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The Fruit It Bears

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Human beings as a general rule will not admit ill intent. As I illustrated previously, Leni Reifenstahl denied her motives even after long since being caught in the act. In light of this, I ask again: How can we know if a film is information, or propaganda?

A great man once said:

“Beware of false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. By their fruits you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or gather figs from thistles? Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit… Thus, by their fruits you will recognize them.” [1.]

In my earlier installment, I discussed how the most effective methods for manipulation all use truth and facts, and one’s lack of familiarity with them, as a foundation for brainwashing. I also discussed some methods of mind control, and their application in documentary film. Namely: the use of truth as a foundation for a lie, trauma as a method of preparing the mind for influence, and isolating a target audience into a diversion.

I submit the following supplemental as a discussion on disinformation. Specifically, how slipping in a little bit of fantasy along with truth is a common method of neutralization.

I understand that my accusation of propaganda could be construed as a subjective attack on an individual, director, or belief system. By no means are the documentaries and movements I discuss a singling out. I only seek to hold all of us responsible for the methods we choose to employ. We all have a right to the freedom of thought, and the promotion thereof in a free society.  It is in this spirit that I present my case.

9/11 Itself

Even the events surrounding the Iraq war and 9/11 have all the earmarks of a fear-based mind control operation: 9/11 itself being the trauma, and the various media outlets providing the thought control program. As I covered in part 1, the 9/11-truth movement was very likely a counter-intelligence element to a large-scale government mind control operation emanating from the intelligence community. Many of the greatest leaders of this “underground” movement have been filmmaking for years, and at best their solutions lack substance. Each year, Alex Jones stands in front of the Bilderberg meeting with a bullhorn and his fans, going out of his way to accomplish nothing. There are many other examples.

In addition to this, Whether or not 9/11 was a planned event is beside the point. The tactics of trauma based mind control can be clearly seen in the events following 9/11 and leading up to the Iraq war: trauma, disinformation, incentive, punishment, and repetition.

When we look back, this was evident from even the earliest days. Intentional or not, by playing the horrific images of that day over and over again, the media ingrained the trauma deep into our minds. After what amounted to days of this, the media was asked to stop playing the footage altogether for what amounted to years – a sudden relief for most of us. This was promptly followed by a set of facts and information on the part of the administration that for the most part were lies. In the background of this flurry of information, the patriot act was passed promptly and without question, and we began the path to war.

What could possibly have connected the atrocities of 9/11 to Saddam Hussein and Iraq in the minds of the American people? If we think back, it was a handful of commonly accepted viewpoints to start, followed by a whole lot of lies. I think we can all remember the almost laughable “talking points” and “buzzwords” the Bush Administration is famous for. These “buzzwords” and “talking points” provided, in my opinion, the repetition necessary to induce the desired paradigm in the hypnotized nation.

These talking points were simple: a.) Iraq harbored terrorists, b.) Iraq had WMDs, and c.) Saddam was the next Hitler. Ultimately, it was to avoid a nuclear attack. To sweep this belief along buzzwords were used continually such as: “9/11”, “terrorists”, “weapons of mass destruction”, “Osama Bin Laden”, “Saddam Hussein”, “Americans”, “Mushroom Cloud” and the like.  Blind adherence to the “administration” agenda was portrayed as the only way to be patriotic, and any challenge to those concepts was openly condemned: “carrots and sticks.” This climate nurtured the sentiments necessary to build support for war, culminating with Middle East invasion after a long, painful year.

On March 20, 2003 we were in an active campaign against Iraq. Those of us not entranced by the media were baffled at the hypnotized state of the nation. “Parrots” were made to be “patriots.” Even if Bin Laden perpetrated 9/11, it was clear that the unseen hand was manipulating our pain over it like masters, stoking our emotions as fuel for an illegal fire.

