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Matthew Delooze 11 – So Is This Christmas?

Hello Folks ,I originally wrote this article in December 2005 but I have slightly edited the pictures contained in this article for this year. WARNING This article contains some graphic images that truly show what we really do to our children in this world. So I humbly suggest to those that want to stay in a rose tinted bullshit comfort zone, at Christmas time, that they do not read this article.

So Is This Christmas?

The picture was taken at the winter solstice…..The symbolic death of the of the Sun occurs around the 21st December, only for it to be reborn AFTER 3 days at ‘Christmas’.

By: Matthew Delooze

“So this is Christmas
And what have you done?
Another year over
And a new one just begun
And so this is Christmas
I hope you have fun”
‘So this is Christmas (war is over)’ by John Lennon 1971

This is the time of year, in the western world at least, when the Christmas cards start to appear behind the door and the illuminated Christmas trees start to root both indoors and outdoors. This time of year seems to awaken something in all of us doesn’t it? What is it? The Christmas Spirit? What exactly is it that makes us divert from our usual day to day routine and then robotically prepare for ‘Christmas’? Have we just been programmed to accept that Christmas is a time to ‘celebrate’ even if the vast majority of us don’t have a clue what we are actually celebrating?

The vast majority of people I know never even think of the birth of Jesus at Christmas but they are somehow swept along with events like a dancing rat following the pied piper. Even the Establishment don’t care how you celebrate Christmas as long as you join in. Could it all be a massive deception? Mass hypnosis? Or are we genuinely celebrating the birth of our saviour who was sent here by his dad, God, to die on our behalf?

This is also the time of year when the hypnotically tempting adverts start to appear on TV. These adverts seem to spark off, inside us us all, the idea of buying, giving and receiving gifts. A visual reminder that a festive season is fast approaching and that we should quickly prepare to take part in it. It doesn’t matter if you want to join in or not because it is literally impossible not to be connected to Christmas. Well isn’t it?

This is also the time of year when all the old classic Christmas songs reappear too isn’t it? Bing Crosby’s ‘White Christmas’, Slade’s ‘So here it is Merry Christmas – Everybody’s having fun’? Even the charity versions reappear – Band Aid’s ‘Feed the world – Let them know its Christmas time’?

All these songs, and a lot more, were planted in the subconscious memories of most people years ago and as soon as they are played again they instantly trigger the same behaviour in us, time and time again, at the same time every year. I have mentioned the use of music and songs as a form of hypnosis in other essays.

Yesterday I went Christmas shopping and witnessed hordes of shoppers literally being hypnotically brainwashed by the tidal wave of Christmas songs that were being played. Every single shop I went in had Christmas songs playing in the background. These songs have a dramatic affect on your behaviour. There must be a special ‘hypnotise the greedy bastards’ Christmas CD that is only available to shop owners and supermarket managers! I literally found myself ‘wanting’ to buy more goods whilst singing along with ‘I wish it could be Christmas everyday’. The very thought of it being Christmas everyday is a nightmare to me, but there I was trapped by the hypnotic music, literally hypnotised by the lyrics and beat of the music. I really couldn’t stop myself and I ended up spending more than I could afford. How many more of you will do the same when you go Christmas shopping this year?

The Hollywood Christmas movies are also dusted off and wheeled out to be aired on TV yet again, like every other year. Could they also act as a form of hypnotism?

The Wizard of Oz is a popular favourite. Ebenezer Scrooge in ‘A Christmas Carol’ is always played and who can forget that we must have the Queen telling us what sort of year she has had every Christmas day. Why is that?

Is the Queen carrying out some kind of announcement ritual on Christmas Day in which we accept that she is our ruler? What are we really celebrating at Christmas time? Do we receive subconscious triggers that alter our behaviour and somehow make us behave differently? I certainly think so and I must admit its very hard not to fall into a type of Christmas Spirit mode. But is Christmas really a true positive spiritual event or can you accept that it is a massive con trick created through the manipulation of our subconscious that dates back to our childhood? Anyway lets get on.

