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Bottled Water Purity

Many water studies talk about many specifics about the particulates, federal FDA/EPA, and state standards. As our fine President Obama would say, “Let me be clear,” this is not an article rating the best mineral content in bottled waters. This report is about making sure the water is free from contaminants.  When it comes down to it, the only way to remove the two most prevalent toxins in the tap water in almost all States, like fluoride and chromium-6, is to use reverse osmosis, desalination, or activated alumina defluoridation. If you want to see how these 18 major brands stack up, then read on.

Two of the best bottled water brands are Dasani and Aquafina because they are actually purified by reverse osmosis, which actually gets rid of the fine particle contaminants like fluoride and chromium-6. (3)  However, Arrowhead water is taken from underground springs from many different locations, including the possibility of municipal tap water. (4)

Fiji water does earn an honorable mention because it is a completely isolated aquifer on Mount Fiji, where they boast that that water never touches human hands. Evian also gets an honorable mention for its location as water that comes from a glacier that also gets filtered through the sand and soil in the mountain. These locations are ideal, are far off from industrial or municipal pollution sites, and it tastes a little better. However, these two brands are significantly more expensive than more local varieties that use reverse osmosis purification.

The obvious recommendation is to use an in-house reverse osmosis system in your house. That is the most economical way in the long run. That is if you own (relatively speaking) your house and you don’t plan on moving any time soon.

I will save you a lot of time and say that you shouldn’t bother with the Nestle waters like Deer Park, Ice Mountain, Pure Life (that one makes me laugh), Ozarka, Poland Spring, and Zephyrhills. These are basically filtered tap water.

DS Waters® drinking water products, regional brands including Abita Springs®, Alhambra®, Belmont Springs®, Crystal Springs®, Deep Rock ®, Hinckley Springs®, Kentwood Springs®, Sierra Springs® and Sparkletts®, and our national brands, Athena® Water and Nursery® Water  actually advertise on their site that they will add fluoride to some of their products. This includes artesian, spring, purified, and distilled water. Nowhere on their site do they mention that they use reverse osmosis or desalinization. (5)

Crystal Geyser does not use reverse osmosis or desalinization. They primarily use chlorine. Giant’s Acadia water even had traces of fluoride found in amounts equal to normal tap water. (2) Sam’s Choice, also sold at Wal-Mart, was one of the worst. Their brand had traces of cancer-causing trihalomethanes and bromodichloromethane.(2)

Basically, when it comes to bottled water, if it doesn’t say that it’s reverse osmosis water or desalinized, then it is just filtered tap water that you can do yourself at home. Remember, always read the fine print.







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