But what was the real motivation for invasion? Some say Iraq wasn’t cooperating with the UN on its disarmament agreements. Of course, we all know there were economic interests in the region, such as oil and the like. Then there is the continuing imperial desire for a better foothold in the Middle East, and it’s strategic position with Russia and China. We have seen the Psy-Ops potential against the populations of America and Iraq. In light of the ensuing events, I believe that the answer is “X” – all of the above, and then some.

The Reptilian Annunaki Movement

In the film “Secret Space 2? [2.], Chris Everard and David Icke make the case that the war in Iraq is motivated by bloodlines descending down from a visiting extra-terrestrial race of reptilian shape-shifters known as the “Annunaki.” Bush being descended from Babylonian reptilians, had gone into modern Babylon to kill certain bloodlines and cover up the evidence. David Icke was the first to promote the Reptilian Shape-Shifter theory, and has been putting out books on that concept for over 10 years. His most hardcore fans accept his theories as infallible with what can only be described as blind faith.  It is in response to this blind faith that I am compelled to discuss “Secret Space 2? in depth.

As I expressed somewhat already, the use of trauma is significantly noticeable in the first 15 minutes of “Secret Space 2.” This trauma consists of pictures that get progressively more graphic as the scene develops. To accompany these images a sound is always used that corresponds in volume and intensity with the picture on the screen. This sound is either a graphic or, most notably, screechy and atonal violins. Spliced between each image is a relaxed discussion by Chris Everard for approximately 5 or 10 seconds. In contrast with the images themselves, this discussion is presented against silence. Below is a chart of the visual and the corresponding sound for each. Remember that in between each image is a quiet discussion about Iraq and the film, making the surprise even more traumatic:

(Time) – Image – Sound

(9:10) – Murdered old woman – Loud cocking gun

(9:24) – Gun to a man’s head – A very quiet drum (draws the sonic attention in)

(9:33) – Montage of dead children – Very loud, atonal, screeching violins

This is where the subconscious suggestion I discussed in the first installment occurs…

(11:20) – Clip is played of a man being shot dead by American troops, they cheer – same

(11:34) – Soldier discusses his reluctant pleasure in murder – same

(12:23) – Body with a severed head (blamed on troops) – movie stock sword sound

(13:25) – Montage where mutilated children are shown being murdered – sad music

(13:42) – Deformed child, very graphic – Loud, atonal, screeching violins (again, louder)

When the images peak on the deformed child, the horrifying picture is accompanied by the subtitle: “This is George Bush’s final solution!” This suggestion, along with the continued references to the Iraq war throughout the introduction, distinctly attaches the trauma and movie in general to the George W. Bush administration.

This act of sudden images with sudden music is very telling. It isn’t necessary to show a picture suddenly, and it certainly isn’t necessary to accompany an image with sudden music. The timing and presentation of any film is made entirely by deliberate decisions on the part of those who are making the movie. Any sudden movements are there because someone put them there. In light of this, I consider the schedule and presentation of the images in this film detailed above clear evidence of a deliberate intention to incite trauma.

For the remainder of the film, there are never any images quite as brutal as the ones in the initial 15 minutes. However, there are many smaller cycles that maintain the heightened sense of anxiety and uncertainty initiated by the original trauma. Sounds and graphics are often sudden and unpredictable. This keeps one uncertain whether the next picture will be as unsettling as the first ones. Along these lines, the musical soundtrack continually alludes to the original themes used during the traumatic section (same violin music, etc.)

This callback to the trauma can be seen each time there is a particularly important image, and there is the familiar sound of dissonant screeching violins. These sounds call up the same feelings of panic as the trauma associated with them. Inaudible whispers also seem to be a common theme throughout. In addition, cheap vocal effects are used on “biblical” verses, which are never actually from the bible at all, but rather the book of Enoch.

Visual effects are used to overlay and supplant images of extra-terrestrials in order to create an association in the mind of the viewer. It is my opinion that many of these artifacts and drawings presented as evidence of extra-terrestrials would not be so compelling if they weren’t shown in conjunction with depictions of alien life forms.

