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Behind The Modern Man – Part 2

World War II was nearing the end.  At the same time the American government and the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), with the cooperation of the US military leadership, granted asylum for Nazi SS doctors that performed psychological, surgical, and chemical experiments on the prison camp inmates.  These people were never tried for any crimes in Nuremburg because they were grafted in to the newly formed CIA.  It is the ideas of these very Nazi doctors that were applied in Vietnam by the US military research and are used even today.  Knowing about the involvement of the CIA and US military is a key to understanding the anatomy of PSYOPS in Vietnam.

In the North Vietnam arena in the 1960?s, the Viet Cong ruled every facet of society.  This Viet Cong Infrastructure (VCI) consisted of more than 75,000 South Vietnamese brainwashed by the Viet Cong (VC) which returned to fight the American military.  Back in 1941 Ho Chi Minh, who studied in the United States, formed the Vietminh to throw the Japanese and French out of Vietnam led by “… General Vo Nguyen Giap and his First Armed Propaganda Detachment … By mid-1945 the Vietminh held six provinces near Hanoi and was working with the forerunner of the CIA, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) …” As of September 1945 Minh declared Vietnam an independent state, partly because he received significant support from the American military supplies left behind for him as World War II ended in Japan.  The CIA even assisted the British, and released French Legionnaires, in South Vietnam to fight the Vietminh.

Early in the Vietnam War the Vietminh in North Vietnam, “Secret cells were organized, and guerilla units were formed to monitor and harass French units … and organize armed propaganda teams.”  The CIA even organized military units to hunt down these Vietminh propaganda units.  “The GCMA’s [French-Vietnamese commandos] were formed concurrently with the US Army’s First Special Forces at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.”  And you thought only US soldiers were taught at Fort Bragg.

U.S. Air Force Colonel Edward Lansdale ran psychological warfare operations in the Philippines, and in his autobiography In the Midst of War he wrote, “A combat psywar team was brought in.  It planted stories among town residents of a vampire living on the hill where the Huks were based … the psywar squad setup an ambush along a trail used by the Huks.”  These squads would then continue to attack and make the evidence look like a vampire strike.

Air America

Do you remember hearing about Air America?  By July 1954 Lansdale was using the CIA-owned airline Civil Air Transport, which was later renamed Air America in 1959. Kevin Generous in Vietnam: The Secret War wrote that, “The Vietnamese Special Forces … were always available for special details dreamed up by President Diem and his brother Nhu.”  Those “special” details sometimes involved “terrorism against political opponents.” Lansdale also worked with the CIA in Operation Brotherhood where they infiltrated the Eastern Construction Company to spy for them.  Are these techniques still used today? And who exactly do they consider “political opponents?”

Rand Corp. analyst Zasloff said that after 1956 the Viet Cong, instead of resorting to violence “… return to their home provinces and were instructed, it appears, to limit their activities to organizational and propaganda tasks.”  Then Diem initiated his “notorious Denunciation of the Communists campaign.”  The CIA chaired the committees in which the “… security officers who had the authority to arrest, confiscate land from, and summarily execute communists…Vietminh flags were burned in public ceremonies, and portable guillotines were dragged from village to village and used on active and inactive Vietminh alike.  In 1956 in the Central Highlands fourteen thousand people were arrested without evidence or trial … there were and estimated twenty thousand political prisoners worldwide.”  This sounds just like what the Russians did with political prisoners in their Gulags and mental hospitals (Valentine, p. 28-9).

Political Warfare

APT’s, the staple of the Viet Cong psyop campaign.  “The dynamics of political warfare, as conceived by the Communists and copied by the CIA, revolved around armed propaganda teams…The APT [armed propaganda teams] would go through its routine, then announce that a spy had been discovered – usually a secret policeman … sometimes a wife and children too … The unfortunate person was put on trial before a ‘people’s court’ and, after being summarily convicted, was brutally murdered in the center of the village.  A death notice was pinned to the body, and the body put on display.” Those tactics sound more like the eighteenth century to me.

