Matthew Delooze (12) – (ENG) Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot And Never Brought To Mind?

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Matthew Delooze 12 – Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot And Never Brought To Mind?

By: Matthew Delooze

Hello Folks,
I’d like to do a follow up to the Christmas article I did……

Have all the symptoms of ‘Christmas’ worn off yet? Have you come out of the hypnotic stupor you were under? Back down to earth? The Ritual is completed but you’re none the wiser are you? Blind as a bat doesn’t even being to sum it up.

Missing the ‘Christmas Spirit’ are you? Yes? No?… Never mind you can go through it all again once the Sun renews itself, and the serpent wants your spiritual consent to rule over you again, next year. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to do, you will remember ‘what to do’, when the hypnotic triggers start appearing to put you under extra levels of mind control all over again. Don’t forget to stick a tree, with lights and pretty bells on it of course, in a prime position your home next year.

Anyway folks let us forget about Christmas and have a look a look at the ‘New Year’s Eve’ celebrations. I have spent the last 5 New Years Eve’s researching the celebrations and I have been lucky enough to have been allowed to do this in Amsterdam. A place I love very, very much and where I have spent more than my fair share of time in the Brown Café’s. Sadly the signs of an Orwellian type big brother state are also starting to appear in liberal Amsterdam as they are throughout the rest of the world.

New Years Eve is known as ‘Old Years Eve’ in the Netherlands and to be honest I always find myself not being able to challenge that description when I am in in The Netherlands. Every time I get in conversation with a Dutch person they make it perfectly clear that the ‘evening of 31st December’ is in the old year, not the new one!

Delooze agrees with you. The 31st December is on Old Years Eve!


I have mentioned in previous articles that the ‘serpent cult’ may use locations, events and certain times of the year to attract people and to manipulate and somehow harness their spiritual energies. In my opinion New Years Eve is no exception, far from it in fact. Although I believe it is slightly linked to Christmas (Sun Rebirth), and lets face it folks the serpent wants you to ‘celebrate’ throughout the ‘festive season’… the 12 days of Christmas so to speak…. I also believe New Years Eve has important, special, reasons of its own.

I will go into this later in the article. I will say that a New or Old Years Eve ritual in my opinion is a high ranking event and if not on a par with the sun’s rebirth on the 25th December then it comes in a very close second. So please come with me through the paragraphs and pictures in this article and try to grasp the idea that New Years Eve is just another lie, a con, to extract your spiritual energy from you and to deceive you into spiritually imprisoning yourself in this world. We carry out this act of self imprisonment by giving alien beings our spiritual consent for them to rule over us.

Let me first point out that the modern ‘calendars’ that have created the official timing of ‘The Festive Season’ were created by the Catholic Church.

Yes indeed it was Pope Gregory the thirteenth that has been credited with bringing in the calendar that most of the world follows today. The Gregorian Calendar. He was supposed to have done this with the help of a man named Christopher Clavius. I don’t want to bore you with the history of the Gregorian calender but its here for you if you wish to check out its origins from official sources.

I am just saying that the timing of the festive season was thought up by the serpent (Reptilian Aliens) and it was put in place on earth, to become our reality, by its agents in the Vatican (The Pope). They ‘decided’ not only when we should rejoice the birth of Jesus in a barn at Christmas but also when you should rejoice a new beginning, ‘forgetting the past’, in a new year ritual as well. It is, in my opinion, just a big lie to get dumbed down idiots like you and me to celebrate when they want us to celebrate. They require us to celebrate only when it suits their calendar, so they make up stories about a son of god in a barn and ‘New Year’ simply to get us to supply the audience and bare witness to their rituals.

I have already mentioned in my previous article that the spiritual energies created at Christmas time (via our hyped up emotions) are covertly used to symbolically celebrate the rebirth of the Sun and at the same time we unknowingly give our spiritual powers away to a serpent cult. (Permission to rule us). I believe that celebrating Christmas really empowers Reptilian Aliens because they are symbolically responsible for creating the Sun. Anyway.

