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By: Sam Feliciano



An essay on the modern documentary movement

Propaganda film has been a time honored tradition in documentary since the medium’s earliest years. As we all know, Nazi propaganda films were considered “documentary” at the time. Speaking of her groundbreaking film about the 1934 Nuremberg rally “Triumph of the Will,” Leni Riefenstahl said:

“If you see this film again today you ascertain that it doesn’t contain a single reconstructed scene. Everything in it is true. And it contains no tendentious commentary at all. It is history. A pure historical film… it is film-vérité. It reflects the truth that was then in 1934, history. It is therefore a documentary. Not a propaganda film. Oh! I know very well what propaganda is. That consists of recreating events in order to illustrate a thesis, or, in the face of certain events, to let one thing go in order to accentuate another…” [1.]

To consider that Riefenstahl is referring to one of the most important propaganda films of all time, few observations are more poignant than this. What Riefenstahl fails to mention, however, is that truth and facts are actually one of the most important ingredients in the recipe for a good brainwashing. And when one reviews “Triumph Of The Will”, that is exactly what you see: propaganda packaged as objective documentary. It is obvious to us now that other aspects of film, such as music and camera angles, are subtler than overt lies, and can color the truth in any number of ways. In fact, “Triumph” was one of the first films ever to utilize cinematography accompanied by a musical score – top shelf subliminal technology for the day. [2.]

The average person is led to believe that Propaganda as a method is generally dead, and more or less died with the Nazis. The attitude is that our enlightened governments of today know how wrong it is and would never use propaganda on us – something akin to our alleged sentiments on torture. But surely, any thinking person with a television can see the fatal flaws in that statement. Brainwashing is a part of everyday life in the world today – from commercials, to TV shows, to the news.

Over the last twenty years, there has been a major push to inform the population on various topics, ideas, and threats through the use of documentary film. Upon investigation, the grand majority of these are disinformation, propaganda, or just all around lies. Of course, there are honest documentarians as well, and I always appreciate anyone who is concerned with real truth. I can think of many sincere documentaries that honestly presented the facts as they saw them – “Waco: Rules Of Engagement”[3.] comes to mind, and many others as well. Of course, I am not referring to these documentaries in the “documentary movement”, though even with the best of agendas, a manipulation technique may be lurking (such as soundtrack.)

How can we know we are watching a propaganda film? Even the most independent director wants to keep the audience interested, so provocative music or imagery alone isn’t a surefire sign anymore. At what point does a film cross the blurry line from informational, to infotainment, to propaganda? I suppose that is somewhat subjective. However, there are distinct differences in intention between honest documentaries, and potential psychological operations. You can usually see these intentions flesh out in the dance between the timing and tone of the imagery, information, and the music. But remember that subtlety is the name of the game, and fine tuned mind control is almost undetectable in it’s methods.

My goal for this essay is to show some examples of propaganda methodology, focusing on the use of real truth and facts, and one’s lack of familiarity with them, to take us past their stated agendas (or prop-agenda, if you will), right through the back door of their actual agendas, and ultimately away from any of the real answers or solutions we seek. By no means is this intended to be a comprehensive presentation.


It is appropriate to note that in regards to the ancient art of mind control, doing any sort of definitive research is somewhat difficult because of the vast amount of disinformation available to the public. In addition, few books are truly comprehensive or trustworthy on this topic. Please understand that when I refer to trauma base mind control, I am not referring to creating MPD (multiple personality disorder) or DID (disassociate identity disorder) in a subject, nor am I debating whether or not that is a real phenomenon. What I am talking about when I say “trauma base” is the kind of mind control accepted as fact even in the mainstream psychological community, and is employed by cult leaders and marketers alike: the use of trauma as a psychological basis for brainwashing.

In this method, everything begins with a fact set we can all agree upon. These are often historic, scientific, or spiritual realities. From there, a trauma base is used to shock and distract the mind into a plasticity that is ready for suggestion. This could be starvation, a ritual, sexuality, abuse, or drugs  – anything that diverts attention and lowers inhibition. This combination lays the foundation for choice facts and concepts to induce the desired belief in the subject.

