, that is once the north and once to the south. During the cycle there are two periods of darkness and two periods of light, the periods of darkness which constitute the vast majority of the rotation around the central sun consists of two periods of about ten thousand five hundred years following each period of ten thousand five hundred years of darkness then emerge into two thousand years of total light, which actually constitutes the photon belt.

Simply put we have a cycle that lasts about twenty six thousand years, and for most of this cycle we are as we are now, in a period of darkness.” Tsarion Quote

He confuses the solar systems 250, million year circuit around the galaxy with the 26k cycle of precession cycle, he then tells us that there is a certain photon belt that we pass through as part of the solar systems circle around the galaxy, but again he thinks this circle around the galaxy takes a few hundred million years less time than it actually does, he says it takes 26,000 years, keep in mind the 26k yr precession cycle is just the earth wobbling on its axis it isn?t passing through anything it?s just tilting in different directions to say we were going to pass through a nebula as a part of that cycle is lacking a very basic understanding of astronomy, or a will to deceive.

The Photon Belt idea is not something you will find a whole lot of science on, it is mostly from new age authors who generally couple the idea with vague notions about how our DNA is going to be changed when we pass through it, some parts of the story can be analyzed scientifically however and There is no scientific evidence for the existence of any sort of “photon belt”. Here is why

A photon is the elementary particle that makes up light. It would require the gravitational pull of a black hole, with light rays being bent around the black hole near the event horizon, forming a photon sphere. Barring interaction with gravity or matter, photons otherwise always travel in straight lines. Tsarion keeps showing us a picture of a nebula and saying it?s going to be a cloud of very powerful chakra morphing, DNA splitting photons, but you can?t get a photon to stay put in a nebula, especially one threats supposed to be there every 26,000 years let alone 250 million years, but there are several more good reasons to prove this is untrue and deceitful.

He implies that Alcyone is the central sun or black hole in which the solar system circles, but Alcyone is a star in the Pleiades cluster this was mentioned because most occult writers who talk about a world order causing photon belt say it?s in the Pleiades system and were heading right for it, but that system is some 440 light-years away? and The Sun, and with it the Earth, is moving away from Alcyone, we should listen a little more when he says to do our homework.

“He’s talking more here about spiritual darkness again, we then emerge into two thousand years of total light, which actually constitutes the photon belt. We then have twenty one thousand eight hundred and sixty years of darkness and four thousand years of light, if you take it together. Another way of viewing this phenomenon is that in one complete orbit we have five sixth darkness approximately one sixth light or a five to one ratio, with darkness being predominant.” -Tsarion Quote

This is another example of the intent to keep telling people there is an illumination coming. here he is quoting someone who is saying that the 26,000 years of the precession of the equinoxes not only is tied to the photon belt, which is of course impossible, but he also says that the photon belt is related to our spiritual enlightenment, again with no reason to believe that, in a minute I will show why this is important for the new world order system.

“Now they’re also corresponding cycles of importance to take into consideration Stephen Hanoer mentions some of these: Nick Fiorenza has determined that the Earth and the Sun will be an aligning the center of the galaxy sometime between nineteen ninety nine, two thousand. The equatorial plane of the earth, known as the ecliptic aligns with the ecliptic of the sun at the same time they both align with the ecliptic of the galactic core. This unique alignment occurs only four times during the precession of that equinox cycle, corresponding with the four corners of the world the last configuration similar to this upcoming alignment corresponds to around nine thousand five hundred BC. He believes that there will be another major Earth changes as the time of the sinking of Atlantis and the Great Flood. But with one addition, being a possible dimension shift.” Tsarion Quote

This is some of the worse science yet. Now keep in mind this time he is talking about the solar system?s up and down movement as it circles the galaxy? which takes about 250 million years. Now he says that during this orbit the solar system will align with the galactic plane in 2000, this is already wrong according to the Journal of Nature which states that we crossed this plane 3 million years ago, and aren?t due to return for another 30 million years.

So not only is he wrong in predicting that this would happen in the year 2000 only 30 million years off , but Tsarion is promoting the idea that this alignment happens 4 times in 26,000 years. So recapping, real science says this happens once in 33 million years. Tsarion says it happens 4 times in 26,000 years. This isn?t the first time Tsarion contradicts himself about what specifically is going to make us illuminated.