I ask you again, as I have several times before, to ponder on the thought that spiritual energy can be extracted from the public when they are attending special events?

I have witnessed massive New Years Eve parties on Dam Square in Amsterdam. In the last few years alone I have witnessed occult symbolism being blatantly displayed but at the same time go completely unnoticed by the people attending the party. They just carried on celebrating oblivious to the fact that a ritual was taking place. They just carrying on celebrating waiting for the bells to tell them they had started a new year.

Before I go any further on this matter I ask you to consider why the authorities ‘encourage’ mass gatherings at public places at New Years Eve? Who or what started the craze in the first place. Just what has caused millions of people to go to monuments at New Years Eve in all cities around the world? For example; Why do thousands of people stand in freezing temperatures just to hear the chimes of Big Ben or watch fireworks at the London Eye?

I realise, and I have said it before, that most people just want to get drunk, laid or stoned on New Years Eve but even most people sat quietly at home join in the ritual at some point or other. What has created this attitude in the mass consciousness? What hypnotic triggers are responsible for making thousands of people make a pilgrimage to a monumental landmark to bring in a new year? Indeed are we actually out celebrating for a new year or just blindly celebrating for the fun of it. Whatever the reason, after the bells of the New Year are rung in, the result is usually one of a massive anti climax.

I believe the spiritual energies of human beings, collectively and individually, are manipulated by the establishment to reach the highest level possible on New Years Eve.

These energies are released and harnessed by multi dimensional forces as the bell strikes 12.

I will also point out that large digital screen images are used at famous locations usually through the DJ’s equipment or other purposely built apparatus used on the night itself. But more often than not famous ‘monuments’ are used.

Here are just a few that I have witnessed myself in Amsterdam.

(Dam Square 2004 Domes , Hexagrams and Eyes) (I am)

(Dam Square 2005 ,Although its hard to see in this picture there was a large ‘spider’ (framed aparatus) and the body of the ‘spider’ also doubled up as a flashing eye.)

(Dam Square 2006 eye symbolism (I am) and twin towers symbolism. Numerous other items of occult symbolism were continuously flashed on the large screens during the night.)

(Dam Square 2006. The day time view of what was written on the symbolic towers. Coincidence is it? Or is it a countdown to a new world? )

Please remember I have spent 5 years looking at the new years celebrations in Dam Square and I wouldn’t waste your time or mine if i didn’t think that covert sun worship rituals were being carried out. Sadly this happens without the crowds having the slightest clue to what was really going on.

Another interesting landmark used these days is the ‘London Eye’. Since the Eye has been erected it has been used in conjunction with Big Ben to attract the crowds to the ritual.

Have a look at this scene by clicking on the link below if only for a little insight as to how the crowds are drawn to land marks and what happens. There was an estimated 250,000 people jamming the streets of London to see this event. Yes 250,000 people. The same thing can be said about most cities around the world.

OK then, my little bunch of freedom seekers. If you have watched that clip (A)does it tell you that the people there are celebrating a ‘new year’? Or (B) does it indicated that mass spiritual energy is being directed, from the people, to the symbolism surrounding the illuminati created monuments on show, in this case the London Eye and Big Ben? Now that you are relatively free from the mental interference of the hypnotic ‘festive season’ you should be able to see that the latter is utterly and completely true. Can you see that if you disregard the date of 31st December that the people celebrating are literally symbolically worshipping a bloody monument? Well can you? Or am I better off spending my time scratching my arse whilst watching TV than writing about it? In my opinion, again I have been researching this for five years, the masses are being duped into attending rituals at ‘New Years Eve’ and instead of celebrating a new year they are, without consciously knowing it, worshipping symbolic monuments or occult symbols.

It is the serpent cult that created the date of 31st December and it really means absolutely nothing to us. It is just that we are duped into supplying ‘respect energy’ for Sun Deities when the serpent cult tells us to.( Through the Serpent created calendars)

Modern day technology allowes the establishment to create any symbolism they wish during a party or celebration. I have mentioned the use of ferris wheels for this sort of thing ,despite being ridiculed for it, for several years.