The beauty of a documentary for programming is that the mind of the viewer is so busy continually processing new information, making it especially receptive to suggestion. This is an ideal state to use as a foundation for brainwashing. Notice that none of these films get into the meat of the matter until after a preparatory phase of discussion and groundwork information that is relatable by anyone who would choose to watch that documentary. Once the mind is sufficiently relaxed, the fireworks can begin. The subject is slowly brought into the desired mindset using continual trauma cycles over the course of the film. If you take the blind trust factor of any given person because it is a “documentary”, coupled with continual distraction of information and imagery, the recipe is almost foolproof for creating any desired belief in a willing participant – which certainly anyone would be if they chose to watch that documentary on that subject.

Because trauma based programming is such a tried and true method, one clue that you are being brainwashed by a movie is a tendency toward small traumas throughout the film. For example, a documentary may flash scary, violent, or gross visuals across the screen, accompanied by sudden music as a trauma base. This may be followed by an implication of the agenda – often a question, key agenda idea, or perhaps another visual you would not normally associate with trauma. Regardless, the mind is all too eager to forget the traumatic images (and thereby the suggestion), and this desire is satisfied by a diversionary phase of imagery and facts. This phase is a welcome break from the memory of the trauma.

Following this method can easily bury the implied suggestion behind the louder aspects of the memory, such as the visual. When the trauma image is recalled, one doesn’t remember the suggestion about the imagery, only the more volatile imagery. This creates a subconscious dissonance between the subject’s reality and the suggestion. This sort of trauma cycle is actually happening on our TV and radio constantly if you pay close attention (please note that even humor, sexuality, or surprise can be a trauma base from a mind control standpoint).

The dissonance between the subject’s fact set and the suggestion is unbearable for the mind, and it subconsciously struggles to find an answer. This paves the way for one to be provided by the programmer.  This is usually presented as a “secret” answer, and this “secret” is only for special people who are smart enough to get it. In fact, the “secret” doesn’t even have to be real. All that matters is that the “secret” be plausible in light of the fact set, and should be a bridge between what the subject believes, and what the programmer wants him to believe. When the time is right, key agenda items tie the psychological dissonance together. With the proper leading groundwork, the subject’s mind will often make the necessary connections all by itself without much coaxing at all.

Over time, repetition of key phrases and concepts solidifies the desired paradigm, and the subject begins to understand and believe the propaganda and think they are enlightened because they have made harmony from the dissonance. Often repetition alone is sufficiently effective to induce a response – such as when music you hate gets stuck in your head. This specific methodology can easily be seen using the fact set of the bible to develop both the British Israelite movement [4.], and the Zionist movement [5.][6.]. The fact set need not be religious, however. For example, countless New Age books use this exact formula using physics principles (often theoretical) as a fact set, and misapplying them to human thoughts, relationships, and desires. [7.][8.][9.][10.]

The films “Secret Space”[11.]  and “Secret Space 2” [12.] by Chris Everard and David Icke are absolutely filled with these types of trauma cycles. For example, in “Secret Space 2,” very early on in the film is a stream of extremely graphic pictures of war, mutilated children, chopped up people, deformed bodies, and the like. These images are thrown at you suddenly with sudden music, juxtaposed by a contrastingly relaxed discussion on the part of Chris Everard about the film, which creates the traumatic dissonance necessary for the continual surprise of the imagery. Honestly, it’s extremely difficult to watch, and I do not recommend seeing it to anyone.