The CIA has a brand of propaganda teams who were referred to as a different kind of selective terror, called counter-terrorism teams.  To this day they even have a whole department dedicated to it, to say nothing about the Department of Defense departments.  “… the Mountain Scouts were a unilateral CIA operation managed by CIA-funded province and district chiefs … the Mountain Scout political officer would denounce the Communists … If possible, the team returned with defectors, left informers behind, and stuck a VC head on a pole as they left.”  The selective terror CIA teams even posed as Viet Cong in their operations (Valentine, p. 43-5).

An example of this terror was, “As CIA Director William Colby explained, communication is the essence of political warfare … the role of language.”  Once again we can see the use of CIA front companies being used “Further to ensure plausible denial, the CIA conducts covert action under cover of proprietary companies like Air America and the Freedom Company … and various other fronts.”  These covert actions “…In CIA jargon is called black propaganda and is the job of political and psychological (PP) officers in the covert action branch” (Valentine, p. 48).  Everyone in the CIA, even the Director, knows the importance and value of manipulating language.

It has to be mentioned that “The assassination [of JFK], curiously, came shortly after Kennedy had proposed withdrawing U.S. advisers from Vietnam.  Three days after JFK’s death, President Lyndon Johnson signed National Security Action Memorandum 273, authorizing planning for covert military operations against North Vietnam.”  This new policy fell right in line with the CIA’s psyops program that was already under way.  We now know for a fact that the Gulf of Tonkin incident, that initiated the full scale US involvement in Vietnam, was a complete scam (Retrieved June 22, 2011, from:  Besides igniting the Vietnam War, the “Tonkin Gulf also allowed LBJ to sell himself as tougher than the Republican candidate Barry Goldwater and to win the 1964 presidential election” (Valentine, p. 53).  Of course Johnson continued the Vietnam War machine going full bore.

For instance the Navy Seals in Vietnam and “… other SEAL’s were headquartered inside a US Special Forces camp.”  They were told “You’re going to get orders to do something, and the orders are going to be verbal.”  “It was always ‘Go there and do what you think you ought to do.’”  What did they expect was going to happen?

Secret Society Rituals

One of the most glaring examples of the US Special Forces link to secret society methods is “… [US Navy Seal, Elton] Manzione would snatch a NVA courier … crush the man’s larynx, then use his dagger to remove the man’s liver.  Some of the CT’s would actually devour their enemies’ vital organs.”  Manzione explains their counter terror techniques, “We left our calling card nailed to the forehead of the corpses we left behind.  They were playing card size with a light green skull [like the logo for the Skull & Bones secret society] with red eyes and red teeth dripping blood sat against a black background.  We hammered them into the third eye, the pituitary gland, with our pistol butts.  The third eye is the seat of consciousness for Buddhists, and this was a form of mutilation that had a powerful psychological effect.”  This tactic was “Used by morale officers in World War I … Ed Lansdale applied the trick in the Philippines.  ‘At night when the town was asleep, a psywar team would creep into town and paint an eye (copied from the Egyptian eye that appears atop the pyramid in the Great Seal of the United States) on a wall facing the house of each suspect.’” Imagine the sheer panic this would create in the populace.  Big Brother is definitely watching.

The All-Seeing-Eye and Mystery Babylon

The all-seeing-eye is not a new symbol by any means.  As the allegorical, or esoteric, story goes, “In ancient Egypt, the eye of God was plucked from Horus, an anthropomorphic sun-god with a falcon’s head. [This is the falcon headed being in all the Egyptian hieroglyphics.  In all of them it is the symbol for Horus.  This is the same being that we got the word for hour and why we have the name horizon, which means Horus-rising.]  Pictured as the morning sun cresting a pyramid, the eye of God represents the dawn of self-awareness … the Egyptians endowed Horus with the bird’s predatory prowess, so he could avenge the murder of his father, Osiris, whose name means ‘the seat of the eye’ … the falcon as sun-god – as the manifestation of enlightenment – carries out the work of organization and pacification, imposing moral order on earth.”  Even the author had a good grip of the new moral order that the secret societies of the world want to impose on all people.