“John Major Jenkins in his book, Maya Cosmogenesis: The Maya were aware of our solstice suns impending alignment with galactic plane and galactic center, an astronomical alignment that occurs only once every thirteen thousand years I have honestly documented my encounter with this idea of going deep into the academic literature to decode how this end date alignment scenario. I called the galactic cosmology was incorporated into basic Maya institutions such as the ballgame, the king ascension rights, and the Mayan creation myth. This amazing fact the ancient muscle American sky watchers were able to pinpoint the winter solstice off into the future has not been dealt with by mayanists, and why do they choose the year two thousand twelve one immediately get the impression that there is a very strange mystery to be confronted here, why did early mezzo-American sky watchers pick a day some twenty three hundred years into the future and in fact how did they pin point an accurate winter solstice with all these considerations one begins to suspect that for some reason the ancient new world astronomers were tracking precession. So John Major Jenkins asked a bunch of questions here, the age old question about how did they know? They lived years ago.” -Tsarion Quote

So John Major Jenkins and Michael Tsarion are absolutely baffled at how the Mayans knew about precession. Well, let me see if I can take a stab at it.

This is a very common tactic to give people the idea that the Mayans were doing something mysterious and magical but the Greeks had already discovered the wobble of the earth well before the Mayan calendar was even invented. It was a matter of mathematics and astronomical observances, the Mayans were around for hundreds of years? and they obviously kept records.

So, it is entirely possible for say, a Mayan astronomer to plot the positions of some stars at midnight, at the equinox, and his grandson to plot the same stars 72 years later and realize that the stars had all shifted one degree in that time.

Multiply by 360, and you get the precession cycle of 26,000 years. Almost certainly, this is how they did it. Because that?s all it takes. You could set a clock by it and they did. So did the Greeks.

“Now Stephen Hanoher goes on to say the Mayan calendar is the only calendar known to be based on galactic cycles the Mayans claimed they created this calendar to monitor the light coming from the center of the galaxy and how it affected our DNA.” -Tsarion Quote

Why does he keep quoting from this guy, as we have shown the Mayan calendar is not based AT ALL on galactic cycles. It is based on the changing view of the stars from the Earth?s perspective called precession. To say it?s based on galactic cycles is just wrong..but to say that the calendar was to monitor light coming from the center of the galaxy and how it affected our DNA is possibly the biggest whopper yet, Tsarion or anyone else wouldn?t dare to show how the Mayan calendar monitored DNA, he only quotes from this individual because it agrees with his unbelievably flimsy idea that a photon belt is going to some how, some way, enlighten us. Never mind that photons don?t gather in belts or that were moving away from where it?s supposed to be.

Earth background based frequency or heartbeat called the Shuman Resonance or SR is rising dramatically though it varies among geographical regions, for decades the overall measurement was seven point eight cycles per second, this was once thought to be a constant. Recent reports that the rate of over eleven cycles and climbing. Science doesn’t know why or want to make of it. Well Willhelm Reich would, Willhelm Reich would be asserting that these changes in consciousness…” -Tsarion Quote

The Shuman Resonance, he says that it was once thought to be static and that it is now growing more intense and that no one knows what to make of it. This is very wrong. The Shuman Resonance was mathematically predicted before it was even observed and it was never thought to be static, because even from the earliest days they understood that it was changed dramatically by lightning, and other factors. To say that it is rising and no one knows why, leaves out the most obvious and understood cause. But it is a clear case of fear mongering to get people to think it?s more evidence of this coming change that he has yet to establish a real reason to expect.

“The collapse of the Earth’s magnetic field, which both guards the planet and guides many of its creatures appears to have started in earnest about a hundred and fifty years ago, the New York Times is planning to report. Science reporter Bill Broad has filed a report which explores how the field strength has waned ten percent to fifteen percent so far and this deterioration has accelerated of late, increasing debate over whether it portends a reversal of the lines of magnetic force that normally envelop the Earth.” -Tsarion Quote

This has always been a strange thing to say to me, and keep in mind I used to say it when I was a 2012?er I used to tell people that there was a magnetic pole reversal coming in 2012. I wasn?t sure if it was because of galactic alignment or solar flares, but I knew it was gonna be in 2012.

Well do a little math with me. If it began 150 years ago and we are presently only 10 to 15% through why would you expect it to change significantly in three years to the point of equating this event with the year 2012 at all.


“Some observers say that this alignment with the heart of the Galaxy in two thousand twelve will open a channel for cosmic energy to flow through the Earth, cleansing it, and all that dwells upon it, and bringing all to a higher level of vibration.” -Tsarion Quote

Did you catch how SOME observers claim that it?s going to open a portal? It seems like they should give a reason why, but it?s much more effective if you can blind someone with what looks and sounds like science, while telling them that a channel to cosmic energy is going to open in 2012? giving them only a few vague notions of how that?s supposed to happen.