(London Eye ( Ferris Wheel)New Years Eve! )

(London Eye New Year 1996 Note the worship symbolism being shown building during the ‘New Years Eve Lightshow’)

(Maybe going a bit far fetched but you should get the idea that any images can be used !:))

Apart from London and Amsterdam the same scenario also applies to most land marks used in the rituals, know as New Years Eve celebrations, around the world . An monument erected by the illuminati or other forms ancient symbolism will ‘always’ be present. Massive amounts of fireworks will also be used these days, not only to symbolise the illuminati, to seriously ‘shake up our senses’ and to raise the spiritual energies within us. If you don’t know what I mean by fireworks ‘shaking up our senses’ then I suggest next time loud fireworks are being set off in your area that you go and see their affects to local cats , dogs and other pets. Fireworks awaken the spirit and I tell you that the establishment wouldn’t provide them, usually for free, at New Years Eve events if they didn’t.

There is also another symbolic fact concerning the New Years Eve ritual and the Gregorian Calendar( A slightly updated version of the ‘Julian’ calendar- Julius Caesar ) and that is the use of the term ‘January’ (Janus or Ianuarius)

Obviously the Romans were sun worshippers. So despite what the liars at the Vatican may say the ‘Julian Calendar’ was obviously brought in by Julius Caesar to align and coincide with the Sun God rituals they carried out at the time. Yes ? Strange then that when ancient Rome became ‘Christian’ and decided to give God’s right hand man (The Pope) a home they didn’t officially ‘rename’ the months listed in the Julian ‘Sun Worshipping’ calendar isn’t it? You would have thought the Pope would have changed all the names of the months if only to represent a sort of Christian ‘Jesus Worshipping’ calendar instead. Why did they not do this?

I believe that’s the least they could have done after Jesus sacrificed himself for our sins , but alas no, the Catholic Church and the Pope, the cheeky buggers, did absolutely bugger all and our calendar, and all the symbolism surrounding it, that was originally created by sun worshipping pagans is still the only official reference to time in this world. Granted Pope Gregory did make slight alterations to the calendar but nothing that made a big impact on it and the names of the months didn’t change.

Could it be that the same ‘Sun Worshipping’ elite that ruled ancient Rome are the same sun worshipping elite than rule Vatican City today? Sure it is I say to myself. It is just that they made up a story about Jesus to get you to symbolically worship something you wouldn’t worship if you knew what you were really worshipping. Yes bloody too right I say to myself. Is it possible we are worshipping a negative Luciferic organisation but it has been cleverly disguised as a positive ‘religious’organisation? I certainly think so but is that a situation you cannot, or simply will not, comprehend either mentally or spiritually? Can you accept that the Catholic Church is really the opposite of what it claims to be and has deceived millions of people?
I ask you to breath the air that I send you and taste it.


Let us have a look at ‘January’ for a moment, and remember January has the full official backing of the Vatican because the Gregorian Calendar was introduced by a Pope.

There are many explanations listed on the link below about January ( Janus- Ianuarius). Please feel free to make your own mind up and choose an explanation that suits you and your intuition. I am only here with this article to give you my version. Please take the information in ,or don’t take it in, it is entirely your choice. You have two thousand years of the ‘official’ version of history that has been written by pillars of society in the Vatican and other religious palaces to study. They wouldn’t lie to you would they? No they have been too busy causing wars and making money for their own pampered lifestyles, not to mention their links to large paedophile rings either! So they wouldn’t lie or deceive the masses into giving away their own spiritual energy to possible malevolent forces. Would they? So please feel free to research these matters before even considering a word I say be true.
Let us move on to the subject of Janus.

Janus is obviously linked to Sun/ Moon symbolism. Janus is also linked to ‘Dianus’ and it is entirely possible that the New Years Eve celebrations, that we robotically carry out, are simply a ritual dedicated to ‘Dianus Lucifero’ and the wording of ‘January’ as our first month has been cleverly disquised to hide this. I am no history teacher and meaningful studying of this type of subject is virtually impossible to carry out once you realise that the establishment has written history just to justify its own existence and the existence of religions simply to keep us all under mass hypnosis.

