Matthew Delooze 19 – Baby Do You Understand Me Now?

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Matthew Delooze 19 – Baby Do You Understand Me Now?

A Delooze News Report

And I’m a lost and lonely man
Without a star to guide me
Mariah, blow my love to me

They Call They Wind Mariah (Paint Your Wagon)


I’m sure most of those on my list will remember my Beckham article. You know, the one where I explained Beckham was ‘painting his wagon’ full of symbolism. I have displayed it here.  I tried to point out and expand on my theories about spiritual energy extraction and how it is done through that article. The conspiracy biz in general ignored it and in some cases purposely oppressed it but despite the blackballing many thousands of people still read it.

Obviously, on one hand, that article was cutting edge to free thinkers, even though I say it myself.  On the other hand the article was also obviously silly and utter bullshit to others, which is fine by me too. I usually write about future events anyway.  I only say it was cutting edge because that is what I thought myself when I wrote it, and because of the affect it had it on me whilst my mind was being opened to actually write it in the first place. But I must point out I only wrote what I was shown. I was the vehicle for the information. I was shown that the information was for the future.

I’m not telling you a sob story in the following paragraphs I’m trying to inform you of something.  I have suffered my whole life and witnessed and lived things out in this world that have allowed me to become the vehicle (The symbolism I carry) I need to be this vehicle to deliver such material and to complete my mission. Before you think my ego is rising I’ll say it is either that or I have suffered my whole life and witnessed and lived out things just to produce utter bullshit and my efforts in the field are entirely delusional. (No ego there then)

It obviously depends on your perception of the info I have produced as to what you believe the info is. I tell you the info was produced by spirit and I give testament to that with my heart and soul. I also tell you it was not produced wearing greasepaint and lies and hidden behind showbiz popcorn and candy floss. That said I could have done with some grease paint to hide my ugly face at times.

As I approach the latter stages of my journey I’d like to remind folks of my Beckham/Madonna writings. This is not because I want to bore you or loop on information I’m not here to bullshit you personally or sell bullshit for my own gain. I have been waiting for certain events to happen and one of them is in the video below. So if I did write bullshit, about Beckham and his tattoos, then can someone watch the video below and ask themselves how comes Beckham is now posing, showing his tattoos, in front of 2 billion people in one go? Watch the video.

embedded by Embedded Video

The Beckham Symbolism is now Global

The original 2008 Beckham article explained that Beckham’s body was being painted to be purposely displayed in public for worship. In the early days Beckham’s tattoos were hidden in photo shoots and just displayed in real life situation, after major football matches in specific stadiums. (Taking shirt off at final whistle) But that has changed and purposely so. The public have been steadily programmed to accept that David Beckham (Golden Balls!) posing in his underwear and it is now ‘the norm’ and his Tattoos will become the main attraction.

So I ask those that read the original Beckham article back in 2008 to look again at what is happening during the Super Bowl 2012, and Beckham’s actions with his body in 2012. Is Beckham what I said he was in 2008? Is he? Come on be honest with yourself…  is he?

I ask you if you understand what I was saying in 2008 I ask if my claims are true in your heart or are they false? I say to any tongue out there, that believes I did not tell the truth in 2008, to point out my lies to me now after seeing what is going to go on. For I say, in good old soothsayer fashion, Behold the Agent of the Serpent. (Because that is what Beckham is or should I say that is what his ‘BODYWEAR’ is?

If you watched the video and you know the images are going global what do you say now? Is Mad, Mad, Matty Delooze still nuttier than a mad Scottish granny’s Hogmanay fruitcake? Or did a sane guided Matthew actually expose the Beckham Bodywear situation, which the world can see today if they wanted?

The video is there for you to decide if Beckham is simply showing his £7.99 under kecks and his padded crotch (It’s like a maggot really girls) or is he the walking occult symbolism that is being put in front of a stupefied human race to be admired?  Hey believe me I knew back in 1996/97 about this scam I already know the answer but I would like your opinion. Long Before Beckham was being promoted as a pied piper.

