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by Andrew Koresh

TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures)

Part 1: Privacy is a Memory

Today, we live in a world where surveillance is an absolute fact of life for everyone. All communication that makes it’s way through the airwaves is monitored at all times by a supercomputer at the NSA (National Security Agency) [1.]. This computer, the “Black Widow”, is famously able to crack complex and seemingly unsolvable codes. These complex codes have often been rumored to be the hearts and minds, and thereby movements of men. [2.]

The NSA claims:

“Our Vision – Global Cryptologic Dominance through Responsive Presence and Network Advantage

“We will:

* Lead an expert workforce for our best efforts to advance and operate world-class cryptologic systems and tools;

* Improve performance and integration of our core expertise and missions—exploit, protect and defend;

* Sense, make sense of, and securely share electronically gathered information at the speed of global information networks; and

* Increase measurably the security of national security systems and other critical operations and information when and where needed.” [3.]

“Global information networks” means cell phone communications, Internet communications, government communications, etc. At the “National Surveillance Agency”, it seems almost any message that can be transcribed, monitored, watched, or scanned, is. From the cradle to the grave, the intelligence community now has their own personal “Truman Show” [4.], monitoring and recording each and every one of us and our movements. Certainly, being an arms dealer, or a “sovereign citizen extremist”, may earn you a little extra attention. But the truth is that even if you are just little Suzy Martini who eats cream cheese by itself and loves the Jersey Shore, they want to know everything about you. Everything. Files are being drawn up, and have been drawn up, on every citizen in the world for many years. With this information, they create very accurate and advanced psychological profiles. At the NSA, there are only a small handful of people who get to see this “Truman” level of information, or even know conclusively that it exists.

It has been admitted openly that there is a massive information upload happening since the NSA supercomputer went online. I think that this is only a half-truth. When we investigate, it seems monitoring and classification has been happening to us long before this turn of events. Although the Patriot Act [5.] made open and unwarranted surveillance a legal fact, the intelligence community has been illegally monitoring communications of all types since at least the 60s. And besides, spies are as old as lies. Even Joshua sent spies to Jericho before his infamous siege. (Josh. 2:1) [6.]


None of our new age technology is new. Tesla invented wireless technology in 1916 [7.] Not to mention, after the fall of Germany, the Western powers gathered up as many German scientists and projects as they could, absorbing the German technology along with them. [8.] Since the late 1940’s, the intelligence community has been spending untold amounts of money on black projects and research. Not only tax dollars, but world-wide drug ring money as well [9.]. Each time a new technological or scientific breakthrough is developed, the CIA did their best to bring the lucky chap into the fold with promises of job security and funding. For decades, the greatest scientists, combined with the best inventors and thinkers of their day have been working in secret on the most advanced technologies that nobody knows about with unlimited cash. There is the saying that the intelligence community is at least 50 years beyond anything that we even know exists as possible today technologically. I imagine I would hardly believe what is real, myself.

In the de-classified TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures) Army manual from 1984 [10.], it is obvious that the Army clearly considers any landline phones, speakers, or even wires at all in informationally sensitive areas a complete security breach and compromise. They explain that as long as a phone is plugged in, even if it is hung up on the hook, any phone can be converted into a listening device 24/7. The Army clearly outlines how as long as even one wire is connected to any speaker, that speaker represents a security threat. With a little electronic manipulation any speaker could double as a microphone WITHOUT DETECTION. Electronically, a wire is a wire, and a diaphragm on a magnet is a diaphragm on a magnet. Direction is the only concern, then. Depending on the system, this could even be done farther down the signal path, outside, or potentially even through power lead or ground wires. The point being, that the possibilities are endless.

When we look at the system’s failures, all of that incredible surveillance was achieved through the use of telephone and power wires. As you can imagine, before modern technology, surveillance took a little more finesse. Your mom knows how letters of interest can be read by flashlight without opening the envelope. However, if opening an envelope is necessary, it could be opened and resealed a variety of ways. Since the receiver has never seen the letter before, a minor shift in the seal of the envelope would likely go unnoticed. Of course, the CIA doesn’t use steam to open theirs.

