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The Scriptures

The translations that I choose to use in this article are mostly NIV to provide conversational understanding. If you are interested, you can cross reference verses with translations from the Jewish Publication Society here:

Below is a table showing when each book was written, where, by whom and the time frame covered. This is in order of when each book was written. [The symbol “a.” means after, “b.”  means before and “c.” means circa or about.]

Download full Bible Book Timeline here

In this final article, we are by necessity going to have to delve into the Scriptures. This is not to be “preachy”, and we are not trying to convince anyone to believe as we do. We simply want to discuss the manipulation of these ancient books by those churches and synagogues that adhere to the various Dispensationalist and Zionist interpretations.

Zionism as a movement was originally for the re-establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine, and is now a belief in the development, expansion, and preservation of the country known as “Israel”.  As we have already discussed, the obvious benefactors of this move were the financial interests, the Vatican, British royals, Jewish political “leaders”, and the collective Mystery Brotherhood. With all of these dubious groups behind such a movement, it is no wonder the chaos that has ensued in the Middle East as a direct result of Zionism is now a “part of life”. Some say it is a “fulfillment of bible prophecy.”

There is a massive mind control operation at work on the population in order to convince people of the belief that we are coming to the fulfillment of bible prophecy through the Jewish return to Palestine. First of all, you have the obvious rabbis, talk show hosts, and Western politicians that blindly support Israel as if their own country and Israel are one. This is strata 1, let’s say. In strata 2, there are those who believe that Israel and God have a special relationship, and that God has chosen the Jewish people and given them Israel as their holy land. This is primarily coming through so-called Christian churches and various synagogues, but it is also in films and TV. Then, there is Strata 3, which are those who believe that Israel is supposed to fulfill bible prophecy as the beast, or a blasphemy, in order that “Christ” may return to the earth and destroy the Jews and other unbelievers.

Is any of this even possibly true? If we really give any of this the acid test, what is it made of? Many other researchers have shown extensively how American and Israeli interests are actually in direct conflict much of the time. (see The Israel Lobby series:

The one thread that can be seen clearly between the different dispensationalist ideologies and Zionism is the idea that God’s promises to Abraham have yet to be fulfilled, or could be fulfilled over and over again. These concepts have completely infiltrated many American churches, especially those that compose the body of the “Religious Right”.

Furthermore, there is the concept that Jews are in some way more under God’s favor than Gentiles, or in extreme circumstances even superior to Gentiles. This is even a core concept in the Christian right, where support for Israel is important as a direct result of this fact. Israel and the Jewish people are inseparable to such churches. Thusly, because God has “chosen” the Jews, and Christians support God, they must also support Israel.

As we covered somewhat in the first article, the alleged reasons why the Zionists claim to have divine right to rule is based on taking scriptural passages out of context. The first of these is in the Torah, but there are a number of other sections where it is said that Israel is blessed.  However, there are far more passages in the bible that express the conditionality of their covenant, and far more that cover the continued breaking of that covenant by Israel. In fact, it was as a result of this continual rebellion that they lost their land twice.

Additionally, God begins communicating more directly to Israel about a coming King–in the literal sense, a “Messiah”. The Jews believe that this messiah has not come, because they haven’t had a physical kingdom on earth ruled by a physical messiah. Christians, on the other hand, believe that Jesus is the Messiah. What’s more, Christians are supposed to believe that Jesus’ true kingdom is in heaven where He sits “at the right hand of God.” (Psalm 110:1, Mark 16:19, Romans 8:34, Acts 2:33, Acts 7:55, Hebrews 10:12), and is visible on earth as Jesus’ intangible church of Unseen God. I am not saying that you must believe that Jesus’ kingdom is this fulfillment. However, the truth is that Christians ARE supposed to believe that Jesus’ spiritual kingdom IS the fulfillment of God’s promises to Israel, promises to King David, and all the prophecies. To believe that Christhood is a mindset, or inspiration, or that there can be any other Christ other than Jesus of Nazareth, is in complete contradiction to the very core beliefs of Christianity. In fact, the word itself “Christ” is Greek for “Messiah” [Christos; #5547 in Strong’s; anointed; i.e. the Messiah].


Regardless of what you believe about Judaism or Christianity, the idea that somehow God’s promises to Israel have yet to be fulfilled, or can be fulfilled over and over again, is in direct contradiction to the scriptures, which are the same for Jews and Christians. According to the books, God’s promises were fulfilled in Israel’s earliest years. It was in response to God’s promises to Abraham that he saved Israel from slavery in Egypt originally. Quoting directly from the Books of Moses (also known as the Torah, or the Law):

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