You get a free pair of maggot covering socks if you buy a pair of under-becks

Maybe it is my madness and Beckham is not showing the whole world the occult symbolism painted on him (See original article for explanation of Beckham’s symbolism) maybe I was talking out of my arse, which I do not mind when we have this sort of underwear about, and Beckham is not showing symbolism and his 2012 global advertising is just normal marketing. Do you think the worship of Beckham is just for 5 sense reasons?
Here have a look at the normal behaviour of human beings around Beckham and note the statues of him too. Listen to the comments of the punters and ask yourself if the hype is in full flow. We are talking underpants here.

embedded by Embedded Video

Team Beckham selling snow to the Eskimos. David Beckham’s Body is not worshipped in 2012?

What can I say?
Obviously the official promotion video, Baby do you understand me now, contains a lot of other symbolism too, including the one eye stuff, but that’s not what matters on the point of Beckham’s tattoos. I ask you to ask yourself if there is another purpose to the official advert other than the selling of underpants?

His body paints a thousands words

Again I do not mind if you think I talk out of my arse. I only ask you to ask yourself, after reading the Beckham article of 2008 and watching the video used for Super Bowl 2012, if your intuition tells you something. I tell my friends that my info back then was true and the actions of Beckham today should convince you. If it does not then I suggest that any info from me in the future is worthless to you, so please do not waste your time with any I supply in the future. You would be wasting your time that’s all and time is not on our side now.

Worship me worship my Bodywear

Anyway. This is only a news flash but I’m happy to tell you that I rest my case on Beckham in 2012. I cannot show you more that Beckham shows you himself. I told you the truth, you can either believe it or laugh at it. I don’t mind which.

I have also given many examples from 2004 -2011 about spiritual energy extraction including how artists, those named after occult or religious icons, are used to get our spiritual energy, through deceptive practises. These examples will be re-issued in eBook form soon but a few articles are on the net, supplied by a couple of brave supporters, if you take time out to look.

Moving on…

Madonna has always been one of my favourite examples of a pied piper. Maybe I should wear her knickers if she sells any? Coincidently, Madonna is also being promoted via the Super Bowl event too.  Her new song is Keep On Luving Me is being hyped as the main half time song, but obviously I am writing this before the game takes place so I do not know for sure how the show will present the song. I’m sure most are aware of my works on showing stadiums and symbolic artists. The biggest problem with that information is the blindness of groupies. Many people seem to think that because an event has a feel good factor that it is not used against them. I cannot stress enough that the feel good factor is manufactured to raise your emotions which in turn increases the energy you produce.

I am only showing this stuff today to because I know the Super Bowl event is vital to the Serpent Cult agenda in 2012 and beyond. Plus I need to show you that the spiritual energy scam will take place and it can easily been seen at this time.

The Madonna scam is so easy to spot, but only if you believe my theories of course. If you don’t then obviously there is no scam taking place at all. but the song created for the Super Bowl is simplistically clear.  Indeed it’s so basic and clear in this video/song that a hundred-year-old mole with the wrong glasses on should be able to see it. Madonna is playing to an audience of around 2 billion human beings and her performance will be beamed around the world for weeks after. Indeed this video has millions of hits on You Tube already. Not bad for an old woman who’s past it eh?

embedded by Embedded Video

The Madonna show

I’m not going to go through all the symbolism in the video. Again this is only a news report. I’m only reminding you of the energy extraction situation  And I’ll be brief…  Madonna is literally walking symbolism and always has been. I announced many years ago why music videos have certain symbolism. I still state the same today. We enslave ourselves by worshipping symbolic agents of the Serpent Cult. We give our energy away and surrender our spiritual rights.

Anyway this video, and therefore the Super Bowl show, is a straightforward SIMPLE demand for worship energy on an occult level. This is partly because of the large ‘one off’ audience on Super Bowl Sunday. I will concentrate on the audio in this video to show this simple scam.  The request for respect to create spiritual energy is blatant.

I’ll start by saying listen again to the audio at the start of the video if you need to. Its just the first couple of lines that you need to listen too.

You will hear this (below). (The cheerleaders lead the cheer).

L-U-V Madonna
Y-O-U You wanna
I see you coming and I don’t wanna know your name
L-U-V Madonna

I tell you that this is basic hypnotic suggestion, it is simple but very affective on the subconscious mind of the audience and of course if it’s not challenged its accepted. Come On join in L-U-V Madonna! You know you wanna! And yes ‘sheep’ she does see you coming and you are nothing.

