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Behind The Modern Man – Part 1

The Defense Department’s budget for the fiscal year 2010 was $663 billion.  Where does all this money go?  Well part of the answer lies in the manipulation of the human brain, including many experiments on US soldiers, civilians, and prisoners.  What follows is but a glimpse into the dark underworld of applied mind control.

Prior to the existence of the CIA was the Office of Strategic Services (OSS).  After World War II the OSS grafted many Nazi doctors and officers into an instant network of spies around the world which culminated in the CIA.  “The military uses of psychology were first taken seriously during and immediately following the Second World War.” (Watson, p. 22)  It was this very psychological knowledge that was garnered from the Nazi’s that was applied by the CIA and the US military.

One example of the military applications was “… the exploitation of racial differences for military advantages … the use of behavior modification techniques to make soldier less worried about killing.”  “And second, one aim of much military psychology is to change the way people feel towards certain aspects of war and warfare.  Fear, weapons, killing – all begin to mean different things when seen through the eyes of the military psychologist.” (Watson, p. 23)  All this work simply converts moral people into manipulated killing machines.

For all you people that believe the technology doesn’t exist to fool UFO foolagists and Christians please read on.  “Equipment to use low-lying cloud as a screen off which to show huge propaganda shows.  Tape recordings of primitive gods have been prepared, to be played from helicopters … enable generals to time bombing campaigns to coincide with unpropitious days, thus ‘confirming’ the forecasts of local gods.” (p. 25-6)  They have already practiced using images of god’s for manipulation of the people, and this was back in the 1960’s.  Just imagine what technology they have now in military and civilian hands.

Many military organizations and private corporations have no problem with dehumanizing people.  “A great deal of military psychology is concerned with … the manipulation of these feelings and attempts to alter these thoughts hold perhaps the greatest fascination.”  “There are three ways in which psychologists help to dehumanize the enemy.”  The problem is who do they consider the enemy? The Iraqis, American citizens in a church in Waco, Texas?  “… psychologists at war, unlike other military scientists, are less concerned with the cold finality of death and instead have to concentrate on what is often the lingering business of suffering.  Fear, hate, deceit, pain, humiliation, loneliness, homesickness, envy, jealousy – this black underbelly of human nature is the currency that in which the psychological warfare specialist (or ‘psywarrior’ as he is sometimes known) trades.”  “… the psywarrior simply seems to give himself and others more ammunition to fuel dislike of their opponents and more reasons to consider them lesser human beings.”  They aren’t even concerned about killing, much less murder, and have made an imitation science of causing varying degrees of suffering of the subject.

“The research seemed designed to measure how different individuals value human life; in other words to screen for those who, attaching little value to life, might make good killers.”  “Such work, where t is not absurd, is a disturbing example of dehumanization.”  Taking in the ideas from many religions and secret societies is central to their operation.  “The many studies of primitive gods, witchcraft, and sorcery, and how these may be used to control people by the military, are another example.”  “Psychology techniques of interrogation and torture, for example, are more popular these days for precisely this reason.”  Meaning the reason for the dehumanization of people and the way they feel about conflict has been, and still is, intentional.

You think watching the violence on TV or playing video games is bad, just read about Dr. Narut’s methods.  “The third method of dehumanization goes even further.  This works by actually taking – or at least attempting to take – the feeling out of killing.  The work of Lieutenant-Commander Thomas Narut … He employs the ‘Clockwork Orange’ techniques, in which men have their head clamped in a vice, their eyelids propped open, and they are shown horrific films.  With such techniques the aim is to completely desensitize the men to pain or suffering, to remove any emotion associated with it that might interfere with killing … for use as special combat units for rapid assassinations.  Can it be that they are also trained not to mind too much if they have to kill themselves should they get caught?”  This similar to the use of cyanide pills supplied to American soldiers, or the hundreds of stories of people that have gone on killing sprees only to conveniently suicide themselves at the end after they have murdered everyone else.

These are the same psychologist’s that change the meaning of words like fear in warfare, “… psychologists have stopped calling it ‘fear’ and now refer to it instead as ‘stress’.”  So you can see how this changes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) into actually Post Traumatic fear in warfare Disorder. (p. 35-6)  The problem is that it is even worse than the post war stress that was experienced in World War I for instance, because the military of today has refined their skills in psychologically creating better killers.

