The Untold UFO War in Antarctica

The Untold UFO War in Antarctica

Thank you for watching my video investigation. I believe it deserves to become a full-format movie. It took me over 200 hours to gather and study the materials. The materials are not the images you see – they are given for illustration purpose only – but the pieces of story itself. They are ALL in open, independent from each other sources accessible to public. However, in order to read them, you have to speak at least a few languages. In the meantime, it were like a puzzle. After I put the facts together, I just realized how fascinating a whole picture is. These events took place 60 years ago, but they are still able to steal the show. This story gives us the answers to greatest mysteries of our times…True origin of UFOs…Do aliens are really aliens here?.. Is it true a paradise exists within this planet?.. Earth Geophysics is not the same as we were taught at school?.. Food for thought. Keep your mind open. For serious thinkers and just for anyone who know the truth is out there…This film consists of 3 episodes. Also, besides these three, you may watch my other two videos.
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Links on Admiral Byrd:

Richard E. Byrd: 1888-1957

Admiral Richard B. Byrd’s, Diary Feb. Mar. 1947

Geographical Discoveries Made by Admiral Byrd
During his Historic South Pole Flight of 1929*

History of the Byrd Polar Research Center

The Papers of Admiral Richard E. Byrd

Admiral Richard E. Byrd: The Hero

Richard E. Byrd 1888-1957

Alone – Richard Evelyn Byrd

Secret Diary of Admiral Byrd?

Admiral Richard E. Byrd and the Holow Earth Theory

Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd And the Quest for the Inner Passage Part I

The Missing Secret Diary of Admiral Byrd: Fact or Fiction?

Selected Bibliography

Hollow Earth

The Holow Earth

History of the Hollow Earth Theory

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