Matthew Delooze 2011 (14) – Matthew Delooze & The Near Future

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Matthew Delooze 2011 – Matthew Delooze & The Near Future

To whom it may concern,

I have now gone through several months in which I have faced several difficult obstacles and had to cope with other severe problems. I have faced many challenges, sadly mostly on my own too.

 I do not exaggerate on the severity of some of the problems and battles I have faced and things have been extremely difficult.

Also my health at times has been so bad that I have been severely incapacitated and unable to move. I have no healthcare available to me. I also suffer from psychic attacks on a scale that a Hollywood blockbuster could and should be created from the details. Maybe I should suppose those attacks are just spells of paranoid schizophrenia eh? … Or better still maybe I suffer from an incurable personality disorder and that better justifies the situation? Yes…  and I’m a red arsed baboon that doesn’t like its own arse because it prefers the colour purple too.

Also I am not nor have I ever been a business man. I do not want to try nor have I ever tried to ‘make a living’ within a mostly false and, in my opinion, grossly misleading conspiracy business.  I am not capable of doing that nor would I want to be.  I live in poverty but the vast majority of people I have come in to contact inside the love and light brigade only took from me or worse attacked me if I told the truth, albeit my opinion of the truth. Not that I’m about to start to get the begging bowl out now and I have never ever done so. What can back stabbers and phonies ever really supply me anyway? So please do not misunderstand me and if you want to give your money away please give it to those that you believe deserve it in exchange it for what you believe you can buy from them.

I have simply followed my (conscious) spiritual direction for the last 13 years and before that I believe I was unknowingly following my subconscious spirit and that led me to the awareness I have today. If that awareness is caused through lunacy then I’m a lunatic.

  Since I became aware, or insane of course, into situations that trigger me, teach me and then create the path I need to take to help not only myself but others. I realise that my direction sometimes causes some hurtful problems for some but that is, my friend, truly part and parcel of waking up and seeing for yourself those that enslave you and seeing for yourself… YOU  we are not a pretty sight when the masks come off and the make up is removed. I fully trust my direction and I will always find a way to pass on the information I gain from the said direction, no matter what I gain from it. That is a promise. I assure you if I say things or show things some of you don’t like that I didn’t like them either when I was shown them too, and I assure you I’m far more discreet than my teacher.

For the last several months my progress on finishing important written information has been severely disrupted. I currently have no website either.  I have also found that I have very few genuine friends but I’m sure some if not most of you empathise with that in this world, because this world thrives on falsehoods and trickery. Not that I’m complaining about having few genuine friends. Indeed I’d rather have no friends at all than have fakers that turn their backs simply to hide their own embarrassed blushes from the sight of those friends they actually perceive to be real. These people will cling on to their bath tub of comfort even more when the origins of their self created toxic scummy ‘tide mark’ is pointed out to them. Thee will reap what thy sow.

That said I will get my past writings in order and I will publish new information ASAP. I am hoping to have this sorted before the end of the year or early in 2012. But I have only myself to do these things, so please be patient. The months I have missed this year will eventually be caught up and I know that things will be provided at the right time even if only a handful of people really want to receive it.

I can only say to those that connected to my past writings, or trusted in them, that they will benefit from further information I have.
I have spotted quite a lot of emails I do not know when I can answer them so again please be patient. I will not ignore anyone. I have only just come back on line.

I had to /have to have the time away from the net to do the things I had to do and to cope with the obstacles I have/ I had. Also I would not have any chance in hell of producing anything that will help those people, I think will benefit from what I have to say, if I had not come off the net.

My best wishes go to anyone who wants them and even to those that don’t.

May Love Reign O’er You

Matthew Delooze 21st September 2011. 

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