Horus the falcon is represented by, “… the battle between good and evil – in which, if the perfidious gods of darkness can guess the sun-gods secret name, they can rob him of his powers and trap him forever in the underworld.  Thus a falcon emblem was placed above the gates of all the Egyptian temples, scanning for the sun-gods enemies, while the sun-god relied on secret names to conceal his identity.”  However, in actuality this is an old story for the concealment of the “sun-gods secret name”, which is called an exoteric story available only to the uninitiated.  The esoteric, or only understood by the inside group, truth about this story to this very day is that the concealment is a core tactic of the secret societies worldwide since the earliest records of history.  A simple look into the basics of the secret societies of today show the secrecy in Freemasonry, Rosicrucian’s, Knights of Malta, Odd Fellows, and many others because they go by many names, especially since the Inquisitions in the twelfth century.

For further information in this background of secret societies see the William Cooper Mystery Babylon mp3 series.

The secret from the time of the Egyptians high priests to the high degrees of the Freemasons of today is that they are a religion that worships the intellect, knowledge, light, illumination, but most of all Lucifer known as Satan or the Devil.  This may seem farfetched, but if you follow the above stories, and symbolism, that the secret societies tell to the public, anyone can learn the secret truths.  They are the high priests, in the highest degrees, that work in leadership positions in organizations around the world whose ultimate aim is to destroy established religions, governments that protect the rights of the people, and to shackle the masses of people that inhabit the earth which they consider useless eaters.

This all-seeing-eye was the same one used by the Vietnamese Cao Dai group “… whose gallery of saints include Confucius, Buddha, Joan of Arc, Jesus, and Victor Hugo.”  Hugo was one of the Grand Masters of the Priory of Sion.  In the Cao Dai cathedral “… the Cao Dai pope divined [imparted] upon his planchette [initiates] the secrets of the Great Pyramid; over the temple door loomed a huge blue “all-seeing” eye surrounded by snakes and trees.”  Snakes have long been a symbol for Lucifer, Satan, or the Devil.

The author explained how a CIA officer “… some psychological warfare guy in Washington thought of a way to scare the hell out of the villagers.  When we killed a VC there, they wanted us to spread eagle the guy, pull out his eye, cut a hole in the back [of his head] and put his eye in there.  The idea was that fear was a good weapon.’  Likewise, ears were cut off corpses and nailed to houses to let people that Big Brother was listening as well.”  This demoralization was intended to show that the “… CIA psywar experts were not experts come to heal Vietnam and free it from Communist demons; their spells were meant to break up the society and project its repressed homicidal impulses onto the Communists …” US Navy SEAL Manzione said they “… were told to ignore the rules of engagement.”  There rules of engagement were also changed nearing the end of World War II as American and British Air Force as they were told not to bomb critical German infrastructure.  (Epperson, p. 273)

They would take a VC soldier and two other non-military people from a village, kill the first two by literally blowing their heads off, then getting the confession from the third person.  “After a moment’s silence he added, ‘I guess you could say that we wrote the book on terror.’”  Their leaders were so impressed that they wanted to expand their work to all the provinces in Vietnam, which is why the CIA expanded their counterterrorism training (Valentine, p. 61-3).

In the New York Times February 21, 1965 R. W. Apple wrote about the graduation ceremonies of the CIA recruits. He states that graduates are”…people that have, by God, gone off and been washed in the blood of the lamb.  They’ve been trained and they have seen the light” (Valentine, p. 68).  If that’s not an anti-Christian ceremony, then I don’t know what is.  CIA officer Frank Scotton talked about the new recruits, “He also criticized the ‘development of incantation [repetitious chanting] and rote’ and the resulting ‘doctrinaire’ mind-set … being compared with Hitler’s Strength Through Joy camps” (Valentine, p. 69).  Notice that this is another example of the ties with Vietnam and Nazi principles.