In my opinion Christmas is typified and symbolised by sending Christmas cards out to friends and family. The term ‘Spreading the Christmas message’ is constantly used to create false subconscious scenarios in all of us: Snow… Christmas Tree… Robin… Logs… Santa… Baby in manger… Jesus… Three wise men… Shepherd… .Star.. Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer… even pictures of the good old Christmas pudding are all implanted in our subconscious memory. Have we been mentally programmed from childhood with these images, so much so that we hypnotically dance around as soon as the very thought of Christmas coming around again is triggered in us? Indeed the triggers have started to appear earlier and earlier in the year in the last few decades, but the hypnosis only really takes hold in December.

In my opinion the typical Christmas card scene is a fairy tale, a fairy tale illusion. Make-believe brainwashing. It is obviously very nice to pretend that we live in a world with all these things, and that we truly celebrate the birth of our saviour, or the king of heaven, that brought it all to us. The establishment go to great lengths to make sure Christmas takes place, and the typical Christmas Card scene is used to its full advantage at this time of year to spread the Christmas message.

So for a change I am not going to send out typical picture cards falsely representing a bullshit Christmas, a phoney Christmas, because I am totally bloody sick of the hypocrisy and the pathetic sheep that baa baa the same tune every year. Oh no, I am going to spread more realistic pictures that truly represent life in this world, in Christmas card form, than the usual airy fairy scenes we spread around to delude and hypnotise ourselves with every year. I will spread a Christmas message that shows what we really think about our children and how we really treat the children of this world.

The pictures below show the results of the actions of our so called Christian political leaders operating in this world. So I say to anyone who wants to stay hypnotised in a pre Christmas dream state; please don’t read anymore of this article. Stop now. Please go and shop till you drop instead and carry on feeding the children of this world crap so they can at least continue to carry out the same deceptive traditions in the future on an annual basis as we do today. I have updated some Christmas Card pictures for 2007. A couple of them show the results of the use of depleted uranium. I do not apologise for using these images.

Maybe Santa will bring the children, pictured below, some nice presents whilst we get’ farting fat’ stuffing our faces with food and/or get shit faced, drunk out of our skulls, on drink this festive season eh? Lets buy ourselves something nice to ease our conscience eh? T hats if we have a conscience at all. The truth upsetting is it? I do not apologise for my passion on this matter and again I make no apology for spreading the pictures below… After all… Season’s Greetings eh? Goodwill to all men? Goodwill to all men?I tell you the truth. Goodwill to all men? Don’t make me laugh, hypocrites, please just eat and drink yourself into oblivion so you may spew up the last lingering remains of your souls and rid yourselves of them completely. Here are my Christmas cards for 2006 below. ‘My Christmas Message’ if you like. So hypocrites…

Here are my Christmas cards for 2006 below. ‘My Christmas Message’ if you like.

So hypocrites…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!… From Me

Lets have another mince pie eh?

‘Jingle Bells’… Jingle Bells…..Jingle all the way eh?

‘Silent night …Holy night…..All is calm … All is Bright…’ Seasonal Best Wishes!!!

Let us all sing together… Christians..’Rudolf the red nosed reindeer’ ..had a very shiny nose’…Oh come on….. Please Join in won’t you?…. It is Christmas isn’t it?

‘Deck the halls with boughs of Holly ….fa.. la la la la… la la… la la..’

You don’t usually get pictures like those on your Christmas cards do you? They are hidden away whilst you and I live in a fluffy bunny type comfort zone pretending its not going on…. OK…. fancy another sherry do we? Let’s pretend, we civilised ‘Christians’, don’t butcher children in foreign lands simply because liars like George Bush and Gordon Brown want us to and of course, after all, it is Christmas time isn’t it? I can smell the disgusting apathy and the bullshit spewing out of the pathetic Churches and the homes of ‘Christian’ people now. So let’s have another slice of Christmas cake shall we?

‘Proper’ Christmas isn’t like that I hear you say, Christmas is all goody goody stuff and what can we do about the slaughter of children in strange lands anyway? Its the only time of year we can enjoy ourselves isn’t it? OK. Let’s look at a ‘proper’ Christmas then shall we?….A proper Christmas? Our children are whipped into a psychological manic frenzy in the lead up to the festive season. Parents ‘fear’ being unable to afford the latest expensive fashionable gadget that kids demand through pressure from the media. Certain gadgets are hyped so much that they become scarce in the shops (a scam to keep the price high and create even more greed and envy for both parents and children). People also panic buy food. The Christmas period is basically two days at the most, if you include Boxing Day, yet people hoard food in some cases buying a months supply. Drink is bought and consumed in huge amounts. Just what causes such manic buying habits? Could it be mass hypnosis to ensure that you are part of the ritualistic celebrations whether you like it or not? Or are you that mind controlled even the suggestion that you are being duped is too much for you to cope with?

