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Originally published 04/19/11

Everything Green About Masons

By: Todd Stevens

In keeping with the theme of spring time rejuvenation, where everything seems to be growing greener and more lush, so it seems do the freemasons grow greener. There is plenty of movement within the order that is pushing them to be contributors to the sustainable and “green” movement. In their history they have always associated themselves with builders and were in some cases during history actually masonry builders. What they have built or rebuilt in more recent times is a wing of organization that can overtly or covertly push for types of development in large and vast areas of society. They are the webbing through which the spider travels to capture its prey and this webbing has been growing unobstructed for many years allowing them access to virtually every stage and arena of society. There is a temple in almost every city and they have members all throughout neighborhoods in this country. By simply making a decision that Freemasonry is officially “going green” they will effectively convince thousands of individuals and collective organizations that this is the way to go. It does not need to come from threatening antagonism but merely through official policy that many will make the decision that the ecosystem is in threat and any decision to protect the ecosystem will be promoted and called for by large groups of individuals who belong to the order thus affecting many aspect of local, as well as, national decision.

Green in Masonry holds many different meanings to the order. There are Green degrees, green Masons, and the color itself holds symbolism that is esoteric, as well as exoteric.  According to Kenneth J. Tuckwood, District Chairman of Masonic Education “Green has always been regarded as the symbol of gladness and abundance and has been directly associated with ideas of resurrection and immortality even of victory. In the allied degrees it is a symbol of the moral 3 resurrection of the candidate, teaching him that being dead to vice he should hope to revive in virtue.”[i] Tuckwood goes on further to describe green as being “In all Ancient Mysteries, this idea was carried out, and green symbolized the birth of the world, the moral creation of the initiate.”[ii]Green seems to be mainly a symbolism of rebirth and victory. In a modern green context could this be victory over the old ways of industrialization? Or perhaps the “birth of the world into” a new mode of thinking in which their way of thinking is the victor. It could be perceived this way or possible this is only an outward interpretation of the meaning. There is still more to examine. The “green degrees” for instance.

In Scottish rite Freemasonry the 15-17 degrees are also referred to as the “green degrees”[iii] is a particular stage in freemasonry that derived their main symbolism from the story in the Bible of Zerubbabel in the book of Ezra. These three degrees are also known as Knight of the Sword, Knight of the East and Knight of the East and West. In the book of Ezra, Cyrus king of Persia makes a proclamation throughout his entire kingdom, in writing and saying that God of heaven hath given him the entire kingdom of the earth and he charged him to build him and house of the lord in Jerusalem on the ruins of the original Solomon’s temple.[iv] According to Albert Mackey in Encyclopedia of Freemasonry “Zerubbabel is not less intimately connected than Solomon with those symbolic Ancient Craft masonry”[v] Also, according to Mackey “Zerubbabel, who, in the Book of Ezra, is called Sheshbazzar, the Prince of Judah, was the grandson of that King Jehoiachin, or Jeconiah, who had been deposed by Nebuchadnezzar and carried as a captive to Babylon”[vi] After coming out of Babylon by decree of Cyrus Zerubbabel along with Jeshua and Haggi travel to the site of the original temple and proceed to get rid of the rubble that occupies the area. In doing so they discover the Masonic stone of Foundation (according to Mackey) “It was in penetrating into some of the subterranean vaults, that the Masonic stone of foundation, with other important mysteries connected with it, were discovered by the three fortunate Sojourners, and presented by them to Zerubbabel and his companions Jeshua and Haggai, whose traditionary knowledge of Freemasonry, which they had received in a direct line from the builders of the first Temple, enabled them at once to appreciate the great importance on these treasures.”[vii] When they began to build the Samaritans came to help but they did not want it because they felt that they were idolaters and could not help in the building of Gods temple. For the next several years “…they had to rebuild the temple with a sword in one hand and a trowel in the other…”[viii]

So Albert Mackey seems to think that these long ago Freemasons derive their knowledge of building from the original “Masons’ of the first temple that was built; that being Hiram Abiff the builder of the first temple, and through this “knowledge” it allows them to build the second temple with the original Masonic stone of Foundation upon the ruins of the original temple. Could it be that the original temple of the United States has run out and now they must find that original stone of foundation where upon which we must rebuild it in a new “green” fashion well they fight off all of the idolaters who do not believe as they do with “a shovel in one hand and a sword in the other…” as he says.

Green Masonry

There is also a full blown green Masonry group that is emerging within the ranks of the society. The term green Masonry was coined by V.W.Bro Geoffrey Ludowyk in his article green Masonry: Nature and Freemasonry. Geoffrey describes his growing opinion that Masonry needs to adapt and become a leader in the ‘green movement’. He goes on to describe how now is also the time to do so “Fortunately, the voices of a concerned few now seem to be seeping into our general consciousness, helped along by the “bandwagon effect” engendered by mainstream politicians and the media joining the fray. With this new awareness of climate change in the community comes this once in an aeon opportunity for Freemasonry once more to become influential in diffusing the light of wisdom and aiding the strength of Reason to the world.”[ix] He is most definitely accurate in his description of the seepage of this influence into the psyche; especially the “bandwagon effect”. You could ask a hundred people on the street about climate change and they would all tell you it’s true without one real factual piece of evidence that hasn’t already been discredited in some way; but I digress. He goes on to describe how the Mason, in his second degree is “…to make the liberal arts and sciences your future study, in order that you may be better enable to discharge your duty as a Mason…” and in the South-East charge “…the candidate ends with ‘you are now in a position to extend your researches into the hidden paths of Nature & Sciences…”[x] He cites these as a way to show the Mason that it is their duty to study the Sciences and Nature and thus bring forth your enlightenment to the world. After explaining the individual aspect of why a Mason should be concerned with climate change and how to help matters he goes on to explain the organizational responsibility of the fraternal order in these matters.