At the end of this phase of images, Everard states his basic theories, capping the trauma base, and paving the way for the rest of the film. Buried in the discourse, however, are more subtle suggestions that are far more disarming and powerful. For example, following a particularly disturbing set of dead children, he says “…lot’s of (friends) said ‘for god’s sake don’t make the film because, you know, you’re mixing up, you know, the war in Iraq with extra terrestrials, and, you know, people aren’t going to see the connection, it’s going to be a very difficult film’ ”. This is a subtle way of implying that if you are stupid enough to believe this garbage, you are somehow more intelligent than other people. If you get the “secret” in “Secret Space”, you are one of the special people who understand the mysteries of the ages. I hope this is sounding familiar to you. Notice how Everard stumbles and searches for his words… you know?


It is usually rather obvious when a documentary intentionally misleads its audience into a given mindset through lies or overt manipulation. Even for a mild researcher, facts can usually be investigated with a little time and the Internet. As a result, it is my opinion that these films aren’t any real threat, and the people who fall for their deceptions want to fall for those deceptions anyway. No, I think the psycho-political heavy weapon is subtler than that. Namely, I think the real danger in our modern mind-control society is a propaganda film that uses the TRUTH to ensnare and neutralize a target audience into a diversionary goal. This method is getting more and more sophisticated as the years go by, and without vigilant research it’s just a matter of time before one falls for a given “Judas goat”. These documentaries usually aren’t as openly high tech, but are in some ways even more subversive, and in my opinion, more dangerous.

This method consists of using facts, truths, and keywords that are a part of the mindset of a target audience in order to herd them into a controllable corner. Few topics as a whole better exemplify this style than the myriad of 9/11 documentaries that came out a number of years ago. In these cases, it wasn’t uncommon that the whole movie – or at least the first half of it – was generally filled with relevant, solid facts and evidences that could be researched. It’s almost silly how well documented the 9/11 conspiracy is because of this genre of documentaries. However, each movie ultimately took the viewer down a psychological and/or political dead end.

For example, the earlier films all pinned 9/11 on either our government or the Bush administration, usually because of oil and other economic interests, or the military industrial complex (The Great Deception [13.], Fahrenheit 9/11[14.], Loose Change [15.], Grave Implications [16.], just to name a few). The problem was usually how our American government is broken, and the culprits are a group of identifiable elite that is in office. The solution, if you could find one, was almost always either a criminal investigation of 9/11, impeachment, or borderline revolution.

Other films got closer to the top of the pyramid by pinning it on economic interests and Secret Societies (Zeitgeist: 9/11[17.]), or the Illuminati and New World Order (Wake Up Call [18.]), or the elite to enslave humanity (9/11: The Road To Tyranny [19.], Marshall Law: 9/11[20.]). Conveniently, however, none of these ever gave any solutions whatsoever to the problem, other than to watch and buy more documentaries and get your friends and family to as well. What’s more, as in the case of Zeitgeist, many came in a package with other Illuminati agenda items, such as the destruction of religion.

This short list doesn’t even cover a significant fraction of the films about 9/11 – and I’m only talking about films, not even you-tube shorts, books, etc. Taken individually, any of these movies could seem like good intentions, perhaps misguided, but they just need the other pieces of the puzzle. However, these movies weren’t individual, they were a movement. To think that 9/11 is one of the most covered events through documentary film next to WWII, and of those documentaries have come out over the last 9 years at best, then suddenly stopped.

Is it a coincidence that each of the identifiable groups and goals outlined in these documentaries is just a small piece of the much larger picture? Each group, part of the larger order, and each goal, just a stepping stone on the road toward the revelation of a global dominion already outlined in law and economy? And who can say that the “9/11 truth movement” didn’t play a direct role in the widespread sentiments that made Obama the messiah who would save us from “Bush and his cronies”? It is my opinion that this is not coincidence.