‘Christmas’ is based on lies, greed and over consumption. We lie to our children about ‘Santa’ (albeit this lie is suppose to be OK). We also seek and crave material goods, sometimes to such an extent that we basically worship them.I am not criticising people ‘enjoying themselves’. I am not Ebenezer Delooze! People have the right to enjoy themselves and good luck to them. I really just trying to point out that they are not enjoying themselves via their own making, via their own creative enjoyment for want of better words, they are ‘enjoying’ an enforced ritual that has been created and forced on them by the establishment. The fact is that you are told ‘when’ to enjoy yourself. Ask yourself why this is so? How many times are you told in the media, on Christmas cards, in the pub etc. etc. etc. To be merry (happy) about the situation. You are literally ordered to forget everything else and just to concentrate on Christmas. By this are we collectively endorsing that we worship the birth of our spiritual king on the 25th December? If so ask yourself who is really ‘born’ on the 25th December every year? You are told it is Jesus but is it Jesus the son or is it really the Sun? The fact is that most people celebrate ‘Christmas’ just because they have been led to do so, they celebrate Christmas to fit in with the herd. To be part of something that is supposed to be good and they don’t want to miss out on it. Let’s face it, society is demanding you celebrate Christmas, it demands you get your kids expensive gifts, it demands you over consume food and drink etc. You have been hypnotically bribed into defending Christmas.

Let’s face it, if there was no Christmas it would be a long dark winter wouldn’t it? Wouldn’t the people who force us to celebrate Christmas hold our noses to the grindstone longer if there was no Christmas festival?

Even the most vicious master or slave driving employer actually allows Christmas to take place. This was also true in the Victorian satanic workhouses and even prisoners are allowed to celebrate it and receive gifts. Ask yourself why this is so? Is it the Christmas Spirit? Or is it really just ‘orders’ from the establishment that everyone joins in the ritual?

If it is simply a Christmas spirit then why can we not host this spirit every day of the year? Is Jesus only a good man on his birthday and a shit-head the rest of the year then? Does he only honour positive spirit on his birthday,which coincides with the rebirth of the sun? Wake up for your own bloody sakes will you?

Please wake up.

The establishment, including the pathetic hypocritical church, only “gives ” to the masses what it needs to keep itself in power. What suits it is made to suit us. You have to go along with Christmas and even the most ardent ‘Christmas Hater’ is somehow made to fit in with the celebration one way or another.If not they are deemed Ebenezer’s or simply ‘miserable bastards’ by the hypnotised herd and they really have no choice but to take part and somehow fit in if only until Christmas is over. But… Just what have we been told and brainwashed into fitting into? The story of Jesus and Christianity is suppose to be the basis of the winter celebrations we call Christmas. “The birth of a Saviour that came to Earth to suffer for our sins and to be put to death through our ignorance and our evil ways.”

Well…For a start well over half of the people who ‘celebrate’ Christmas don’t even believe in Jesus Christ. They literally just celebrate for the sake of it, blind to the true ritual taking place around them right under their noses simply because of the, albeit temporary, feel good factor Christmas generates. My own opinion is that Christmas is not really a celebration connected to the birth of the saviour of this world, or an acknowledgement of the birth of the ‘son of god’, Jesus. We have been deceived into joining a celebration we really know nothing about. We blindly follow the customs and beliefs told to us by the establishment and our parents and their parents did exactly the same.

Christmas, in my opinion, is not to celebrate the birth of Jesus, as the son of the world’s creator, although we blindly think it is through dogmatic programming of our minds. Christmas is really a covert ‘ritual’ for the rebirth of the sun gods. Yes in my opinion we have been fooled into worshipping the SUN by being told we are worshipping Jesus and his dad.

Was ‘Christmas’ created to fool us into worshipping something that we wouldn’t worship if we knew what we were really worshipping?
It seems so to me.