Ultimately, however, the special effects aren’t what make “Secret Space 2” so effective. Rather, it is their lessons on ancient writings and mysteries that is not only what makes their case so compelling, but also what makes it such a clear example of disinformation…

Symbolism and Disinformation

Throughout “Secret Space 2,” Everard continually explains away complex symbols with blanket statements about the Annunaki. This casual interpretation is incomplete at best. The ancient Egyptians prided themselves on their symbols having simultaneous layers. John Anthony West illustrates this point exactly in his book, “The Serpent In The Sky.” Quote:

“In Egypt, however, the serpent was the symbol for duality or, more accurately, for the power that results in duality. And that power is itself dual in aspect: it is simultaneously creative and destructive: creative in the sense that multiplicity is created out of unity, destructive in the sense that creation represents the rupture of the perfection of the Absolute…As a symbol of duality, the serpent represents intellect, the faculty by which man discriminates…

“But unchecked duality is chaos. Analysis run rampant is just destruction… There is a higher and a lower intellect. Thus, symbolically, there is the serpent that crawls, and the higher serpent, that which allows man to know God – the heavenly serpent, the serpent in the sky. The Egyptians knew perfectly well that snakes don’t fly. But there is a deep meaning to their placing the serpent in the air under specific circumstances. The winged serpent, common to so many civilizations was employed in Egypt as well and played a similar symbolic role.” [3.]

It is in this way that the “exoteric” (outer symbol) and the “esoteric” (inner meaning) can exist simultaneously. Therefore, just because the symbol used is a winged serpent doesn’t mean that the definition of that symbol is literally a reptile with feathers. In kind, just because the headdress of a Pharaoh has a snake and a vulture on it, doesn’t mean that it is an allusion to reptilian aliens with beaks. This reasoning is exoteric to the extreme.

To illustrate, let’s examine Everard’s claims during the last fifteen minutes of the film, focusing on the snake and vulture symbols so essential to his argument. Earlier in the film he draws the connections that they are an acknowledgement of the reptilian skin and vulture beaks of the shape shifting Annunaki. During these last fifteen minutes, however, Everard explains his version of the hidden meaning of these symbols. He says:

“The Temple of Hathor at Dendera in Egypt is dedicated to a deity who had dominion over our Milky Way galaxy. Scientists and astronomers now agree that there could be as many as 50,000 planets in our own Milky Way galaxy which can support intelligent life. On the ceiling of the temple, giant carvings depict star constellations, and on the walls reptilian-humanoid aliens are standing beside technological devices. Lizards can be clearly seen standing upright alongside the royal elite of ancient Egypt.

“Another common feature is the erectile serpent. This emblem is known as the ‘uraeus’. All the pharaohs wore cobra shaped headdresses featuring serpents and also vultures.”

(Shows a picture of the headdress) “All dinosaurs had reptilian genes. Contrary to what mainstream science teaches, all the dinosaurs did not die out in prehistoric times. They evolved into birds. Modern science has only just confirmed what the royal elite has known for thousands of years: that the reptilian genes of dinosaurs evolved into the various species of birds, which we see to this day. Birds are actually avian reptiles, or ‘feathered serpents’.” (Shows the same winged serpent hieroglyph discussed earlier by John Anthony West)[2.]

As you can see, there is a significant difference in the interpretation of the winged serpent symbol by Mr. Everard, and the interpretation given by Mr. West. However, notice the contrast from the vague descriptions of symbols Everard favors in “Secret Space 2,” to the distinct consistency of the symbol in West’s interpretations, even upon deeper analysis.