The collective subconscious programming is so simple and the ritual taking place is done and dusted so quickly. a quick flash of Beckham’s symbolism a quick demand from The Madonna and Bob’s your uncle.


There is, at the same time, a slightly crafty play on symbolism showing Madonna in the opening scene. Here is a picture still from the video.

L-U-V Madonna You know Y-O-U You Wanna!

Do you get the visual symbolism in the scene?

‘It’s Madonna with child’ if you didn’t, in my opinion anyway. She’s manifesting from another world too. That symbolism is displayed a lot by the illuminati. It’s on a par with showing Mary in the sky or in a grotto.

There is bloodline symbolism hidden in the laying down of red coats scene in the video, but I do not know what will happen at the Super Bowl or if the show is live. I get the feeling it will be more of the same of what is in the video, or just the video itself, but this song was specially created for event.

L-U-V Madonna Y-O-U wanna!

But whatever happens during the Super Bowl this sort of trickery should be very clear if you took in my info years ago and that is one of the reasons why I wrote about it years ago, it was (a) so you could see it easily today, if you actually wanted too and (b) I needed you to witness this in 2012. I, being a soothsayer again, say again Behold the Agent of the Serpent. My friend I rest my case on Madonna in 2012 too. I showed you what was going on in 2006 and I know leave you with the 2012 scam that will help enslave humanity if nothing is done. Madonna has reached her peak in 2012 in this stadium and she is demanding the L-U-V of the masses (Spiritual energy). I say again to any tongue out there to tell me if I did not and do not tell the truth? I say this because it is now 2012 and I proclaim that my words and my information were provided to you and those words were true and trustworthy. (Well I bloody well think so)

Can you see just off the opening words what Madonna is doing?

L-U-V- Madonna?  Y-O-U You Wanna!

Sadly many cannot.

The end of the song is also a spiritual demand from the Madonna.

Give me all your love and give me your love
L-U-V Madonna
Give me all your love and give me your love
Y-O-U You wanna
Give me all your love and give me your love
Give me all your love today
Give me all your love and give me your love
Let’s forget about time
And dance our lives away

Again I’m only reminding you of the situation. I do not want to bore you with repeating my theory about the likes of Madonna. It’s so so easy to show your eyes when I have planted seeds years ago. But its your eyes you need in the future not mine. It is your heart that will guide you not mine.  This level of trickery should be Kindergarten stuff to you now but only if you actually believed me back then and believe the theory now.  L-U-V Madonna Y-O-U You Wanna!    Bloody hell they got me at it now.

You won’t get a more simpler example and if you do understand and do see then have faith in your belief because I tell you the truth when I say your belief will serve you well in the next couple of years.

If you can see Beckham and Madonna’s tricks because you actually listened and believed then we can move forward.  If not I suggest you delete this newsletter and forget about me. I’m no use to you whatsoever. I don’t say that because I’m in a huff because you won’t agree with me. I’m really not that silly. I say it because you need to follow your heart and find some path you can believe. Time is of the essence as they say. If you can’t trust anyone’s information then find some trust in yourself.

Please do not think I am off my trolley writing this news report. I have to write it its part of my journey, or I wouldn’t be soothsaying :). I want to progress and its time to do so.  Can you begin to understand that? I hope so because I assure you that I do not want to play silly arses? If I did I’d rather go down the pub and play silly arses there instead.

So again I knew Beckham and Madonna’s roles years ago, I get no pleasure showing you these foolish agents in their role of walking symbolic icons that hypnotise the gullible fools that believe they are free human beings, indeed it sickens me to do so. Their posing and prancing around is literally silly to me simply because I was shown the reasons behind it a long time ago. I knew long ago that the Serpent Cult has us all trained to be silly arse apes and it carries on using these tricks, with the likes of Beckham and Madonna as pied pipers, simply because the trickery works for them and they enslave you. But you want to try explaining that to the hypnotised, especially those that play at being ascended masters and/or politically correct beings of light.

I’m sure a few of you would like some info on why the sheep act as they do towards these icons, but I’m sure more of you simply want to know what Harper Seven symbolises? Maybe which information you would choose to have if only one was available could tell you something about yourself?

I only sent this little news snippet out as a reminder to the few people I know understand the Matthew Delooze information and the theory behind it.  It is not theory to me, it is gospel that has been shown to me. I only pass it on. I do not hide from my theories or my journey and I know my job and I will see it out.