This ‘Sun God’ who’s birth we celebrate on a yearly basis is on a par, symbolically from a Christian bible point of view, with ‘Lucifer’ the light bringer. I don’t mean we are conned into celebrating the birth of a red devil with horns and a three pronged fork either. I mean by symbolically worshipping the Sun we are duped into celebrating the rebirth of the Serpent (reptilian aliens) an oppressive spiritual consciousness, and we are endorsing its hold over us through our own submissive collective spirituality, and by doing this we allow the Serpent Cult to create and enforce our physical reality on Earth.

I believe by carrying out such an act that we are giving our spiritual powers away. We literally give permission for a negative power to spiritually rule us simply by collectively carrying out a ritual that allows it to do so. In a nut-shell we are conned into worshipping something that keeps us in misery through poverty, war and famine and we are not celebrating the birth of our saviour at Christmas, we are really celebrating the rebirth of our enslaver through a symbolic Sun. We have been deceived by the Serpent Cult establishment into thinking we are carrying out a celebration of perceived Christian values but we are really carrying out a ritual to celebrate the birth of the SUN. Sun worship is linked to negativity and worship of the serpent. I realise its very hard to see through this deception and it is indeed impossible for some people to do so. Its very hard to accept that so many people could be conned into carrying out a ritual that meant the opposite of what they had been told and believed it meant from childhood. We are our own saviours in my opinion, and we could be spiritually free if we could only open our eyes and see what is actually going on.

Wouldn’t it be the greatest deception ever to get the human race to celebrate and endorse (worship) a negative ritual in the guise of celebrating a positive one? By celebrating the birth of The Sun we are brainwashed into thinking we are celebrating the birth of The Son? Too much to take in? The thought hurts does it?

Are we covertly made to celebrate the birth of the Sun as the ruler of this world, as the official king of mankind instead of the symbolic figure of The Son of God? This not only applies to the Christian world but the Muslim world too. Indeed all major religions may fall for the same con trick? The followers of all religions are duped into believing their God is the one true God and they celebrate the fact. They can’t all be right can they? Some of these (‘one true’) Gods are obviously telling lies. We don’t want our God to be the liar do we? No! We are also blindly prepared to fight and die to protect ‘our’ God’s honour right?

The only alternative is that ‘all our gods’ in this world are the same ‘one true God’ and I really am here to tell you that the said ‘one true God’ is the greatest deceiver.

Is it possible that all religious people are being duped by one very deceptive force and one religion is played against the other when the need arises? It certainly makes sense to me. I believe that we are ALL duped into worshipping a ‘Sun God’ basically just by calling him the Sun o’God or Son of God . Indeed is it coincidence that ‘Jesus’ and his counterparts in other establishment religions are all “born” around the same time? The 25th December.

Again the winter ‘Solstice’ is on or around the 21st December and is considered to be when the ‘Sun Dies’ only to be ‘reborn’ after 3 days on the 25th December.Now where have I heard about something rising from the dead after 3 days? The Son of God wasn’t it?

So what are we actually celebrating on 25th December? The birth of little Jesus the Son of God in a barn or cave, or in biblical terms, Lucifer the light bringer or a Sun 0’God, Sun God?

Look at the picture of the winter solstice at the top of this article. Can you see the symbolic cross? Can you see the Sun (or Son) on the cross? Is it this that you symbolically accept as your Son of God and have you been conned into celebrating its birth every year? Again what are you really celebrating at Christmas? The birth of the Sun or the Son. When you wear a crucifix around your neck is it a symbol of man called Jesus or have you been conned into wearing symbolism connected to the birth of the Sun?

Do you not believe mankind could be fooled in such a way? To worship the opposite of what we are taught is good and right? Do we create all the misery in this world by basically being duped into giving away all our collective spiritual power through a ritual to a Luciferic consciousness? A mentality that will gladly create misery and poverty in this world ironically by using our will and misplaced worship to do so?

We tell our children the lie of Christmas, and they carry it on through their children and so on and so forth. This guarantees that the spiritual mentality that controls us now stays in power year after year. That is why nothing changes in the world. We not only deceive all our children at Christmas we also deceive ourselves. We carry on the deception yearly because we do not question the official version of Christmas or the truth, or even have the guts to break the hypnotic trance we are collectively stuck in. Its more comfortable that way isn’t it? Come on all you pathetic so called conspiracy researchers you live a lie every Christmas don’t you? You claim to know the establishment carries out rituals and be smart-arsed about it then blindly join in the biggest sun ritual of them all don’t you,you fools?