Under the Department of Defense “The ARPA [also known as DARPA] breakthrough is literally, literally, to link weapons directly to brains.  A computer, linked to the human brain by wires and electrodes planted beneath the skull …”  This is the same experimentation the Dr. Jose Delgado worked on.  The US Navy has even developed an exoskeleton suit, called the ‘Handiman’ that “dramatically amplifies the wearer’s strength by a factor of twenty five to one.”  (p. 83)

Psychochemicals LSD and BZ have been tested on soldiers to see if they would aid in operations.  Remember, BZ is the chemical that Bill said would be used on dissenting citizens in America eventually.  However, BZ “This is a psychochemical that was developed specifically as an incapacitating agent for chemical warfare.  In small doses it causes sleepiness and decreased alertness; within four to twelve hours there is an inability to respond effectively to the environment or to move about.”  Like the gas that was illustrated in the movie Batman Returns.  Another question is what are the real effects other more widely used chemicals like fluoride, hexavalent chromium, and others? (p. 158-9)

The author attended a NATO conference on stress and anxiety in Oslo, Sweden in 1975 where Dr. Narut, from the US Naval Hospital in Naples, Italy “… addressed the conference on the subject of symbolic modeling … During the course of his paper Dr Narut let slip one or two comments about the fact that these techniques were being used … to train people to cope with the stress of killing.”  “First, Dr Narut said that he was referring to two types of combat readiness unit: the ordinary commando and also to naval men inserted into embassies abroad under cover ready to kill.”  Narut also said “… that men were being sought from military prisons to act as assassins in the overseas embassies.”  After a later interview the author explained, “”Narut’s naval work, however, appeared to involve establishing how to induce servicemen who might not be naturally inclined to kill to do so under certain conditions.”  Narut’s methods consisted of showing servicemen films of “… people being killed or injured in violent ways.

By being acclimatized through these films, the men were supposed eventually to become able to disassociate their emotions from such a situation.”  This actually sounds like many violent video games and movies that are produced today.  Some of the men that the US Navy picked for this training “… were convicted murderers from military prisons.”

Now we will see why the men of the world, especially in America, are being conditioned to be “passive aggressive.”  “Selection: studies of those given awards for valor in battle have shown that the best killers are men with ‘passive aggressive’ personalities.”  These are men who “… experience bursts of explosive energy when they can literally kill without remorse.  Dr. Narut would then look “… for men who had shown themselves capable of killing in this premeditated way.”  To reduce stress in combat, soldiers were taken to the US Naval Hospital in Naples, Italy or the Neuropsychiatric Laboratory in California where “… The men are shown a series of gruesome films, which get progressively more horrific.  The trainee is forced to watch by having his head bolted to a clamp so he cannot turn away, and a special devise keeps his eyelids open.”  These methods seem to be just like the overwhelming existence in all forms of the media of aggression, violence, and horror.  And each one of them down to the 10 second commercial has been done by design.

To remove the ugliness of murder and manipulation people must first be dehumanized.  “Dehumanization of the enemy … The films are biased to present the enemy as less than human: the stupidity of local customs, local personalities are presented as evil demigods rather than as legitimate political figures.”  These techniques were fist used as early as 1973 in the Yom Kippur War.  “So, far from using research to prevent atrocities occurring in the future, it appears that atrocities are being studied to learn more about killing and to train people to be better at it.  A chilling thought.” (p. 181-2)  This sounds just like the dehumanization in the media of people who consider themselves patriotic and Christian.

These techniques are done on prisoners that cannot un-volunteer or refuse these treatments.  Who would fight for the human respect for prisoners across the country or across the world against these kinds of treatments?  The above examples are just the beginning of what is known as sensory deprivation (SD).  “… seen as the worst form of torture because it is relatively new, provokes more anxiety among the interrogees than more traditional tortures, leaves no visible scars and, therefore, is harder to prove, and produces longer lasting effects after it is all over … it is probably more difficult to prove that SD has taken place.” (p. 198-9)  This is the perfect weapon.  One that leaves no traces.  And this started back in the 1940’s!