The New World Order has convinced us that their plan is just about nuts and bolts of the police state system, cameras and id chips, but the real agenda requires those who are close to understanding first, to be prepped to accept the new false utopia. But it is this false utopia that they refer to when they say New World Order, not the build up to it. And it will come on the heels of 2012 if they can get the idea to as many people as possible. It?s really the only way to get the so called truth seekers on board a world government. Then people will willingly give up their weapons and their borders and constitutions, if they can be convinced they are only part of a intergalactic race people and no longer subject to any God. Those that consider themselves renegades because they think that they have come to the conclusions they have about 2012 all on their own, should consider why it has been so well exposed over the last few decades. Do you think that Sony Pictures would tell people all about it if it was the biggest secret the NWO had to offer, there is another thing that the belief in an enlightenment will cause to happen, but we will get to that in a second

What I want you to notice about the following claims about this enlightenment, is what is offered to prove that it is a valid idea. He even admits he doesn?t really understand what it is that is going to cause enlightenment, only that it is going to happen.

“Whether we’re entering a belt of radiation or whether some other activity or movement or dynamic effects the electrons within our planet, within our atmosphere, within the atomic frequency, then there is atomic energy released, I mean there is a speculation on exactly how exactly how these photonic particles will start to act and operate.” -Tsarion Quote

Now I want to move into something that I think is the most important part of 2012 deception, and that is to get the world ready to purge themselves of ‘The Dirt”

“..and that the end date of two thousand twelve signals major changes positively for consciousness again, as I repeat before you can have the light or when you have a bright light the first thing you notice is the dirt.? -Tsarion Quote

So who or what is the dirt? I?ll give you a few guesses.

“Now competent astrologers know that the negative traits associated with the sign of pieces this is the age that we’ve been in for over two thousand years concerned deception, vice, hidden agendas, mass delusion, and the misuse of spiritual virtue and power. These are the negative traits we associate with the sign of Pisces; every sign of the Zodiac just like every symbol a sign has both positive and negative connotations. And these are the negative ones of Pisces.

So in the age of Pisces it was to be expected that the world experience its share of these negatives on a macro cosmic level. As the age of Pisces comes too close the deceivers know that a paradigm shift which will occur does not favor their machinations. This understanding has led them to make many subtle alterations to their age old stratagems.” Tsarion Quote

That?s right. It?s Christianity and it?s got to go, although he cleverly didn?t say it outright, there can be no doubt of what he wants the viewer to think. And no I?m not defending the Catholic Church by any means of course not. But he is also making it clear that it is the concept of Christianity, not the Roman perversion of it that has to go which is very very disturbing

“But what we can understand is that the ancients understood that the Sun moves through the twelve signs of the zodiac very gradually, backwards and each time it moves into a different house a new mythology is needed. a new set of symbols in the age of Pisces the mythographers, the powers that be understand that were coming to a cusp point and that there is going to be a sizable shift, and after all in astrology pieces is mutable water sign and Aquarius if a fixed air sign. there’s going to be changes, quantum shifts in consciousness, and the powers that be who know how to track these enormous epochal changes understand that there’s going to be a need to revise some of their own mythologies and operating manuals, operating procedures will have to change, the age of Aquarius is said to begin, nobody knows quite for sure, but they think it?s to begin in a AD 2740.

However as the sun moves forced the final degrees of the previous time the descendants of the great cults of power who at the helm of the religions and governments need to make arrangements for that change as each age terminates the appointed mythographers have to get ready to script new mythologies, consistent with the complex symbolism of the coming age.?- Tsarion Quote

In once sense I agree with him that a new religion is in fact being constructed by the New World Order. I disagree with him because the religion that is going to be used, is the one this salesman, Tsarion is pitchin? to you right now.

One that will be based on the idea that humanity was genetically engineered by an alien race and that we are at a crucial juncture in this global society? one in which our new understanding of our origins will lead us to an illumination global understanding and an willful elimination of national sovereignty, even by those that used to fight such notions.

And those that might say something like “our Bible told us about this false peace was going to happen and it said that it would look just like this, and that it won?t last but a few month before all hell breaks out?” Those people need to be eliminated because they aren?t ready for this new global peace. They are too afraid of it. They are what is holding the world back from global peace, and after the genocide of those people, everyone will find out for the first time what the real agenda of the New World Order was. But at that point for many, it will be much too late.