E.G..Fat Molly the typical middle-aged, bored housewife, forum gossip says… “Ooh yes I know all about the Reptilian agenda and the rituals and Bohemian Grove etc, but I haven’t time to gossip about them now because I am spending a fortune decorating my home and scoffing my Christmas dinner….. I am also going to buy my grand-kids big presents so I can deceive them and say Santa Clause has been and then steal the innocent spiritual energy created by the deception from them. But don’t worry I’ll be back on the forum after Christmas to bullshit myself again all through next year. Hey its a good job Christmas is a genuine event isn’t it?”

In my opinion. The apathy and bullshit is spread thickly over most of the forum dwellers and other gossips that claim to be awake and fully aware of the reptilian agenda. What utter hypocritical shite. You are as awake as a fucking mince pie in my opinion.

I say those things with good intentions.

Lets face it, no one wants to stop something they see as good and enjoyable,
even though they have the right to see good and enjoyable things all year round.
If you cannot see that you have been hypnotised to celebrate at a certain time of
year then you will not be able to break free of the hypnotic control the serpent
has over you.

To be able to start to break free from the hypnotic trance we only need to start asking questions to ourselves. We need to kick our own arse sometimes. It really is a painful process but I assure you its worth it in the long run. The establishment who have, in my opinion, covertly led the masses to carry out a Sun God ritual were taught how to create such deceptive events by accessing levels of higher awareness. This higher awareness is used to deceive lower awareness (the dumbed down collective awareness of the human race). The masses are bombarded with hypnotic subliminal triggers during the time leading up to Christmas (Winter Solstice), these triggers will eventually raise the collective spiritual emotions or collective vibrational state of the masses. This action results in a rise in collective spiritual energy and, amongst other things, leads individuals to experience feelings I can only described as the ‘Christmas spirit'(Energy). These feelings have been cultivated by the serpent (Reptilian Aliens) and are harnessed and then used by the Serpent Cult to complete a covert ‘respect ritual’ dedicated to the rebirth of the SUN (we call it Christmas). Once the ritual is over our collective spiritual emotions will be dumbed down again by the Serpent Cult and on an individual level you will quickly lose the feelings of the ‘Christmas spirit’ (higher state of awareness) that you experienced during the lead up to the Christmas period. The serpent cult has full control over the minds of the masses and it can increase or decrease mass consciousness levels to suit whatever ritual it wishes to perform.

Hence the Christmas ‘Wham Bam thank you ma’am experience’.

Simply put, they know how to do such things and you are totally oblivious to what is really going on. You are even programmed to vigorously defend ‘Christmas’ if someone questions it, but you cannot even see that can you? The same scenario applies to lots of other events that are manipulated by a very deceptive force.

I believe that higher awareness has always been around in this world, and this awareness is controlled by a serpent race of extraterrestrials (a serpent cult) and the established governments on this planet are their agents. They use covert rituals on Earth to appease Reptilian gods to ensure the same enslave and control mankind. The reason for carrying out the ritual is because they can receive our spiritual consent for them to rule over us by doing so. That is their reward for farming the human race. It is that simple. By worshipping the birth of the Sun we are worshipping the force that created the Sun. The Reptilian gods, according to ancient texts that existed long before Jesus was thought up, created the Sun. Therefore if you worship the Sun you worship its creator!

The Sun (serpent) needs our worship, our spiritual consent, at every winter solstice and it bloody well receives it through the festival we call Christmas. We cannot see this collectively, hence it sound so ludicrous to the majority of people and therefore we blindly carry on participating in their Sun Rebirth ritual that they named Christmas. We have become enslaved sheep running into the pen when herded to do so. The most important ritual carried out by the Serpent Cult is celebrating the rebirth of the Sun, they literally used to do it on a daily basis in ancient Egypt and they have created the Christmas Festival to covertly carry on the same ritual on a massive scale every winter solstice. Simply by joining in with the Christmas festival you are symbolically giving the serpent your spiritual permission for them to rule us. It is that simple but it is also vital to the Serpent Cult that this ritual takes place. If they don’t get our spiritual permission to rule us then they cannot rule us.