Since we are talking about spies, let’s look at a little brain twister. Let’s say it is the 1940?s. A fellow agent is discovered to be a possible double agent. How would you be able to monitor the double agent’s messages without alerting them or their contact? Certainly, if a spy were to type a message to someone, he wouldn’t mail it. He would carry it with instructions to burn it on the other end. Any ideas? Remember, there is no right answer. There are only as many methods and possibilities as you can imagine. Think Ninja.

One very interesting way (and my personal favorite) is by planting a microphone on or near his typewriter. His typewriter can then be sonically recorded typing a known message (possibly even by you when he isn’t home). By comparing the contents of the known message with the sound recording of the typewriter, the corresponding keys can be narrowed down to specific tones. From there, anything he types can be transcribed.


But how does one plant a microphone, exactly? It is naïve to think that it is beyond the abilities of an intelligence agency to imitate a key. Even a local locksmith can furnish (or order) almost any key, for almost any lock imaginable. However, according to a variety of sources, the goal for an undetected intelligence mission is to avoid having to enter through any doors at all costs. People notice, neighbors especially. It is too obvious to even enter a back door. We are talking about trained professionals. They will first look at the schematic of a house, take x-rays, send solicitors, monitor your habits and schedules, and find a way to access data WITHOUT DETECTION. That means snoop in your home unnoticed to you later.

Let’s say, for example, that you have an apartment in the city. Perhaps you are familiar with counter-intelligence tactics, and are monitoring your entrances with a hair, or some other identifying mark. It is a common practice for an intelligence unit to arrange construction work in a nearby apartment. After waiting until you leave, the unit or agent can enter your apartment through any hole in the wall. Perhaps the hole in the drywall made for the bathroom vanity, but not necessarily. They could easily go through the ceiling, but that depends on where the access is. Think ninja.

Another potential access point is the crawl space/ basement. It doesn’t matter if your basement doesn’t have a door or window. A unit can dig a tunnel under your home’s foundation and professionally cut an entrance into the foundation through the concrete. Once in, most homes aren’t even locked into the basement. Crawl space access is usually a hole in a bedroom closet. Certainly, these tactics are far more sophisticated than we are aware of today.

I hope we all know by now that anything anyone puts on the Internet is fair game for anyone. It is very easy to crack an email or an Internet message. Any time a communication is sent from one computer to another, it can be read at any point along the signal chain. Let’s not forget that the Internet was invented by military [11.] The intelligence is perfectly capable of monitoring it.

“But what if I work offline, in a secret room in the basement?” If you are a target, there are many ways to read your messages without direct screen visual. One easy way is a “Simple Power Analysis” [12.]. As long as your computer is plugged in, any key you type can be discerned. Each key on the keyboard has a specific place in the memory of a computer. That path is unique in length, and thereby it has a unique energy usage. By monitoring the amount of power a house draws from the main, one can watch what letters and keys you are typing by how much the power spikes each time you hit the keyboard. Or, if they wanted to spend a little more on you, they could always just plant a microscopic camera. Even cryptographic software can be replaced with fake versions of the same software you have been using with your password implanted on your computer [13.] I hope you realize there is NO SAFE CRYPTOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE for us. Math only takes time.


All of these methods are working examples. However, at this point in our social civilization, there is a technical surveillance threat of unimaginable proportions in our lives every day. Okay everybody; say it with me now, our… CELL PHONES! If you thought wired phones compromised security, wireless phones and wireless Internet should terrify you. Our very own pocket computer has grown to become more and more geared toward gathering intelligence with each passing year. Not only is our cell phone literally wired to the world and broadcasting to it at all times via global satellites, but it is literally a camera, a speakerphone, has your contacts, your schedule, and it locates and uploads your global position constantly. Most people take their phones everywhere they go all day long and night. What’s even more compromising, is the new touch screen phones which take your fingerprints, and link you directly to your facebook and bank account.

