Statehood: The Territorial Imperative – Exclusive Seminar on DVD offered by HOTT – UPDATE 19-03-2012 –


Statehood: The Territorial Imperative – Exclusive Seminar on DVD offered by HOTT

Ladies and Gentleman,

Veritas Research is honored to have the most concise and authoritative research on Statehood and State’s rights available anywhere.  Working with our alliances and fellow researchers, Hour of the Time (HOTT) and Veritas Research have made available to the proactive individual the most concise set of books on the topic available anywhere.  We are pleased to announce that our day long seminar on the topics of Statehood, State’s rights and State Sovereignty  is available on DVD.  This 6-part, 4-DVD set totals 5 hours and 15 minutes in length and presents a concise summary of the 3 book set in a highly approachable and engaging format.  This primer brings to life an often challenging subject matter, in an easy to understand package which captivates the researcher with a thorough coverage of the topic, complete with detailed slides to enhance the Statehood book set. This presentation is available exclusively here at HOTT through special arrangements with Veritas Research.  Veritas Research has hosted these seminars around the country to audiences of all backgrounds with fellow researchers Mr. Howell and Mr. Redd.

This is a must have DVD set and allows the serious researcher who wants to be proactive and work on solutions to the problems facing our Republic, to follow along with the 3-book set to get a concise education on Statehood and State’s rights.

Through our special arrangements, HOTT is able to offer 3 different options for the researcher:

The 3-book set of Statehood: The Territorial Imperative for $60 ppd. donation.

The 4-DVD set Statehood Seminar $60 ppd. donation.

A combined package of the 3-book set and the 4-DVD set for $100 ppd. donation.

You can donate for any of these packages by downloading the order form Here.


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Hello folks,

Hour Of The Time (HOTT), along with Veritas Research and our Alliance’s, are proud to once again be part of the solution with proactive programs and activities against the attacks on our freedoms.  We have conducted numerous seminars, workshops and speaking engagements around the country to stimulate discussion and action on states rights issues and the successes are ever growing.  Attendees have ranged from U.S. Representatives, State Senators and Representatives, County Elected officers and Sheriffs to students, researchers and academia.  And while many so called states rights or freedom experts are quick to talk on the radio or via their websites we rarely, if at all, see them on the ground in official hearings, testimonials, etc.  In other words, when the work gets dirty they’re nowhere to be found.

We are pleased to announce another achievement on our growing list of successes with the Statehood Bill in Utah having passed both houses and is now on the Governors desk for signature on Friday March 23, 2012.  Along with Utah we have the Statehood bills in 5 other states so far and are now engaging legislators with seminars and workshops in many other states beyond those as well.

These workshops are the topic of our newly released and exclusively distributed by HOTT DVD set, “Statehood, The Territorial Imperative”, and go hand-in-hand with the Statehood book set.  These are the very same tools we are using to teach real solutions and remedies to the attacks against our Republic and you too can become involved.

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