In the Phoenix program the “… Candidates for Project 24 were vetted and, if selected, taken out for dinner and drinks, to a brothel, where they were photographed, then blackmailed into joining special reconnaissance teams… No Project 24 special reconnaissance team ever returned to South Vietnam…Project Delta was organized to provide intelligence for newly arrived U.S. Army and Marine divisions” (Valentine, p. 76).  There is the Delta force rearing its ugly head once again.

The CIA even described the stages of termination of agents.  “The final stage of the intelligence cycle was the termination of agents …” which would entail bribing the agent to keep quiet, next was “termination with prejudice” which meant the agent was denied the ability to work for the U.S. ever again, and lastly was “… termination with extreme prejudice, applied when the mere existence of an agent threatened the security of an operation or other agents.”  The actual killing, or premeditated murder, was taught to CIA case officers in “off the record sessions” (Valentine, p. 88).  This, conveniently, gave the case officers and managers plausible deniability when it came to the defining of these killings.

CIA contractor from the Army Ed Brady talked about the Special Branch operating in South Vietnam, saying it “… was supposed to be caring out internal surveillance and operations against subversives … the vast majority of  Special Branch went into surveying, reporting on, and thwarting opposition political parties.”  However, they weren’t working against the Communists “… cause the Communist party was outlawed!” (Valentine, p. 136) Is your political party on their list; Libertarian, Green, Independent?

The CIA operated an interrogation center and compound that were called “embassy houses.”  In this city of Hue, “Stanley Karnow … questions how many of the dead in the mass graves were civilians killed in the retaliatory U.S. bombardment ‘that also inflicted a heavy toll on the civilian population.”  There is proof that the mass graves were made with the help of the South Vietnamese or western help.  Oriana Fallaci wrote in the Washington Monthly in February 1972 that the number of the people killed after the city of Hue was liberated by the South Vietnamese was “… more than one thousand people killed after the liberation of Hue ‘by Saigon forces,’ including VC cadres [fighting for South Vietnam], who surfaced during Tet and were identified and killed by the secret police.”   And by 1968, “Defense Secretary Clark Clifford [was compelled] to recommend on March 4, 1968, that ‘Operation Phoenix … be pushed more vigorously’ …” What in their twisted minds could be worse than what they were already doing? (Valentine, p. 178-80).

US Representative Karnow said “Clandestine South Vietnamese teams slipped into Hue after the Communist occupation to assassinate suspected enemy collaborators; they threw many of the bodies into common graves with the Vietcong victims.”  During the My Lai massacre on March 16, 1968 US Army soldiers killed from 300 – 500 South Vietnamese civilians (Valentine, p. 180).  Then the Tet offensive “… while demoralizing many Americans, the trauma of Tet spurred others on to greater acts of violence (Valentine, p. 178-80).

Several people commented on the effectiveness of the Phoenix program.  Georgie Anne Geyter wrote “The CIA’s Hired Killers” which said, “Calling the PRU [a CIA Phoenix unit] ‘the best killers in Vietnam … there was no real political organization – no political ideology – behind our terror.  Their boys did for faith; our boys did for money’” (Valentine, p. 314).  Robert Kaiser called the Phoenix program, “… an instrument of mass political murder … sort of Vietnam Murder Inc.”  William Colby testified that, “I will not pretend to say that no one has been wrongfully killed there” (Valentine, p. 415).  And we are just supposed to accept this as normal practice of military conflicts now?

The aim of the Phoenix program was terrorism.  “In this context, the Phoenix is the mask for the terror … and to control the Vietnamese through our clients.’”  Then the author quotes, “The point,” Ed Murphy reminded us, “is that it was used in Vietnam, it was used in the United States, and it is still used in the United States” (Valentine, p. 326).  This sounds like exactly the methods used in our media in America today.