What is blatantly obvious to me, even on a 5 sense reality level, is that we, the vast majority, robotically carry out a festival dedicated to ‘Janus’ on 31st December/ 1st January every year . It is just that we don’t appear capable of seeing past this fact because of the strength of the hypnosis in force at the time. It does not matter if we get drunk, laid or stoned on a New Years Eve, or be hypnotically attracted to landmarks to physically take part in a symbolic ritual. It does not matter if we just sit at home with a cup of cocoa listening to the chimes of the clock either. We are all symbolically led through the ‘Gates of Janus’ on New Years Eve.

Here is a brief summing up of ‘Janus’……..

”Janus was also the god of ‘beginnings’. As a solar god he presided over daybreak. He was soon considered as the promoter of all initiative and, in a general way, he was placed at the head of all human enterprises. For this reason the Romans ascribed to him an essential role in the creation of the world. He was the god of gods Janus Pator. Ovid relates that Janus was called Chaos at the time when air, fire, water and earth were all a formless mass. When the elements separated, Chaos took on the form of Janus: his two faces represented the confusion of his original state.’


Hang on a minute….. Janus was a Solar God?…… Creator of the World?…. Janus was also called ‘Chaos’ before the elements were formed was he/she? Order out of Chaos again is it?

Don’t we also collectively accept that having ‘two faces’ is a symbolic term for a liar or deceiver? Or is that typical ‘two faced bastard’,we all know in our lives, down the pub or at work not a liar and deceiver after all?

Basically Janus was on a par with my old mate Amen Ra then? Is Janus the roman version of ‘Ra’, known as the hidden one or the greatest deceiver? When we celebrate New Years Eve are we literally simply celebrating the arrival of Janus? Bet you didn’t think that when you was singing “Auld Lang Syne” with a bottle of ale in your hand did you? No… let us just get drunk and act like a loony at 12 o’clock without thinking simply ‘because its a new year’ eh?

Paris; New Years Eve 2004 (Ferris wheel symbolism again )

Paris 2006; Fireworks at the illuminati built Eiffel Tower!

Whilst on the subject of ‘Auld Lang Syne’ let us just ponder for a moment on that famous song that (poem) we all sing along to, whilst not having having the slightest clue why?

Usually it is only the first verse and the chorus that is sung by millions of people as they celebrate the arrival of Janus (January). I am only using this song as one example of how the serpent hypnotises us and gets us to symbolically surrender ourselves during covert rituals by reciting ambiguous words … anyway take a look at the words.

Here we go….

‘Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And days of auld lang syne?
And days of auld lang syne, my dear,
And days of auld lang syne.
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And days of auld lang syne?’

How many of you have robotically sang this song?( Come on own up!) I have for one. I used to think ‘Auld Langs Syne’ was a bloke! Some big hairy scotsman.

Let me first tell you who this ditty has been credited to. It is ‘Robert Burns’ who is coincidently another ‘famous freemason’. Just how has this verse of this song been implemented on the collective consciousness of the human race in the western world?

Do any of you realise what the words in this poem really mean? Well then. ‘Acquaintance’ literally means ‘knowledge of a person you have met’ OR it simply means your ‘knowledge’ of something. Example; ‘He had an acquaintance with ancient history’.

‘Auld Lang Syne’ simply means ‘Old Long Since’, ‘long ago’, or ‘once upon a time’.

I am sorry to tell you this but by singing Auld Lang Syne you are basically stating that you do not want to get access to your spiritual knowledge from the ancient past. Indeed you do not even have to sing it because it is accepted by our collective consciousness as the official hymm of the New Year in the western world. What The masses think they get -they get.

So can you see that when songs like this are sung at the Gates of Janus , so to speak, ‘you’ are literally carrying out an act of self hypnosis on yourself and ‘we’ are carrying out collectively hypnosis on ourselves. By declaring that we will not let our ‘old knowledge come to mind’ we are also reciting a binding spiritual promise, we are literally declaring that we will not remember the knowledge we knew in the past (when we were spiritually free). Please think about it. Yes please think about it.