According to every ancient and modern book that I can find, the vulture/eagle is a classic symbol of synthesis and sovereign authority, and the snake is a common symbol of divine wisdom and authority. In Egypt, the snake was also considered a symbol of duality, the material world, intellect, and a number of other related concepts. Therefore, if we connect the symbols, the Pharaoh wearing the headdress had “sovereign authority” compounded upon “sovereign authority,” and that as a result of their “synthesis” of “divine wisdom.”  In concordance with the Egyptian belief “as above, so below”, the Pharaoh’s headdress was also a many layered symbol, even politically. To quote John Anthony West again:

“Parallel thinking directs the union of cobra and vulture on the royal diadem worn by the pharaoh, which stands for the union of Upper” (cobra) “and Lower” (vulture) “Egypt and at the same time symbolizes the triumphal union of the faculties of discernment and assimilation, the mark of the perfected or royal man…

“Thus the choice of the rich and powerful symbol of the serpent for duality divulges both a total understanding of the many aspects of duality in both it’s creative and destructive senses, and an equally complete understanding of the nature of the animal chosen to represent duality. It is also significant that while in general Egypt provided each animal with a single name, the serpent, in its role as ‘separator’ (hence obstructer) of the works of Ra, is vilified under a host of different names (perhaps qualifying in some way the specific kind of obstruction or negation). These appear in the innumerable rites and texts in which the deceased is supposed to pray to be freed from the protean forms negation takes. Set, the separating fire, in Christian terms becomes Satan, who is famous for his guile; in other words, Satan appears under many guises and in Egypt under many names.”[3.]

To sum up all of these symbols simply as proof that the Annunaki had reptilian skin and beaks like vultures is begging the question. How can it be possible that both Everard and Icke completely miss the concept of esoteric vs. exoteric symbolism, yet have such a wealth of knowledge in other areas of the Illuminati and mystery religion? Since I consider both Everard and Icke to be rather intelligent individuals, I think the most logical explanation for this circular reasoning is intentional deception, if not sheer laziness.

In addition, whenever I investigate any of David Icke’s books or films, I can rarely find him actually take issue with the Illuminati mystery religion or their knowledge. Rather, I find the biggest complaint on the part of Icke is that they’ve kept this knowledge secret.

I think it is also worthy of note that the name of Chris Everard’s company (which also produced “Secret Space 2?) is called “Enigma,” and Enigma literally means “Mystery.”

Reptilian Invasion vs. British Israelism

Some of the ideas discussed in this section are only implied in “Secret Space 2.” However, these concepts are referenced throughout the film, and fundamental to Reptilian theory.

For example, there are allusions throughout the film to a blonde-haired blue-eyed race of “Nordic” looking human/alien hybrids that are the great and powerful men of old. Let me just sum this up for you – Everard and Icke claim that there is an ancient bloodline that originates from the mix of reptilian shape-shifting aliens and humans, and this precious bloodline is an ancient, blonde-haired, blue-eyed SUPER RACE that has since been mixed with other lower races. I find the fact that these supermen are Aryan rather suspicious.

Along these same lines, another concept from the last 15 minutes of the film raises concern. I find it undeniable that there seem to be some very similar conceptual threads between both the version of the creation story in “Secret Space 2? and in creationist British Israelism, also known as Christian Identity. For those of you who don’t know, British Israelism claims that Britain and the Anglo-Saxon race is the true Israel, therefore having divine destiny to rule. This justified the British royal family and Imperialism.

For example, both “Secret Space 2? and Christian Identity have a purely creationist interpretation of Genesis. In their version, Abel was the son of Adam and Eve, and Cain was the unholy spawn of Satan and Eve. In Christian Identity, this satanic union produced the ancestry of the Jews and the darker skinned races [4.][5.]. This is exactly the same in the Reptilian movement, which theorizes that the union produced the Jewish bloodline and other Babylonian bloodlines. Both beliefs The only difference between these two theories is that in Reptilian Invasion, the fallen angels/demons were Extra-Terrestrials. In direct contradiction to this, the original Genesis story (which is likely symbolic anyway) claims that both Cain and Abel are the children of Adam and Eve.

“Adam lay with his wife Eve, and she conceived and gave birth to Cain” – Genesis 4:1 [6.]

How can a book that they claim to take literally actually say the exact opposite of what they say in the first sentence of the corresponding chapter. Truly, they must never read.