Phoenix mind control affected for many of them for years afterwards.  “Make no mistake about it: Americans who were involved in Phoenix suffered wounds that were not just physical.  Many returned to the United States emotionally wrecked, fearful of being prosecuted for war crimes.”  This gives new meaning to the term post traumatic stress.  This PTSD was intentional.  That’s right intentional.

The CIA helped add to the confusion in Vietnam with, “Forged letters used to justify and conceal illegal activities often appear in the form of captured documents … two aides to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee reported about the Cambodia invasion, ‘There seems to be captured documents to prove any point or to support, retroactively, almost any conclusion.’”  This was all, “… the compromise and discreditation operation was a standard procedure employed by Phoenix personnel” (Valentine, p. 332).  As you can see more CIA lies.  Why does our society accept this for decades?  Because the secret society members control every facet of our society and we need to take it back.

Forged letters are a CIA specialty “Phillip Agee corroborated this in his book” (Valentine, p. 333). In his book he wrote that “For example, CIA officer [E.] Howard Hunt forged State Department documents showing that President Kennedy ordered the assassination of Ngo Dinh Diem.  And the FBI discredited, through the use of forged documents, Martin Luther King …” (p. 334).  Does the FBI still use this method of operation?  If we look at the JFK assassination and Waco alone I think we can say that say that they do.

Watergate mastermind, Nixon, even devised “a plan to survey, compromise, and discredit his domestic critics.  The Huston Plan was called evidence of a ‘Gestapo mentality’ by Senator Sam Ervin of North Carolina.”  This was just one of a more prominent domestic spying operation dissenting Black organizations like the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA).

The SLA and the application of mind control with the RAND Corp in Reagan’s California include “Colston Westbrook, according to Mae Brussell in a July 1974 article in The Realist, was a CIA psywar expert.”  He worked in Vietnam and Cambodia where in “… West brook from 1966 until 1969 he reportedly worked (undercover as an employee of the Pacific Architects and Engineers as an adviser to the Vietnamese Police Special Branch.”  His “control officer was William Hermann, who was connected to the Stanford Research Institute, RAND Corporation, and Hoover Center on Violence. In 1970 he returned to states to work at the University of California at Berkley (UCLA).  In his advisory position to Governor Ronald Reagan, Hermann put together a pacification plan for California at the UCLA Center for Study and Prevention of Violence.”  One of his jobs was to form, “… a black cultural association in the Vacaville Medical Facility.  Although ostensibly fostering black pride, Westbrook was in truth conducting an experimental behavior modification program.  Westbrook’s job, claims Brussel, was to program unstable persons, drawn from California prisons, to assassinate black community leaders.  His most successful client was Donald DeFreeze, chief of the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA).  It was Westbrook who designed the SLA’s logo (a seven headed cobra) …” This cobra is also known as the Hydra in the secret societies.

King’s assassin was followed and surveyed before he was murdered.  “Allegedly as part of Shamrock, the 111th Military Intelligence Group (MIG) in Memphis kept Martin Luther King, Jr. under twenty-four-hour-a-day surveillance and reportedly watched and took photos while King’s assassin moved into position, took aim, fired, and walked away.  As a result some VVAW [Vietnam Veterans Against the War] members contend that the murders of King, and other less notable victims, were the work of a domestic variety Phoenix hit team.  Some say it still exists.”  With their help, “… the suppression of dissent in America …” reached appalling proportions (Valentine, p. 338).

In 1975 “…William Colby informed a congressional committee that more than five hundred CIA officers were operating undercover and corporate executives and those forty CIA officers were posing as journalists.  “… reactionary columnist William Buckley, Jr. [CFR member], the millionaire creator of the Young Americans for Freedom and cohort of Howard Hunt’s in Mexico in the 1950?s.”  For a more complete list, look for the CFR membership list.