“The organizational arms of the many jurisdictions in Freemasonry exist to serve the current purpose of freemasonry. These organizations set the standards against which the notions of correct masonry are judged, and from the commonality of these standards, stemming as they do from common origins we now have an international brotherhood I content that freemasonry must play its part in the survival of the human species, not just through the efforts of individuals but also through its Many organizational arms.”[xi]

This is quoted at length because it is extremely important. Through their “many organizational arms” they are influence multitudes of people to join the fight in this cause that has been handed down from within the center of the organization. Not only are we contending with media, USDA (all other agencies), ‘bandwagon effect’, scientific fraudulence, but also with the fraternal organizations very core. Every victory, small and large, in the fight against sustainable development should be seen as a great victory when put in this context.

The article goes on further to explain the implemental aspects of this Green Masonry. He writes that “occupying humankinds vast centre stage are the poor and disposed, most unaware of Nature, their waking hours occupied solely with survival.”[xii]

He paints a picture of a world of terrible takers who care not for their mother earth and spend their time only in the interest of surviving life, taking from the land, and putting nothing back. Writing that man “…needs to be aware of the consequences of its actions; and we need to transform ourselves.” The problem as he says is that “those in power to influence and direct humans choose not to do so for the greater good but for self interest.” This self interested group when confronted with the “…evidence that the planets ecosystem may be in trouble, they prefer to articulate a mantra that progress is the panacea for all our ills…” and hope that “…in the fullness of political time a diversion will occur. They usually do; natural disasters, terrorism-they are always welcome. O wonderful diversions.”[xiii] Now in writing sarcasm does not come off particularly well, but I myself was sort of curious how serious old Geoffrey was about that last line.

In his final assessments of the “tipping scales” of these events the Green Masons point of view on who needs to come forth and help with this change “Needing nature needs to be an act of will-an act of will by governments, corporations, interest groups, and individuals.” The Green Masons say that the governments, corporations, and interest groups need to abandon their self interest; and embrace cooperation and harmony with the whole. He goes on to say that “Once we have the powerbrokers on board, we can then turn our attention towards engaging the disinterested individuals. That will prove far easier, as most people prefer to be lead.”[xiv] By capturing the hearts and minds of these people Freemasons can lead the species into evolving into all we are capable of being; and become as gods; if you will. Aside from gathering these groups what do they propose that we do with the poor and disposed. Well the answer to that is “We cannot engage them if they are focused on survival. We have to distribute wealth so that there basic needs are met.” This also might be seen as from each according to his abilities to each according to his needs as another way of putting it. You will be provided for but what if you are not worth providing for? What then? Well, I’m sure they’ll come up with a nice human way of disposal for these poor and disposed groups.

The Green Mason feels that it is now time to move forward and the old greenies will be the ones to do it. It is their purpose to help evolve the species as they see it. Arrogant fools! The greenie goes on to say that “Finally, we need to actively put an end to blatant ecological use and unsustainable resource use.” There is that word again; unsustainable. They have achieved once again to ruin a perfectly good word and personally I cringe at the use of the word Sustainability; knowing its hidden connotations.

In conclusion he lays out not only the fact that Freemasonry is a vehicle for political and societal change but is a source of spiritual ascension. This spiritual ascension being that “We are all brothers on this same journey leading to self knowledge and ultimate perfection. The American poet, Emerson, described it as a journey of ‘ascending effort’.” This ascension is coming from the fraternal order of Freemasonry. “Freemasonry is a system without dogma or doctrine which signposts through the interpretation of its symbols, the journey we must all make. It is a template for the evolution of human consciousness and as such is a progressive science of becoming-becoming something greater than we are now.” When the Mason shows his higher education and higher moral grounds they will then finally ascend to the plateau which they have strived for. “For as we climb higher we become wiser and can see further and more clearly what is the purpose of life, and what the Great Architect (not God) has planned for us. That is the Great mystery of Freemasonry which all of us are destined to rediscover.”[xv] No dogma? It seems that swearing not to tell the secrets of Masonry under the threat of ripping ones tongue out and stabbing one in the heart is not a dogma but everyone is different I guess.

In this final epitaph Geoffrey explain man must move towards the collective mentality; this after thousands of years of the struggle for the individual to come out from under the thumb of a collective rule. He states “We humans need to transform ourselves from a fractional, squabbling, self-interested and self-aggrandizing rabble to being a cohesive, nurturing collective.”[xvi] Well, Geoffrey and the rest of the greenie masons may someday get their wish. It would be nice if for once they stepped out and found out what it was like being an individual. They might find that it is quite nice not having to conform to anyone else’s interpretive ideas.

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