The only real way to know if you are watching a propaganda film is in the ending. These movies almost always demonize an identifiable group or belief system as the enemy, and absolutely NEVER give any tangible solutions whatsoever. Often, it’s as simple a command as “Wake Up!” or  “get involved” – which consists of sharing this documentary and buying more documentaries to watch with friends. At most these films will urge you to vote, or go to a rally or protest or something. Well, excuse me, but sitting back, watching documentaries on a screen, and waiting to get behind some “Judas goat to lead you and the rest of the sheep to the slaughter” [21.] isn’t going to do anything for anyone. In fact, it is specifically that attitude that the Illuminati has been cultivating in this country for generations. “They” know that right now patriots in this country are trying to rally together to defend the constitution against actions such as the patriot act. That’s why they created the tea party – to make people think that voting for their new “independent tea-party” candidates are going to make a difference. Maybe if we all work really hard now, we can get to the point where voting can make a difference. However, as it stands right now, if you believe that any major candidate placed before you actually has your well being at heart and mind, you are clearly blind and deaf.

The truth is that at present the entire political system has been infiltrated by socialists and globalists – the left, right and center not excepted. This is clear whenever election season passes, and the president makes a speech about how he has to make the “hard decisions”, which just happen to conveniently be the exact same “hard decisions” as whatever the previous president’s “hard decisions” were.

As far as their attitudes toward economic, corporate, and global agenda interests, I can see no significant differences between Obama, Bush Jr., Clinton, Bush Sr., Or Reagan, regardless of their speeches which mean nothing. It is clear that wedge issues are used in almost every campaign to cause divisions between the American people through meaningless promises of often unconstitutional legislation that never comes to being either way, while in the background they rob us blind of our God given rights, our constitutional government, our money, and our livelihood.

The only “9/11 truth” I see is that 9/11 was just a stepping stone for many other agenda items, and at this point is a footnote on the radar of treasonous actions taken on the part of the Illuminati. It is a known fact that the intelligence community created the radical and militarized version of the Muslim religion we are now at war with as a result of 9/11 [22.]. Many alleged defectors of both Russian and American intelligence have claimed that, as far as the intelligence community was concerned, even the cold war was in some ways an inside joke. [23.]

America is proudly a secular nation with the individual right to hold and practice any beliefs we choose to, as long they don’t infringe on anyone else’s constitutionally protected rights. I am an independent Christian, but the characterization of the good, Christian nation versus the evil, Muslim nation is destroying everything this country was founded on. Our military is being used for global agendas that we as a people never properly agreed to, and all that the military industrial complex does is suck America dry of everything that made this country great. Not to mention, ultimately, it’s unconstitutional.

Of course, there is the possibility that the whole Middle East fiasco is everything they say it is, or even partially what they say it is. Regardless, no one can dispute that for the last 70 years the collective west has been in possession of more money, weapons, surveillance, and organization at it’s disposal than any other government on the planet ever, and seemingly growing constantly. In light of these “coincidences”, I consider it naive to think a bunch of militant young men and teenagers in the desert with our old guns (that we continue to sell them [24.]) would still be there if the NSA/SIS/Mossad didn’t want them there.

Some things we will never know. One thing is certain, however. Although the plans of the Illuminati are often veiled and re-veiled, their key enemy has always remained the same:  we, the people.


Lucky for us here in the USA we are the only country EVER with the LEGAL RIGHT to fight tyranny and oppression in all its forms LEGALLY and PEACEFULLY!!! Do you understand what that means? If you don’t, you need to learn. We also have the right and civic duty to keep arms and to defend ourselves, but remember: “Whoever fires the first shot loses.” [21.] Secondly, if anyone other than you has a hold on any aspect of your needs, if those needs aren’t available for any reason, you will be in a very bad position. You must do whatever you can to get as confidently independent as you can, for your own peace of mind and the good of the country. Grow your own food for example. Become sovereign in any way you can to enjoy the freedoms this country has to offer. You will never be able to control or predict everything, so why leave what is in your power up to anyone else?

Secondly, each of us must be knowledgeable about the constitution and what we have to lose if any more of its protection is compromised. This means reading relevant books and studying relevant law and getting active locally. As you learn, try to educate and involve your friends, family, and your local authorities.

We CAN restore the Constitution! We CAN stop the march toward a life run by the global police state! Read the constitution AGAIN, get to work, and pray that we can save the Republic, because it won’t be easy anymore…

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