The CIA Control of the Media

“When it comes to the CIA and the press … to have access to informed officials, reporters frequently suppress of distort stories … officials leak stories to reporters whom they owe favors.”  Sometimes both reporter and official are actually related.  “As part of the deal, when those activities are conducted in secret, illegally, reporters tend to look the other way rather than jeopardize profitable relationships.”  The reporters and editors make a deal with the devil to produce only part of the truth deceiving the people in the process.  These take the form of “… half-truths, squeezed into five-hundred-word columns or thirty-second TV bites, themselves easily ignored or forgotten.  So it was with Phoenix” (Valentine, p. 339).  Even the Devil knows the Bible inside and out.  He continually offered half-truths.  It is the same original deception that plagues our world today.

Retrieved June 22, 2011, from:

The Mai Lai Massacre

Mai Lai desensitized the American people to mass murder.  “In November 1969 Seymour Hersh broke the story, telling how 504 Vietnamese civilians were massacred by members of a U.S. infantry company attached to a special battalion called Task Force Barker…Of nearly two thousand Americans surveyed by Time magazine, 65 percent denied being upset.”  The New York Times alluded to the fact “that the CIA through Phoenix, was responsible for Mai Lai… citing Phoenix as the CIA’s ‘systematic program of assassination,’ named Evan Parker as the CIA officer who “signed documents, certain blacklists, of Vietnamese to be assassinated in Mai Lai” (Valentine, p. 342).  They were dealing out death as they went.

In 1968 Seymour Hersh wrote Cover Up where he explained how Robert Ramsdell was “rounding up residents of Quang Ngai City whose names appeared on Phoenix blacklists…After Tet we knew who many of these people were, but we let them continue to function because we were controlling them.  We wiped them out after Tet …” The author then explains, “The people who were ‘wiped out,’ Hersh explains, were put to death by the phoenix special police’” (Valentine, p. 339).  “Ramsdall ‘simply eliminated everyone who was on those lists … It was recrimination…Recrimination for Tet, at a minimum…Unfortunately … Ramsdell’s victims were not Viet Cong” (Valentine, p. 343). He also wrote that “We were being used to assassinate their political rivals” (Valentine, p. 344).  They were political assassins, plain and simple.

Why haven’t we heard these stories in our history books?  “And history was rewritten.  The IPA [International Police Academy which trained foreign police officers in the US] was abolished, but like a Phoenix, was reborn in the guise of a new organization called the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration.”  The LEAA continued to wreak havoc in our American police departments by eating away at our Bill of Rights.

William Colby was even taken to task for his Phoenix operation involvement and for challenging the publication of John Marks’ and Phillip Agee’s book publication.  Agee was quoted as saying there was “a strong possibility that the CIA station in Chile helped supply the assassination lists.”  And “trains and equips saboteurs and bomb squads … assassinated thousands of people…When the history of the CIA’s support of torturers gets written, it’ll be the all-time horror story” (Valentine, p. 414).  Unfortunately the horror continues.

Later CIA Director William Colby, responding to the question of why Watergate records were destroyed, “… by CIA officer Lee Pennington immediately after the break-in and why the CIA had destroyed tapes of Richard Helms instructing Nixon and John Erlichman how to respond to Congressional inquiries.”  One Congressional inquiry had Senator James Aborezk asking Colby the nature of his operations overseas as compared to inside the country.  Colby said, “I think … the use of an atomic bomb is justified in the interest of national security, and I think going down from there is quite a realm of things you can do in the reasonable defense of the country.”  And of course John Marks asked “But in peacetime?”  There was no answer to that question (Valentine, p. 415).

It is seen what was done with the terminology of who was even an enemy combatant.  “…the Vietcong infrastructure [VCI] was misinterpreted to mean any Vietnamese citizen, and Phoenix was broadened from a rifle shot attack against the ‘organizational hierarchy’ into a shotgun method of population control.”  They fudged the statistics to show more VCI than was actually there and the “directorate” made it into documented fact.  This was just like the operation in Iran.  Col. Stan Fulcher saw “… Taiwanese military officers taught Kuomintang political warfare techniques at El Salvador’s Command and General Staff College: Phoenix-related subjects such as population control through psychological warfare, the development and control of agents provocateurs … He also saw political prisoners put in insane asylums-facilities …” (Valentine, p. 420-1).  I hope they don’t implement this government regulation in the future.