I found the following to be a validation of my theory that this idea of eliminating ‘the dirt’ is very important to Tsarion, because he added to this presentation something of an addendum after the credits had rolled. He apparently felt something hadn?t been adequately presented and needed to be reiterated, he even thought it important enough to add it even though the set and other details were changed what was so important to reiterate..

?The survivors are those who can adjust their consciousnesses and mentality to the nonviolent movement of nature and synchronize their psyches with the universal metatheme. Having the fates conspire to auger in cataclysmic external and internal events in order to undermine the rotten edifice that we stand worshipping, and bring it crashing down around us.

As this photonic light gradually intensifies most people’s consciousnesses are going to rebel as we all do when a bright light is shined in our face, we turn away and cover our eyes we may even strike out at those holding the light towards us.

Those few who can face this light and who are prepared for it will be guided, given their healing, and able to live their dreams. But these few will have to be deeply able to understand what’s happening to those around them in order to be defended against the worst effects of this the irregular but radical change.”Tsarion Quote

There you have it. A perfect set up. You know, I hear a lot of criticisms of the Bible. I like to try to answer them if people have questions because I find most of them to be easily answered, and I kind of like doing it. But there is one passage that I have secretly had trouble with that I couldn?t understand how it could happen in this politically correct, technologically advanced, world we live in.

It says that in this New World Order, people will rejoice in the killing of Christians, and that if they do not go along with the Beast system they will be publically executed. It wasn?t until I really understood what was being said by the 2012 propaganda that it finally made sense. Just look around. How many of those truth movement teachers especially those connected with theosophy like Tsarion and Maxwell that push 2012, also tell you that Christianity is the enemy and imply that it must be destroyed for humanity to survive. If you hate Christianity and Judaism there is a very good chance that you have been brainwashed by the real New World Order.

It?s not obvious to many people, sadly, even to many Christians nowadays, that the core power of what Tsarion calls the macrobes and the power that they answer to is totally venerable to the authority of a Jesus Christ. Exorcisms do not, as the Catholic Church would have you believe, require incense and holy water and all those other things. It only requires a stern word from a true Christian. This is the power that must first be marginalized and destroyed for the evil we fight to assert its control and place their phoenix on the throne of the infrastructure that has been built by the whispers to the ears of humans who have been deceived into opening doors, that despite their promises of power, only serve that realm.

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Michael Tsarion – Debunked

Michael Tsarion, zit er langs als het gaat over 2012, en verwijderd de geleverde kritiek van YouTube

Van Michael Tsarion is onlangs aangetoond dat hij valse informatie verspreid als het gaat over zijn verschillende theorieën over 2012 in een recent gepubliceerde “debunk video” door Chris White, getiteld “Michael Tsarion is wrong”. Tsarion liet vervolgens White zijn video van YouTube verwijderen.

Van New Age figuur Michael Tsarion is onlangs aangetoond dat hij valse informatie verspreid aangaande zijn verschillende theorieën over 2012 in een recente “debunk-docu” van Chris White, getiteld “Michael Tsarion heeft het verkeerd”

Tsarion liet een aantal accounts van de heer White verwijderen van Youtube onder het mom “schending van auteursrecht”, ondanks dat de video`s onder het “eerlijk gebruik” vallen (geen-profijt, en bedoeld om de andere kant te laten zien)

“Ik snap wel waarom hij niet wil dat mensen het zien”, zei White. “Ik ben van plan hem voor de rechter te slepen als dat nodig mocht zijn, de informatie is zeer belangrijk en niet te vergeten draait het om een geval van”eerlijk gebruik”, en Tsarion weet dat”.

In 2007 bedreigde Tsarion White met fysiek geweld nadat een andere YouTube-video uitgebracht werd genaamd “the many mistakes of Michael Tsarion, die vrijgegeven werd door de “Vrije Journalistiek”. “Ik heb helemaal niets tegen de man zelf, ik wil gewoon de mensen laten zien dat hij het verkeerd heeft over een aantal zeer belangrijke kwesties”, zegt Chris, “Ik heb ze op verschillende plaatsen gepost nu, maar ik weet niet hoe lang ze er nog op zullen staan”.

U kunt op dit moment de video zien op White`s zijn websites

http://the2012deception.net en

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Voor onmiddellijke publicatie
PRLog (persbericht) – 09 april 2009

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Onderwerpen: New Age-beweging, zeitgeist, theosofie, Lucis Trust, VN-agenda, Helena Blavatsky, Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion, Acharya s, Jezus Christus, Zodiac, mysteries, de vrijmetselarij, illuminati, leugens, Satan, Lucifer, bewustzijn, Zeitgeist Addendum, en de nieuwe wereld orde.