Interrogation and torture methods used have been dunking in water, electrodes in various places on the body in increasing sensitivity and pain.  “All effective interrogation/torture is a mixture of mental and physical methods.”  “He will manipulate the interrogee’s pride and dignity, and sense of pride.”  This sounds like every prison across the country.  Most people in prisons are filled with non-violent people convicted on drug charges.  They are less violent than ever, but more violent and disrespectful tactics are used every day.  Just look at the differences in prison operations from the 1920’s until today.

The prisoner is put a cell with no clothes, no lavatory, and rats, rodents, and roaches which are “… allowed to roam the cell at will – exploiting a freedom the prisoner does not have.”  Food and other privileges come infrequently so the prisoner looses sense of time and why he is even there. “After the revolution in Portugal in April 1974, it was revealed that PIDE (the political police) had made regular, and apparently effective, use of recordings of women’s screams to ‘persuade’ prisoners that their wives/girl friends were being tortured in near-by cells.”  As terrible as using these recordings to torture political prisoners is, another question to be asked is what did these ‘police’ do to women to make these recordings?

Incidentally, in 2007 the CIA admitted using the waterboarding to interrogate people and no US Government office has said they would stop the practice.  This is another form of SD and has the same after affects as described above.  Even Wikipedia describes this practice as torture.  People that have briefly gone through the practice feel like they are drowning.  The previous practice with water was dunking or submerging someone’s head under water which was considered not acceptable.  The fact is this waterboarding practice deprives the person of oxygen which causes permanent brain damage.  The disturbing part is that this is an official policy for interrogation by the CIA.  You better hope that you never become a political prisoner, because this could be used on you if this becomes more acceptable.

The Presidio in Monterrey, California was used for the method of isolation and monotony.  They found that the isolated people in cubicles had a higher stress than the people that had TV access and able to interact with other people.  Here they also used the Minnesota Multiphase Personality Inventory to interview their candidates. (p. 201)  Why are we surprised then when “cubicle rats” that are programmed to be passive aggressive go postal all of the sudden.  It’s because the environment has been programmed that way intentionally.

The 80 db noise of helicopter blades were used in combination with sleep deprivation and hooding for nine to 43 hours straight in Northern Ireland.  “Three men later seen by Professor Daly, and Irish psychiatrist at University College Cork, were reported to have become ‘psychotic’ within twenty-four hours of the beginning of the interrogation.”  “Shallice reports that most other cases of hooding suffered severe cases of mental injuries after it was over and that almost all of Daly’s other patients (over twenty in all) had overt psychiatric illness.”  This sounds like the sensory deprivation techniques that were intentionally used in Waco. (p. 206-7)

Truth drugs were developed “As early as 1957 the use of drugs in interrogation was outlined by Joseph Kubis.  He discussed scopolamine, sodium amytal, sodium pentothal, and various barbiturates.”  These drugs were even effective at low doses at getting people to talk about they would normally not reveal.  The US Army experimented with this beginning in 1958.  Even better that these were found by psychologist Lionel Haward to be “… the newer tranquillizing anxiolytic drugs to induce a sense of well being which … lowers the prisoner’s mental defenses and enables information to be obtained more easily.”  “The Russians were reported to have used succinyl choline on Israeli prisoners in Syria after the Yom Kippur War in 1973.”  “… administered by injection, causes convulsive muscle spasms, leaving the victim totally paralyzed, in agonizing pain, unable to breathe properly, but conscious.”  This gave the victim the feeling of dying and the subjects reportedly would do anything to not get injected with the drug again.

The infiltration of psychological manipulation extended to the control of schools and many other organizations.  “But of course all this pales in comparison to … the activities of the CIA in the field of ‘mind control.’”  John Marks in his book The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence revealed that “… between 1953 and 1963, the CIA had authorized 149 projects attempting to control man’s mind in one way or another, involving eighty institutions and 183 research workers, a good many of them in independent colleges and universities.”  The CIA spent about $25 million on supporting organizations and projects like the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology, Geshikter Fund for Medical Research, Project Bluebird which became Project Artichoke-MKULTRA-MKDELTA-MKNAOMI which was finally ended after the Senator Frank Church’s Church Committee was established in 1975.