Now then I cannot stress enough, to genuine freedom seekers out there, that ‘official’ songs like this are very important to the reptilian agenda. They are covertly used throughout our lives to keep us under hypnosis. At the same time these ‘songs’, usually presented by freemasons, act as a spiritual promise, similar to the Lords Prayer, to literally obey the reptilians and to literally submit to them. (‘Crafty’ bastards indeed they are)

I suppose the best way of explaining this is to state that, because we carry out new year celebrations in the way we have been led to do, we collectively endorse the fact that we don’t want to remember the past and are happy to live under the spell of the serpent.

They have literally got our spiritual permission from us to keep the truth from us and have done since a very long time ago, Auld Lang Syne. Hence the insistence of the puppet establishment that the majority of us link up to the festive season celebrations. It is to keep the same forces, reptilian beings, in power.

‘Old ‘acquaintance’ is forgot and it is never brought to mind.’ And that’s how they bloody well want it.

I am not saying we should not have ‘celebrations’ I can party like anyone else, but just what are we collectively doing at these establishment created events ?

In Edinburgh on New Years Eve 2006. 100,000 people celebrated at the Ferris Wheel and other symbolism(monuments). 250,000 people attended the London Eye Ferris Wheel and other symbolism. Similar figures appear in similar cities all over the world.

click here to see what they plonked in the centre of Edinburgh for New Year!

I have said in other articles that the Ferris Wheel is symbolic of the BenBen stone and the Sun rising out of the watery chaos, created by the serpents. This one explains it well.

Let me sum up what I have said in this article.

  1. I believe certain famous ‘landmarks’ are used to attract large numbers of people at New Years Eve.( Festival of Janus)
  2. Symbolic images and /or famous monuments are displayed at official New Years Eve events .
  3. Spiritual energies are created and built up in individuals, only to be collectively released when the establishment says so (midnight)
  4. Symbolic songs are sung such as Auld Lang Syne to act as a binding spiritual promise to 4th dimensional entities.
  5. When spiritual energies are released they are dedicated to the ‘symbolism’ shown or heard at the time. Whether you be at a city centre monument, in the pub, or at home.
  6. News Years Eve is just another Sun God worship festival dedicated to Janus , who I believe is just another deceptive face of Amen Ra, the greatest deceiver.
  7. All the dates for such events were supplied via calendars that were created by the Sun Worshipping ancient Romans and relayed by the Vatican through the modern day Catholic Church.

If you can see and understand what I am saying you will realise that most governments in this world are really puppets for the serpent who not only blindly encourage us to participate but also supply the means (our own money) for these festivals to take place.

The Christmas and New Years festivals are very important to the serpent and the play a major part in keeping the masses under constant collective hypnosis.

To break the hypnosis we need to start remembering who we really are. To remember who we really are we need to start questioning all the things going around us instead of robotically believing the establishments version of things and blindly joining in with what are, in my opinion, Luciferic rituals. Wake up. Please wake up.

On a lighter note someone said to me, bloody hell, Matthew the way things are going they will be showing symbolism of Reptilians breathing fire (singing) outside Sydney Opera House next.

(So…Sydney Harbour (Opera House New Year’s Eve 2006! Lol Only I am not joking this symbolism was really part of the light show in Sydney)

( Paris: New Years Eve 2000 Concorde Plaza)

The question raised in the title of this article was ‘Should Old Aquaintance Be Forgot And Never Brought To Mind’……. in my opinion the answer is NO!

The old acquaintance of ours, taken from our minds, is ‘Unconditional Love’. I don’t mean luvvy dovey, mills n’ boon romance novel, stuff. I simply mean having access to the intuitive ‘knowledge’ that you used to have access to and the right to live your life as you want to live it.

The past is calling… to you all. Please don’t ignore it.

May love reign o’er you all.

Matthew Delooze

Original artikel taken from this Pdf page 78-95:

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