Terrorism – Antiterrorism – Counterterrorism

The author explains the CIA use of antiterrorism and counterterrorism, “The best example Nicaragua, where the CIA mined harbors and inserted insurgents, called contras, who, systematically tortured and massacred civilians and assassinated government officials.”  A CIA officer even took a U.S. Special Forces manual “… where it was printed in Spanish.  It was exposed to the US public in 1984 and was titled Tayacan: Psychological Operations in Guerilla Warfare…Kirkpatrick [the CIA officer] was an older man who dressed entirely in black in order ‘to inspire a cult of death among the fighting men…He knew from studying the methods of the Communists everywhere …”   This Tayacan manual was right out of the methods of Frank Scotton in Vietnam with their “armed propaganda teams…The goal was to organize the contras into armed propaganda teams that would persuade the people to stage a general uprising … this was to be done through psychological operations, by reaching beyond the ‘territorial limits of conventional warfare, to penetrate the political entity itself: the ‘political animal’ that Aristotle defined. For once his mind has been reached, the ‘political animal has been defeated, without necessarily receiving bullets.”  This would be the kinder gentler nation.

More proof that the CIA has directly employed Nazi principles into their operations is that the “Central to the CIA’s doctrine of psychological operations is the ‘compulsion of people with arms,’ the notion of ‘implicit terror’ that the people are internally ‘aware,’ that the weapons can be used against them.’  There are also times, Tayacan adds, where ‘explicit terror’ is required to compel the people to change their minds.”  It also, “… instructs its armed propaganda teams to gather the villagers together, cut all communication with the outside world, then desecrate the symbols of the government … force is necessary to give the people power over the government and that the ensuing execution is being done to protect the people and is an act of democracy.”  If they repeat the word Democracy enough will everyone believe that America is a socialist nation?  Nazi equals National Socialism equals Socialism equals Democracy.  They all have the same ends.

Terrorism is the same as antiterrorism, they invented it.  “…the Phoenix program in Vietnam as the Phoenix concept of ‘explicit terrorism’ disguised as antiterrorism…Duane Clarridge, the CIA officer [in Nicaragua] … ‘civilians and Sandinista officials in the provinces, as well as heads of cooperatives, nurses, doctors and judges,’ had been killed by the contras.”  But, he added, “These events don’t constitute assassinations because as far as we are concerned assassinations are only those of heads of state.”  The CIA, again, are masters at turning the definitions of words and their meanings around to suit their purposes at the time.

The Modern Axis of Evil

Bush, North, and John Poindexter were all involved in the Phoenix program.  “Eden Pastora … was the head of the Southern branch of the contras … When asked who he blamed for the attempt on his life Pastora responded, ‘We now believe the order came from Oliver North.’  When asked whom he held ultimately responsible, Pastora replied, ‘I could get killed for saying this, but it would have to be Vice-President George Bush.’”  North chose John Singlaub to work in El Salvador who worked with “Soldier of Fortune publisher Robert Brown.”  George H.W. Bush, Oliver North, and John Poindexter “… these ‘old Phoenix boys’ all have in common is that they profit from antiterrorism by selling weapons and supplies to repressive governments and insurgent groups like the contras. Their legacy is a trail of ashes across the third world” (Valentine, p. 426-8).  George H.W. Bush was responsible for the murder of Pastora.

An eye for an eye makes it ok right?  So there is no other option but to accept the fact that we use brutality to combat brutality when we come across it in any military conflict. The simple fact is that the modern man has been lied to and brainwashed into thinking that arbitrary military operations of a standing army are not only acceptable but necessary.  Can you think for yourself?  That is the only hope for our society and freedom in America and this world.


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