There are also curious similarities between David Icke’s theories in “The Biggest Secret” [7.] and Christian Identity. Both movements insist that the people who are walking around claiming to be Jews and celebrating Jewish holidays are a completely separate race of Khazars who stole the Hebrew culture from the white race. [8.] I think even believers must admit that the whole premise hinges on the idea that the Jewish religion and customs were either so interesting, or somehow magical enough in nature to entice the Canaanite bloodlines to steal the whole religious system from the white race. Then they had the foresight and desire to breed and brainwash the original culture out of them. Evil genius.

By drawing the same incorrect and imaginary lines as British Israelism, both Icke and Everard appear to be ultimately leading the viewer down the same path. How can a man who claims to know so much about the Illuminati promote biblically incorrect creationist concepts that were once the justification for British rule? Is it possible that Everard and Icke are unaware of the elitist origins of the ideas they are promoting? How can that be?

The Obama Campaign

I am not a Democrat, nor a Republican. I am an American. However, in being an American, I am also human. I do not blame anyone for falling for propaganda. I have fallen for lies many times in my life.  We all make mistakes, and I am no different. I am going to now make an admission I am probably going to regret… I actually voted for Obama.

Despite knowing that both the Democrats and Republicans were corrupted, it seemed to me somehow that Obama was actually an outsider. At the time, I mainly listened to mainstream news like NPR and CNN. I don’t know how I believed that he was on my side, but I did. I seriously thought that Obama was going to get into office, hire outsiders, route out the lobbyists and end the war in Iraq. I can remember hearing him say he wanted to “finish what we started in Afghanistan” but hoping that he didn’t mean what I thought he meant. Yes, I admit it: I was duped. I voted for him, despite these often glaring signals.

It wasn’t until election night that I knew the story was a lie. I was at friend’s house watching the votes get tallied when the news broke that he had won the necessary margin. I was stunned, not because he had won, but because it wasn’t much past 8:30pm the same day I voted. I had never experienced election results come in so quickly. In watching the speeches, sharp picture and camera angles made McCain’s speech touching, the crowds staggering, and of course Obama looking presidential. Where I was sitting, the whole show was over by 9:45pm, and I knew in my gut I had been lied to by ten.

I felt set up. I realized that whether the Dem. candidate was Hillary or Obama, the new president was going to look “New!” as opposed to the white haired “old!” Republican. Whether it was Obama or Hillary, their campaign was portrayed as an “underground” movement that you and your friends should support. Both candidates used hypnotic pacing, suggestion, and referencing in their speeches. Both were powered by youth.

Now that we sit three years down the line, Obama is everything Bush was and more. Need I point out our continuing war in Iraq, the escalation of our war with Afghanistan, and our new war with Libya? The Obama administration is even more secretive about files, and is under litigation as we speak for not filling FOIA requests [9.]. While closing Guantanamo, almost all of our Afghani prisons and global CIA prisons remain active [10.][11.]. There have been all kinds of new programs, powers, and positions created and suggested since Obama has come into office. It is clear that we are in a continuum of the same global socialist policies of the previous administrations. Obama was an “INSIDER.”


Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the individual watching any given program to go and investigate the claims and facts therein. If we blindly trust anyone to provide us with infallible truth, we are automatically setting ourselves up for deception. Am I saying to avoid propaganda? No. Quite to the contrary, I hold to Bill Cooper’s admonition:

“Read everything, listen to everyone, and believe nothing unless you can prove it with your own research.” [12.]

As an aside, I consider Bill Cooper to be the greatest documentarian who has ever lived. Thanks to the courageous work of Doyel Shamley and team, “The Hour Of The Time” continues to be a precious resource for tangible solutions to this very day.

I encourage everyone who is reading these essays to go and investigate the claims I am making. If there is one goal I have in the writing of these thoughts, it is to show the reader sufficient evidence to convince them of the need for vigilant research. It takes more than a couple of hours in front of a screen to understand information in a tangible way. Do not quit when it becomes a little difficult. Many sources are available online, but libraries and independent bookstores can often be valuable resources for quality information.

Thank you & God save the Republic.


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[12.] William Cooper, “The Hour Of The Time,” 1993 – 2001

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