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Chris White Michael Tsarion heeft het Verkeerd Debunk-docu

Hoe komt het dat Michael Tsarion, die beweert dat hij zijn publiek de ‘waarheid’ presenteert erop uit gaat om degenen die zijn materiaal in twijfel trekken het voor elkaar krijgt dat mensen worden verwijderd van youtube? Het kan me niets schelen of je mij vertrouwt, of dat je Chris White vertrouwt, of dat u Michael Tsarion vertrouwt. Het punt is – wie heeft het recht om het gebruik van vrije meningsuiting en eerlijk gebruik te schenden? Sinds wanneer is het door de grote vissen toegestaan om gezamenlijke middelen onbruikbaar te maken voor de tegenpartij om zo de publieke opinie te dwarsbomen? Waarom is “Eerlijk gebruik” zo belangrijk? Zelfs als je denkt dat elk woord uit Michael Tsarions mond waar is (en dat is uw goed recht) zult u moeten kunnen zien dat er hier iets gruwelijk verkeerd zit. Tsarion weigert te debatteren met Chris White. In plaats daarvan bedreigt hij hem. Nu heeft hij het zover weten te brengen dat youtube Chris zijn account “verwijderde”. Dit zijn de truckjes die mega-bedrijven als RIAA of de MPAA achter de hand hebben, die niet zo gecharmeerd zijn van de zogenaamde “waarheidszoekers”.

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De vele fouten van Michael Tsarion 1 t/m 9










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3 reacties op Michael Tsarion – Debunked

  1. Jenna Jameson schreef:

    First of all, Michael Tsarion just simply appeared out of nowhere, and was promoted heavily on the alt-route. I tired to listen sincerely, to at least 4 lectures. He was all over the place, and I didn’t think he ever divulged any cited, documented references. He seems pseudo-intellectual, and talks in a monotone, hypnotic cadence. He never explains his background or how he came to gain his supposed unique education.
    What disturbs me is that he pushes the Kabbala and thinks Madame Blavatsky(Jew) was some kind of genius. Blavatsky was the beacon for Aleister Crowley, a psychopath and a British secret service asset. He also mentions the nefarious Ayn Rand, and her lover, whilst both were married to others, Nathaniel Brandon, as 2 more of his heroes. (Both Jews) He uses the bible, Torah or Old Testament, as some kind of wonderment literature and loves to bash the Jesus religion but what does he ever say about the Jews? He does criticize the character of Paul (aka Paul) but the information he provides has been lifted from the researcher Joe Atwill from his book, Caesar’s Messiah, yet he never gives credit. In fact, pushing the Jewish Kabbala which advocates summoning demons, glorifying the decrepit, child rapist, Crowley of Do What Thou Wilt fame, using astrology as a supposed sign of his superior intellect, and jumping from one subject to the next whist never giving any solid info, dates, names, events, makes me think this kind is definitely a fake disinfo agent. Now on a video supposedly outing the CIA created New Age religion, “Unslaved Podcast” he is stating that his grandfather was some kind of guru figure in a cult-like organization in California. And of course, are no and never have been any connections with one con agent teaching the trade to the offspring. Watch Gnostic Media and you will learn that Krisnamurti, another big hero to Tsarion, was involved with the CIA. It’s all been outed. I think Tsarion is really pushing the Annunaki meme. And wasn’t Stitchin, who started the entire Annunaki meme, with no scholarly training mind you, and supposedly deciphered an ancient language written on texts, himself a Jew, and outed as a Freemason via hidden footage? I think the Annunaki meme is to get people focusing on off planet evil aliens as the culprits whilst the evil-doers are closer to home. Tsarion is supposedly half-Irish and half-Indian, although the Irish accent seems to come and go. But I think he is a Jew come to distract and hypnotize the gullible goyim. In reading the comments after one of the Youtube videos, his followers seem to gush over his lecture/interviews. But they never comment on the content. I could be wrong. But after listening to at least 4 lectures, I have yet to be able to quote an actual documented or sourced fact from Tsarion. I could be wrong, but anyone who pushes the Kabbalah, and is asserting ancient Aryans wrote it, with no evidence, just a lot of confidence in the assertion, that’s suspicious to me.And that over the top nasty letter, shows me he is not really confident at all. I can understand frustration, but that seemed awfully nasty for someone supposedly so elevated and enlightened. I call bullshit.

  2. Edmond English schreef:

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