I have only scratched the surface of the true meanings of ‘ Christmas ‘. I only suggest that you think about it because once you can see through the hypnosis you will learn a lot about how the Serpent Cult operate in this world by deceiving the masses. The hypnotic trance that we are under during this ritual disappears shortly after the ‘new year’ starts. Sometimes even before that. The bubble bursts. The Serpent Cult don’t really care when their hypnosis wears off as long as you have joined in and worshipped the re-birth of the Sun. Once you have carried out your ritual you will return to ‘normal’, just like a stage hypnotist, they click their fingers and you immediately see the world as it really is again (miserable). The so called ‘Christmas Spirit’ has vanished but it did not really exist anyway, it was literally all in your mind, an act of hypnotic trickery that allowed our collective spiritual energy to briefly raise up a notch or two just to make you happily comply with and accept the ritual.

The material shit ‘Santa’ has given your children is soon forgotten unless it has its own hypnotic devices installed in it (computer games etc). The Serpent Cult will now put all its Christmas hypnotic triggers away, the trees, the cards and especially those Christmas songs you have suddenly become sick of hearing will be gone. You idiots will be none the wiser. Of course though only until the next Sun God birth ritual is needed at the next winter solstice. You will then be hypnotically triggered to repeat the process all over again.

Christmas is a very difficult subject to try to explain and expose, but the NWO cannot be stopped, in my opinion, until you begin to see through the tinsel and the trees. Telling young children there is no Father Christmas or Santa Claus etc is very difficult, the sad thing is that it was so easy to lie and tell them there was one in the first place. Its not easy to explain to party go-ers that they are being manipulated for spiritual energy. They will laugh at the thought because they are programmed to do so. Its hard to explain that leaving gifts under the tree is serpent worship symbolism and nothing to do with anything good or indeed anything to do with a hero figure like Jesus, but I have tried my very best to do so in this article. I also realise that my words in this article are too weak to break the hypnosis you are under during the Christmas period.

I also wish to make it perfectly clear that I am not against people enjoying themselves. I say that you should enjoy your life all year round and not when the serpent orders you to, that way spiritual energy could be used for the good of mankind and not stolen by the deceptive serpent. I mean that sincerely.

We are trapped into continuing the Christmas ritual simply because it is so so difficult to get out of. This can be said about many things.I know it is far more comfortable to carry on with the ritual than not. It is a near perfect deception and I acknowledge the craftiness of the serpent in pulling the deception off.

Het is ook veel gemakkelijker om luchtige kerstkaarten rond te sturen dan foto’s van dode It is also far easier to send around airy fairy Christmas cards than pictures of dead children. Those that think I am wrong to post pictures of dead children as a Christmas message should ask themselves why they think that? Do you want to hide the truth? To Christians I say… What would the accepted Christian image of Jesus do in this situation? Send out pictures of Robins and Christmas puds or expose the murder/ slaughter of innocent babies and children?

(On a lighter note especially after mentioning Fat Molly earlier) I say to some of the so called conspiracy sites that bleat on about the evils created by the establishment and the illuminati; Why post articles of such things then assume Christmas, in my opinion one of the biggest conspiracies ever and a tool for a NWO, is a good and honest event? What the bloody hell is the point in trying to expose the illuminati, and mind controlling religions, on your site whilst at the same time wishing people a Merry Christmas? The mind boggles.
This comes to my boggled mind …

Errr … I believe that the illuminati rule the world through false dogmatic religion, false education and mind control….. but have a Merry Christmas won’t you…!!!…. And a few can’t control the many?

I have said enough on the subject for now and I have, at least, had the balls to do so.

Its entirely up to you to believe in what you want to believe in. I truly believe and have done for a few years that Christmas is really a very deceptive Sun god ritual and it takes place so that spiritual energies are extracted from the masses and in turn used by Luciferic forces to control and spiritually imprison us on Earth and believe me their deceptions hold no boundaries. It is very very hard and very very painful when trying to break the Serpent’s Spell. To those that need it my strength will always be here to help you do just that. No matter what. All the best to you all (all year round!)

Matthew Delooze 12th December 2005 (updated 13th December 2007) PS. For those that want to compare our ‘Christian Bible’ version of Jesus and another symbolic Sun god, on this occasion Horus, then i suggest you study this.
I leave you with a ‘Ho Ho Ho. Yo Saturnalia’. Or is it Merry Horus-mas? There are plenty of ‘Turkeys’ around at this time of year, old beans, and not all of them are wearing feathers.


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