Just another CIA experiment on the effects of LSD, the murder of Frank Olsen.  “After 1963, one project, ‘Often-Chickweed’, lasted until 1973.”  “… in 1976 before a Congressional Committee on US intelligence activities, that a Dr Frank Olson had been given LSD in a drink (unknown to himself) and as a result had thrown himself from a twelfth-storey windows in 1953.”  The CIA even used a San Francisco brothel as a source for getting more subjects to experiment on.  It appears the CIA was re-instituting the practice of being Shanghaied by American merchant ships in the nineteenth century.  It became apparent in the research of the CIA experimentation of brainwashing that although initially it was to be used defensively, it was eventually used offensively and surpassed the effectiveness of China and Russia.  Not only this but it proves the fact that almost all of these experiments “… they failed as science also.”  This is because, for the most part, they employed no scientific method whatsoever. (p. 208-9)

Brainwashing, “… seeks not merely to seek information from a captive but to actually change his beliefs, his attitudes, his thoughts … actively collaborating with the enemy by indulging in such things as broadcasts and false confessions which can be used as propaganda by the enemy captors.”  The examples of the use of his method are Communist Russia in the 1930?s, World War II, Korean War, and the Communist Chinese after 1948.  British psychiatrist Dr. William Sargant “… discusses the work of Russian physiologist, Ivan Pavlov.  Sargant tried to “… explain the nature of progressive dysfunctioning in brainwashing by reference to the work of Pavlov.”  Pavlov developed a three step process, that used many different methods which  ultimately coerced a given person to not only believe and prefer something that they didn’t before and this is where the  “… new convictions are said to really start to take hold on the person.”

In Korea, the war saw high rates of soldiers being captured, but a smaller amount that actually escaped capture compared with other conflicts.  Thirty percent of the captives collaborated with the Chinese Communists, another thirty percent died, and 21 of them didn’t even want to return home.   According to US Army psychiatrist Major William Mayer the captives were spared horrific tortures, isolated from the others, and “… the formal lessons did not try, unlike so much propaganda, to foster communistic feelings in the POW’s, but rather to ‘unsell’ America.”  Censored use of American media publications, letters, and bad news were to brainwash the captives as well as getting them to criticize themselves and question their own conduct.  These captors based their very successful techniques on the removal of the real or perceived threat, and the enticement of increasingly better treatment. (p. 214-16)

This is the very brainwashing technique that the Korean and Chinese Communists portrayed in the original Manchurian Candidate movie.

This treatment continued so well after the Vietnam war the disillusioned soldiers “… passed on these techniques to some of the terrorist groups in the USA.”  “One of the earliest accounts of this resistance training was given by Dr Louis Jolyon West.”  West was working for the US Ari Force at the time when he measured the breaking point of POW’s, the time it would take, and trained soldiers on the stages of Communist brainwashing.  West also recommended that soldiers go through “physical discomfort”, regular bland food rations, told they can go 10 days without food, half food rations for six months, “ways of ‘not hearing’” interrogations, “go without sleep for over five days”, “stand for forty eight hours”, and “… that a delirious reaction usually achieves some release and that this can be stimulated.”  “We can, in fact, now expand on Dr West’s account to conceive of modern interrogation resistance training …”   The man who is overly stimulated is the one who holds up best under physical torture.  Does that sounds like most people today?

When the reverse is true, the person has a low threshold for pain and holds up well in solitary confinement and to SD.  “The second stage, once the men have been screened, is to give them a plausible alter ego or alibi.” This follows the psychological disorder of multiple personalities (MPD).  Conditioning the soldiers into a MPD for a circumstance that they have a low possibility of experiencing.

Self-criticism is used, which is just like the methods that the Koreans used in that war, to train the soldiers before they go to war.  Literally the soldiers actually get tortured by our own armed forces on the slim chance that they get captured.  If they never get captured they become successful in possibly creating MPD and other psychological disorders for every soldier that they train, no matter if they get captured or not.