There is a famous cell phone spyware program that was on a news spot a few years ago. [14.] Basically, this cell phone spy ware was a software program that enabled its user to listen to whole conversations from a target cell phone on their own personal cell phone WITHOUT DETECTION. Let’s say Billy bought this software and installed it on Nikki’s phone without her knowing it. From then on, every time Nikki received a call from Brad, Bill’s phone would ring as well. Bill could then answer, and listen to Nikki’s whole conversation in the privacy of his own home. In fact, Billy could even call her phone at any time all day and night long, and listen to whatever was going on in the room her phone was in as if it was on speakerphone. The most surprising aspect of this feature was that it worked EVEN IF THE PHONE WAS OFF! Supposedly, the only way it didn’t work was if the battery was physically removed.

If you are thinking that you should just hold on tight to your phone and you will be safe, this is no longer the case. All that is required now is for a purchaser to put the Bluetooth software on his or her own phone. [15.] Apparently, now you can just call and listen to any phone on the planet you want to. How much do you think this spy-tech is? $1000? $500? Try $70.

And that’s not all, ladies and gentlemen. There are many different kinds of affordable spyware on the market, and it’s available for anyone. GPS tracking units, hidden cameras, listening devices, the list goes on and on. Most of it is completely useless, except for potentially devious behavior. However, it is important to recognize; if a teenager can go snooping in on anyone’s private cell phone conversations for less than a hundred bucks, what kind of monitoring do you think the NSA is truly capable of?

However, there is a new spyware for sale which, if it works, may actually be pretty cool: wireless blocking sheets and paint. [16.] If this stuff works, it would be the best way to make sure that you aren’t compromising your privacy. What you will want to do is create a “Personal Control Zone”, or PCZ in the Army’s “Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)” regulations from May 23, 1984 [10.]. First of all, keep it clean. Do not allow any wires, phones, speakers, or anything electrical inside that is not completely sealed within the chamber. Keep it well alarmed, well locked, and or well hidden. All of the above is best. Run whatever electronics are necessary off batteries. Even then, only bring in what is necessary to diminish audibility.

Remember: YOU DON’T NEED TECHNOLOGY! We can use code, pens and paper with or without a wireless-proof room. How about just thinking about it. Not writing or speaking at all; simply passing information when necessary? Remember; the use of disinformation, and reverse manipulation can be a saving grace, and a way of testing your information supply lines.


The point I am making is that there is only so much surveillance can do. There are also a number of other things that can be done to confuse and muddle the conversation to outside entities, such as codifying and disinformation. We will discuss these more in later articles. Until then, remember; the best thing to do if you want to keep your communication safe is to use a combination of tactics. Also, in this day and age, leave nothing up to chance. You have to use your “live ware” as much as possible. That means your body and your brain. You can’t out-compute a super-computer. However, as a human being, you can out think a super computer. You can also out create, out disarm, and out maneuver it. Inherent in the system’s own hubris is a variety of weaknesses. For example, a computer cannot create anything that it wasn’t designed to create. A computer cannot lie, or change its mind. A computer cannot care. You can care if you want.

If you are a typical American sheeple, there is probably a webcam pointed at you right now, and at all times your computer is plugged in the wall and hooked up to the Internet. As I outlined, the Internet is uploading our files to the NSA for record. Cell phones are uploading our files to the NSA for record. Traffic cameras are uploading our files to the NSA for record. Whatever we do, good, bad, or indifferent, it is being reviewed by “the Black Widow”. It seems their goal is to know who we are, and know how they can best manipulate us into accepting the New World Order. We need to confront our current situation, dark as it is. There is no ignoring this. You cannot avoid the list. There is only one list, and we are ALL already on it…

(To be continued)

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