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By: Todd Stevens

The Green Man – Part II

He Rises Again

The anger and outright disapproval with mans dominance over nature and its beast has been in disagreement for some time. The motives for these disapprovals has been openly stated but not in entirety been paid attention to, it was cast aside for many years because the whiners that were talking about it were so little in respected stature that no one thought that they would ever come to any type of power that caused any effect. Unfortunately, we live in backwards la la land where the liars and deceivers are touted up on flag pins of prosperity and not struck down and routed out like the vipers that they are (Jackson). One suck person who reared his little head back in the day was German environmental conservationist Peter Schopenhauer, who stated “we owe the animals not mercy but justice, and the debt often remains unpaid in Europe, the continent that is permeated with Foeter Judaicus … it is obviously high time in Europe that Jewish views on nature were brought to an end … the unconscionable treatment of the animal world must, on account of its immorality, be expelled from Europe” (qtd. in Mauser 1). Schopenhauer was one of the early 19th century environmentalists who blended ideas of conserving nature with the remove of “inferior” peoples who, on their own, could not maintain the German Motherland to its natural state. In an article written by a member of Greenpeace named Frank Zelko he describes the apprehension of German historians to examine the works of passed ecologist because of their usage in Nazi ideology. He quotes a British academic David Blackbourn who is based at Harvard as saying “It is Really time that we stopped letting National Socialism dictate who we read and how we read them” Why should German Historians, Blackburn asks, shun Riehl’s work “Because what he wrote resonated with some National Socialists some seventy years after he wrote it?” (qtd. in Zelko 3). This is true, we shouldn’t let someone’s work drift into obscurity because they resonated with some Nazi’s seventy years later. In fact, we should examine them more thoroughly because they might resonate with some Globalist or some econazi one-hundred and fifty years later.

In looking at quotes from these passed conservation advocates, Zelko the Greenpeacer sums up their collective thinking in this way “these scholars advocate the creation of certain types of landscapes-ones that were orderly, fruitful, in short, “civilized”-and insisted that only Teutonic people were capable of converting wild forests and malarial marshes into productive and aesthetically pleasing landscapes. Slavs, Jews, and other “inferior” races were incapable of carrying out this vital work and their removal was a necessary part of the project of landscape civilization” (Zelko 2). From this early environmentalist the tree of Nazism grew. It is even stated that “Adolf Hitler could quote Schopenhauer verbatim” (Musser 1). Either these ideologies were being used as a vehicle for the eradication of “inferior” races or they were tied together with like minded ideologies.

Schopenhauer, Hitler’s most beloved environmentalist, even sets the stage for the type of individuals who are to be a hindrance to this pristine German Motherland ““the fault lies with the Jewish view that regards the animal as something manufactured for man’s use.” Schopenhauer even knew precisely which primary text was to blame, “these are the effects of Genesis 1 and generally of the whole Jewish way of looking at nature” (qtd. in Musser). Furthermore, it’s added that the excuse does not only extend to these ridged religious guidelines. It is a fundamental difference in mindset that allows for such blatant hostilities towards groups of people. On one hand you have believers in individual and private property, as well as, your own personal freedoms to eat and interact with nature as you see fit. On the other is a collective mentality that you are a piece of a whole, that whole being the organism of the Earth, and on that Earth, human beings are merely a cell, a cell that can be seen as Cancerous and thus eliminated by the doctors of social engineering.

Hitler’s use of the Oak Tree

To connect things further the oak tree was used as a symbol throughout Hitler’s control of Germany “The oak tree was considered to be the sacred tree of Germany. Hitler loved oak trees and had them planted all over the Reich…Oak leaves and acorns were even the symbols of the SS, Hitler’s green praetorian guard…Hitler also gave oak saplings to all of the gold medal winners of the 1936 Olympics as nationalistic living symbols of the competitive Olympic spirit. Jesse Owens received four of them. American gold medal winner Glenn Morris also took one home. Some of these Olympic oaks are still alive. . “Oak leaves and acorns were even the symbols of the SS, Hitler’s green praetorian guard” (Kindred). Even in the concentration camps there was this odd connection to the oak tree “Eco-fascism is rooted in history like a German oak tree, and this is nowhere more shockingly evident than at Buchenwald Concentration Camp. Buchenwald means “Beech Forest.” The SS enjoyed a zoo just outside the camp. In the midst of the camp are the remains of Goethe’s oak.” (Kindred).

The mythologies correlated to the oak tree and all of the “Green Man” stories that preceded paints and increasingly odd picture. History is either entirely coincidental or there is some deep seeded meanings that entice these individuals to use these strange symbolisms. On an interesting side note the oak tree was adopted as the United States national tree in 2004. This could be coincidence and just taken because of the oak trees symbolism with strength and vitality but it is interesting just to keep in mind.

