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Originally published 04/22/11

by: Todd Stevens

Let the Nature Worship Begin

It’s Earth Day, the day that all of the greenies come out of their respective closest to express their outrage for capitalism, the destruction of the earth, and to help promote the green movement. Earth day was started by one Gaylord Nelson, whose parents seem to have some insight into the direction their son would go right at his birth. With a name like Gaylord they insured that their son would be made fun of for the rest of his life but this should be no reason to hold something against the man and instead he should be judged because of his decision to make a national day for the Earth instead.

This years Earth Day was celebrated by media moguls, governments, protesters, and the beloved United Nations. On this day, April 22, 2011 the United Nations has declared it to be the official Mother Earth Day. The Bolivian government was one of the attendees at the United Nations in New York City to celebrate the Resolution of this Mother Earth Day. Earlier in the week the Bolivian government signed into law legislation declaring that the Earth now has rights that are equal to man and should be respect as such. This should sound very familiar to anyone who has heard of Agenda 21, the UN Biodiversity project, and the Wildlands project because they all advocate very similar points of view. In explaining the Bolivian and UN position the Foreign Minister of Bolivia David Choquehuanca stated that “The United Nations is revolutionizing the way we look at our planet. At the moment various issues are being receded in the United Nations and we have begun to discuss the idea of declaring an official national day of mother Earth and we will also soon be discussing what the rights of mother earth are.”[i] This is absolutely true they are revolutionizing the planet into corridor system of the state in which limited human access and travel are granted and they will only be granted through governmental control. These plans have been moving forward even before any of this since about 2005 in what is known as the travel management plans.

Democracy Now’s hosted a discussion session that had the guessed Vandana Shiva; an Indian environmental and women’s rights activist, as well as, Maude Barlow a Canadian environmentalist. Vandana Shiva also wrote a book entitled Earth Democracy. In this book she outlines her ideas that we should decentralize the corporation’s international powers to go in and use unsustainable resources for their own profit gains; as she describes that “Robust living economies are people-centered, decentralized, sustainable, and livelihood-generating.”[ii] The theory goes that you take all of the power away from corporations to come in and use anyone’s natural resources and land for there own gains and by allowing local groups and individuals to create and promote their own sustained lifestyle and resources they will then be using their judgment to delegate through subsidiaries upward to larger governmental entities how it will be run. As she describes “Living economies grow outward, from the individual to the community, to the region, to the country, to the global level.” In truth this does not sound like a bad intended idea but when you get up to the higher level where she bases her model on you see the flaws in such arguments.

Unfortunately we do not live in this fictitious world that she envisions. There are centralized powers and it is imperative that we analyze these powers intentions. Shiva bases her model on the fact that “Living economies are grounded on the principles necessary to protect and restore nature and societies that free market economist have resisted implementing. These principles are the “precautionary principle” and the “polluter pays principle” as enshrined in Agenda 21 at the UN conference on Environment and Development (1992), known as the Earth Summit.”[iii] The precautionary principal basically state that if an action or policy has a risk then the burden of proof that it is not harmful falls on the one taking the action. This seems a bit broad. What sort of risk (probably ecological)? What if all of the risk is being taken by the entrepreneur? Well, that sort of falls into the next principal which is the principal of the polluter pays.

The principal of the polluter pays, in its most rudimentary form, states that the polluter must pay for the pollutants that they put out; particularly CO2. Now this seems a bit rash, especially considering the mounting empirical evidence that global cooling or global warming; woops I mean climate change is real. This sort of thing reminds me of the struggle facing Hank Rearden and Dagney Taggart in Atlas Shrugged. How can any business person who is inventing an idea that has risk to it, which everything does, enter into any type of new form without having to pay a carbon tax or being shot down by the UN because they deem it to be too risky or being pressured to put back because you are not lifting up society. They want to talk about nature and the natural order of things. They should look around. Nature is chaotic with risk and destruction, death and birth, flowing tides and tidal waves, majestic mountains and erupting volcanoes. What planet do these people live on? There is no Utopia. That is even what it means no where.

In their discussion with Democracy Now Shiva and Monbiot discuss the fact that they want to introduce the Bolivian idea as a resolution to the UN that would be on par with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as she states “A number of us were in Cochabamba a year ago, this Mother Earth Day, when we finalized this draft of this Universal Declaration on the Rights of Mother Earth. And so, basically, we’re here to introduce it to the U.N. The concept-we eventually want the Universal Declaration on the Rights of Mother Earth to be a companion piece to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”[iv] The propping up of natures or Mother Earths rights to humans does two things it puts nature up and man down. If we are as valued as nature then what is to prevent the thinking that we are not just as expendable in many cases. They probably don’t personally feel this way but it is not these particular two people to be worried about. Either way they like to spin it someone gets a hierarchal rule in all of this, that being the United Nations. Who started the United Nations? Who runs it and who has sole veto power in the UN are questions that need to be asked before delegating any power to these people. A world government in the long scheme of things is a reality but it is how we are coming into it and who is controlling it that will determine the outcome. In truth the way it is coming together is only benefitting a few not humanity at this point. Right now sovereignty must still be a choice, considering the short life span of its existence, and without that choice we are going to fall under some despots rule.

In the final closing of Democracy Now’s show they had a man by the name of Bill Mckibben, the founder of 350; a reference to 350 parts per million of carbon in the atmosphere, speak before a greenie audience. His fallacies were priceless he stated “The science is the easy part of this. Grim, but easy, 2010 was the warmest year on record, and it was warm. We were on the phone one day with our 350 crew in Pakistan, and one of them said, “It’s hot here today.” And I was surprised to hear him say it, because it’s usually hot in Pakistan in the summer. And he said, “No, it’s really hot. We just set the new all-time Asia temperature record, 129 degrees.” That kind of heat melts the Arctic. That kind of heat causes drought so deep across Russia that the Kremlin stops all grain export. That kind of heat causes the flooding that has four million people across Pakistan homeless tonight.”[v] Well according to most sources these are the hottest days on record but they still have yet to address the medieval warm period of 1200 as well as the ice core samples going back over 200,000 years showing large fluctuations of hot and cold. This also isn’t proof of carbon emission causation. So they can spout off all they want about it but the burden of proof still lies upon them. If you ask any scientist or if you look up the record yourself we are just as close to coming to an ice age as we are to a heating period.

Russian Ice Cores from Antarctica

Folks we got to face facts. The planet is fine it’s not going anywhere, we are and as George Carlin said “the planets going to shake us off like flees… a surface nuisance.” Seriously, how freaking arrogant are these people “were going to save the planet” what a load of crap.

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