The lie detector and hypnosis methods can be defeated with the use of the biofeedback machines to train the soldier to control his reactions, skin temperature, and heart rate.  Research done at the Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia with Dr. M.T. Orne, which helped defend Patty Hearst after her brainwashing by the people of the Symbaniese Liberation Army (SLA), looked into “… the use of hypnosis in a number of military situations including those where the soldier had to resist pain, interrogation, isolation, sea-sickness … His main interest has been how soldiers can hypnotize themselves to do certain military  tasks …”  These subjects were even trained to fake the signs of acting like they have been hypnotized.  They even trained soldiers to “… induce a post-hypnotic amnesia.”  This was a glaring example of the success of mind control and how it can be used to foment revolutionary movements. (p. 225-8)

By now you have heard about the deceptive practices of non-profit foundations like the Rand.  “The Rand Corporation, as we have already seen, conducted a study of Viet Cong motivation and morale in the mid-sixties … provided an update on the study to help psychological operators take advantage of the changes that were occurring.”  “… Rand psychologists had studied and interviewed 450 captured personnel.”  This is just another example of the close connection of the Rand Corp. to the Department of Defense. (p. 299)

In 1964 the Counter Insurgency Information Analysis Center (CINFAC) used psychology and sociology “… to enhance the effects of propaganda; or even take advantage in some particular way of thinking or behaving to create fear, suspicion and hate … exploit primitive beliefs in witchcraft and sorcery.”  Has this ever been used on the American people in the media?  The report that they published was called’ “Witchcraft, sorcery, magic and other psychological phenomena and their implications on military and paramilitary operations in the Congo.”  The Department of the Army was the one who originally requested the information, “… was concerned about the use of witchcraft and sorcery by ‘insurgent elements’ in the Congo (in Leopoldville was it was called then).  At the time, magical practices were said to be effective in ‘conditioning dissident elements and their followers to do battle with government troops.”  This was used to make the Congolese troops feel invincible, so the Army “… was asked to assess whether witchcraft could be used in a counter-insurgency campaign in the Congo.”  “They concluded therefore that special magic potions ‘concocted’ by government troops could work and might with profit be used in tactical situations …” (p. 309)   These tactics illustrate even more that the people behind these operations are really just the secret societies pulling the strings.

New psyop technology was developed in Vietnam to handle the problem of scattering leaflets after they were dropped.  “The 7th Psyop Group also invented an image projector (the Mitralux) [which uses a bright light] with which, using a 85-mm slide and a 1,000-watt projector bulb, the projector was able to use buildings, the sides of mountains and even low banks of cloud as projection screens.”  This was in the 1960?s.  Just imagine the technology they are working with for psychological operations today.  Just imagine what technology our enemies have today.  One might even say a ruthless propagandist would use this technology to fool Christians that scripture has been fulfilled and show images of Jesus coming on the clouds.  This may seem farfetched, but the technology has definitely been there since the 1960?s.  (p. 318-9)

Dr. Narut then explains how to effectively train assassins.  “… Commander Narut’s disclosures at the NATO conference in Oslo – on how to train assassins …”  “Interfering with ‘the mind’ in most cases translates more prosaically into attempts to understand control the behavior of men in war.”  Even to control people outside of war on actual civilians that have nothing to do with the military, like experiments on LSD by the CIA in America and Canada, and experiments in the State of California on prisoners in Vacaville prison. (p. 331)

This view of psychology refutes the concept of isolationism and asserts that we must be closely interrelated with each other.  “Dr Frank suggested that getting to know other nations would help the cause of world peace.  Clearly the context of that familiarity is important …”  This political fallacy is used to interfere in the politics of all nations around the world for the noble idea of ensuring peace while actually bringing war. (p. 339)


The end result is the modern man.  The direct product of the brainwashing by mental conditioning through directed thoughts, ideas, and moral concepts.  This machine perpetuates itself by creating a hypnotic state, in TV and other media,  which allows for future programming in the direction that the master, or handler, chooses.  This is the very concept of the movie the Matrix.  We live in this fantasy matrix, but we need to realize that it effects all facets of society, we need to extract ourselves from as many parts of it as we possibly can, and we need to spread the word of its evils to all the people on this earth.

References: Watson, Peter. War on the Mind: The Military Uses and Abuses of Psychology. New York: Penguin Books. 1978.

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