The Eco-Nazi’s of Today

The acorns of this tree have been scattered and begun to grow throughout much of our culture in the twentieth century. As with the        neo-pagan movements of the 1970’s there was a huge rise within popular culture for the “stewardship” towards mother earth. What sort of stewardship they are actually talking about can be easily shown to be a mode of limitations rather then any type of useful cultivation.The question posed in this particular inquiry is to examine the rise of a popular identification with an ancient symbolism and how it leads to a mass sense of belief in mans evironmental holocaust of nature. It is well documented that Edward Bernays, the nephew of  Sigmund Freud, developed a means by which to direct the masses into mindless consumption and even worse to direct popular opinion to concord with the opinions of the benevelent masters. See the film Century of the Self for a conformation of this. Better yet lets read what Bernays said about it himself in the first paragraph of his book Propaganda “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of ” (Bernays 1).

So what have these not so invisible governers been telling us for the passed, at least fifty or so years? In examining pop culture you tend to see a direction that the mind is being either preped for, or at least pointed in, that direction to believe something. A bruttaly honest example of this is “The Wicker Man”. This film holds absolutely nothing back. The symbology is so vast and covers the area of the May Day sacrific, the phallic depiction of the Osirian cycle, virgin sacrifice, the whored temptress, the green man, and so on. It covers so much that it is worth just seeing and would take far too much time to cover all of it in that last part of this article.

Other works that have come out in more recent time that depict this Green man and his symbology are Johnny Appleseed, the Jolly Green Giant, Swamp Thing, Tarzan, The Toxic Avenger, Gandalf the Grey, and to a lesser extent in films like the Happening, and An Inconvenient Truth. The films depicts nature as becoming upset at mans destruction of it and in turn kill off humans. This is much like all of the previous mythologies but is put into a modern context.

One particular theme that struck as most interesting was the story of Robin Hood. Throughout the 1990’s I distinctly remember seeing an onslaught of different variations of this story whether they be comical, adventure, or in the most recent version more of a serious war style movie. The story of Robin Hood seems to have come from a story passed orally through time in England and was merged with the myth from the “…French romantic operetta written by Adam de la Halle called Le Jeu de Robin et Marion. The musical play about a shepherdess and her shepherd lover named Marion and Robin (not Robin Hood) was usually performed during May and early June, most commonly around Whitsun may have been absorbed into the May Games…” ( Regardless of the origins or if the myth had been merged at some point just look at the parallels as described by Thomas G. Hahn in his book Robin Hood in popular culture: violence, transgression, and justice he states “Like the wild man, Robin first appears in the gest leaning against a tree and is skilled at hunting the “Kings dere”. Like the Green Man, Robin attaches almost sacred significance to certain trees like his tristel-tre. The pseudonym “Reynolde Grenleaf,” adopted by little John in the gest could easily substitute as an anthropomorphic identity for the foliage headed figure” (Hahn 243,243). Furthermore, linking the past stories to Robin Hood you see that Robin falls in love with Merriam/Mary or his May Queen but she is taken away so robin has to go to the castle to find her. He has to kill the unjust King allowing for the rightful King to return and allowing for the reuniting of Robin of the Wood with his Merriam. You can see this as a microcosm of the larger picture that as the year drives further away from the spring things are deteriorated more and more until the end of the winter. At that point you see the sacrificial celebration to bring the spring time rejuvenation back.

Another thing that could be accidental but works well for nature worshipers is the idea that this Robin/Green Man must steal from the rich to give to the poor well he still maintains an affinity for the wilderness. This follows their trend of stealing from man to give to nature.

The Swamp Thing, was around for some time in the twentieth century but “In 1984 British comics writer Alan Moore entered boldly into the ongoing dialogue within American popular culture regarding the current state of ecological thought and consciousness by adapting the folkloric motif of the Green Man into his revamping of the DC comics series Swamp Thing” (Beineke 1). This motif is used, whether innocent or intentionally, as a mode of propping up the ideas that man is in opposition to nature in our industrial advancements “While we indeed see elements of this in Moore’s Swamp Thing as the Green Man, there is no ignoring the fact that the Green Man is first and foremost a representative of nature-nature that has suffered much at the hands of civilization, and is thus often inclined to become an aggressive nature” (Beineke 1).

Although the idea holds some merit in it there is also a very destructive end result that can be extracted from this. Humans are bad. We are the problem and thus must be removed.

The neo-pagan Burning Man event is an outright symbolism of this entire myth as well. Burning Man is an event happening every year reportedly to emphasize art and the free spirit. Interestingly enough at this event they have a “Burning Man” that looks strikingly similar to the Wicker Man effigy. Burning it once a year to sacrificially celebrate the death of the King and usher in the spring time rejuvenation of the Earth. In 2007 their theme was even the Green Man

“This year we will appropriate the Green Man and the primeval spell he casts on our imaginations for a modern purpose” (Burning Man). Indeed this is true. The spell is being cast upon millions of individuals who don’t question, and don’t think critically about the fact that the same polluters that have been doing this “destruction” are the same that are offering you the answers on how to fix it. This is the modus operandi and has been for some time.

Thesis: Pollution of the Earth, Global Warming (whether imaginary or not)

Antithesis: Carbon Tax, Travel Management, Agenda 21

Synthesis: Enslavement

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