This news report is also a reminder to you and me to show us that my theories are not bullshit and the scams I pointed out in the past are still going on and going on even more blatantly.  The time has come in 2012 to either ‘see’ what I showed you, what I passed on to you, or laugh at it and forget about it.

You will see Beckham display the wagon I told you he was painting years ago to the world in 2012. You will see the Madonna demand the energy the Serpent Cult requires too.

I also pointed out in my last newsletter that you would see the Queen (or her heirs) in her solar barge in the summer too. The Jubilee is only there to demand the right to rule and to receive it from the masses who accept the ritual. I exposed that scam years ago but I tell you it will be in your face in 2012. The Beckham /Super Bowl/ Madonna ritual is on a par with the Queens barge. So please do not be fooled in 2012. I tell you the truth.

So I’m not boasting when I say I give you three examples already of how my information stands up, in neon lights with bells on, in 2012. Well haven’t I?  I shall provide more examples shortly too. But I’ll mark down three examples for now and its only February. Is three examples enough?

I shall be in touch with those on my list A.S.A.P

Until then…   May Love Reign O’er You.

Matthew Delooze (

5th February 2012


On a lighter note. I wish I’d been the one that said the Olympics were being ‘fraudulently and theatrically gate crashed (inside job) this year. A staged alien invasion during the Olympics surely tops my Beckham information if it comes off.

I’m actually looking forward to the Olympics as I’ve just had a tip that the Daleks are going to win the gold medal for the pole-vaulting simply by cheating. The crafty buggers, after their staged invasion has settled down of course, are going to enter the pole vaulting event and spring themselves up by using the sticky out things they have on their chest (Apparently it extends). I don’t mean the little exterminate weapon sticky out things I mean the bigger sticky out thing next to it. I hope the Dalek pole vaulting squad don’t use the wrong sticky out thing don’t you or they may exterminate themselves in error before they get off the ground. Mind you we are being silly aren’t we? How the hell can the Dalek’s win any gold medals anyway, they would never be able to climb up on the winners podium to collect their medal…. Well would they?

Personally I think the Klingons should stage any staged alien invasion simply for health and safety reasons, and think of the money saved by not having to build ramps all over the place for the bloody Daleks.Who’s going to fund that?

What do you mean I’m discriminating against the disabled?

I think if the Dalek’s stage a bloody sneaky invasion they should have the manners to bring their own wheel chair type ramps for the podiums at least. And if the Daleks do stage the forthcoming alien invasion how are they going to enter the rowing event with those arms? Oh I see we, the oppressed British tax payers, would have to provide special boats for them as well eh? Maybe, due to the cost cutting, the Queens Barge can be used, surely that boat has Dalek type wheelchair ramps installed already. Hey that would be a sight to behold.

The Daleks, post staged invasion of course, using the Queens Barge in the rowing events at the 2012 Olympics.

Will that story sell any DVD’s Mam?

What do you mean I’m mad?

Regards MD

UPDATE  07/02/12

I didn’t see the Super Bowl show but its clear the song was used. I’m told Madonna also paraded some interesting costumes (see below)  I cannot stress enough, as I have in the past, that some costumes hide occult symbolism or become a ‘uniform’ to represent the force behind the artist. I must also stress that the artist carries the symbolism they displayed in the past too. In Madonna’s case Just Like A Prayer. Different symbolism is used in different rituals but the Serpent Cult always require our spiritual permission for them to rule over us. Hence the constant need for massive crowds of stupefied drones cheering and accepting words and symbolism they will never understand.  

The artist is just a stooge, a hired mercenary, whom in most cases happily wallows in the materialism he/she receives as reward for helping an inter-dimensional force (alien to this world in the 5 senses) dupe the human race. The artist is an actor hired by a director you will never see.  I must repeat myself and stress again that the artist carries the symbolism they displayed in the past too. The longer the artist has been hyped and worshipped the more symbolism they carry. 

Madonna may be dressed as an Egyptian winged goddess in 2012 but she is still ‘like a virgin’ and ‘like a prayer’ too! Get it? The same scenario applies to Beckham.

Symbolism 2012

PS Madonna has peaked as a stage artist, her time as a pied piper is up soon. She will be cocooned.

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