Matthew Delooze 20 – Royal Concert or Occult Ritual?

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Matthew Delooze 20 – Royal Concert or Occult Ritual?

Baby Do You Understand Me Now (Again)?

“Laugh And Say I’m Green – I’ve Seen Things You’ve Never Seen” 

 A Delooze News Report


Diamond Jubilee Concert.

The people who came to my talks, and visitors to the Matthew Delooze & One Ball Media websites in the past, may remember my work on the events that take place at Buckingham Palace.  It was easier to explain things in person on these matters using videos, but I did do a couple of news articles in the past on the matter too.

I informed you that not many people knew that statue outside Buckingham Palace is actually a monument to ‘NIKE’. It’s officially known as a monument to Queen ‘Victoria’ but she only plays fellow middle-woman with NIKE, who in turn plays middle-woman to the Serpent ‘Gods’ that enslave us.

I previously explained that The Serpent Cult gather the masses to this specific area so they will be duped into worshipping a IDOL. (The Nike monument of Victory-Victoria).

The masses believe they are attending these things out of loyalty and a sense of patriotism, or even just to get a glimpse of a celebrity, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is great for those with a decent five sense life to pay tribute to the Establishment that uphold and maintain that decent life. That said millions of people in this country do not have a decent five sense life, they are literally physical and mental slaves. Mind you the rituals that take place at the Queen Victoria monument (The Nike Idol) are not about your 5 sense life. They are about your spiritual life, your very soul.

They are there for the masses to display the free will acceptance that the bloodline ‘on display’ can rule over us physically, and more importantly, the God’s that control the bloodlines on display rule over us spiritually. It’s what’s known down my end of the street as a double do. A celebration that has two sets of hosts.  You know when two sets of friends get married or engaged or have a christening at the same time and ‘share the ceremony’.

The Jubilee parties are the same, its just that you only see one side of the ceremony hosts. You only see the official 5 sense hosts. You never see the other hosts. They want your soul from you and your permission for their bloodlines to rule your 5 sense lives too. Hence all the rituals. You have to choose your rulers by openly showing your appreciation and acceptance in public. The heavens cannot intervene with your free will wishes. If you understand anything I tell you, please then understand that. The heavens cannot stop anything you actually want to do. If we continue to carry out the rituals we do then we have to live with the consequences.

These events, these right to rule rituals, happen during Births, Weddings, and Deaths of Royalty and of course for ‘Jubilee’ rituals. Jubilees are entirely based on ancient right to rule rituals.

I pointed out several in the past. I also pointed out (2006-2011) that this monument was on a par with an ancient ‘idol of worship’ (Like the one the followers of Moses were dancing around waiting for him  after he had been mountain climbing) and it had been used for deceptively gathering the masses of people (energy) around it.

A Royal Shindig at the ‘Nike’ Victory (Victoria) Monument outside Buckingham Palace

Moses’ ‘groupies’ having a similar shindig but around a different symbolic idol. 
Same scam but with different clothes on

I remember being ridiculed by a few over stating these things about the Nike Idol of Worship, and of course the ‘conspiracy biz’ wasn’t really impressed and basically ignored the info (It was from me after all) and fair-weather friends are, well, fair-weather friends. Some people, at my talks, took this info in and therefore I tell those people and others today that it is time to look again at this monument and note what is being done around it (before the concert takes place).

So I was glad the new Jubilee Concert has just been announced, although I covered the scam through the Golden Jubilee event in my talks, it had only previously been used for housing fireworks in the past (To attract attention during celebrations).  I think this picture sums up how the masses were led like muppets to stand around the occult idol at the last Jubilee event. This monument is purposely placed outside the Palace for the purpose of Right to Rule ritual and energy extraction. Obviously place a couple of celebs in the Palace, singing and playing pop songs, and Bob’s your uncle. The masses accept their rulers and surrender their energy to them at the same time. Not only that, because of the feel good factor, they believe its the thing to do and what else are they going to think?

LOL Is Elton on next? I wish they’d move that bloody idol of worship out of the way so I can see the artist

 Source of Picture Info on last ritual 2002

I always knew that the Serpent Cult would increase the focus of the masses on this monument at the Jubilee event in 2012. They need more and more and members of the human race to focus on the event in JUNE to stay in control.  So here you go…   Have another look at what they are doing with it in 2012?

The Victory Monument for the Diamond Jubilee 2012. With Bells On!

They are making the monument the centre of the stage? Do you need me to point it out this time or is it in your view now? Hey look at the stage and look at the bodies around it do you believe me now that they want you to cheer and focus on a monument? Well…  Baby do you understand me now? I hope so because time is of the essence. LOOK AT WHAT THEY ARE DOING… The entire world will be focused on the monument and sadly they won’t even know it.

Well smear me in jam and cream and lick me all over. It’s party time again with bells on. What do you think of that monument now then?  Do you think I was saying something truthful over the last few years or are you going to ignore it?  Hey I really don’t care if you see it or not but if you can’t see it now you never will. ‘Ding Ding’, oh awakened ones, the bus is pulling out soon.

I’ll tell you, as I have to, something else and all, be I soothsayer, lunatic or just a smelly old Ferris wheel pervert. I say ‘Behold the Tricks of the Serpent’. I say ‘Beware the Tricks of the Serpent’ in 2012. (I now hobble away like a mad Quasimodo shouting ‘oh arr’ ‘oh arr’ at the same time) If your tongue challenges what I say then tell me.

Anyway, I’m telling you that’s one hell of a stage for an illuminati right to rule/energy extraction scam. If you stick the established celebs under that monument then the groupies will indeed be screaming. Add a newly hyped celeb to the list of pied pipers of course, just so they carry the symbolism on to future events. I’m sure Sir Cliff and the like will be put to pasture after ‘2012’ and the Serpent plans you integrate a new range of celebs for the future. Sadly they have been chosen by us, which is our free will choice. You were warned years ago but took no notice.

I also pointed out certain celebrities that will ‘always’ have to be in place at certain event. I pointed out that the main face for ‘English Ritual’ is Sir Elton John. (Candle in the Wind). Those that remember will know that Elton is ‘Hercules. His name says it all for use in ritual, as I mentioned in my Diana article. Hercules will be there in the vast majority of rituals because of his symbolism and of course he is the Daddy of UK celebs (He grooms and selects) and he is Serpent through and through. He will be replaced, as groom and selector, by the artist that sings at his funeral.

I pointed out in talks and writings that ‘Knighted’ celebrities become instant agents for the Serpent etc. and all the respect energy that is given to these artists goes to the Serpent. Here is the main line up for the Concert.

The four ‘Sirs’ and the Dame  (Source)

In basic spiritual terms these pied pipers are there to attract the crowds, some people are literally hypnotised from birth to follow and worship these celebs throughout their life. It is not a choice or coincidence, so if your orgasmic juices run for Sir Cliff remember it was programmed in to you, its not natural;).

The celebs are used to increase the attraction value of the event so more people join in the ritual. Once over Royalty didn’t need as many pied pipers as they do now, they created some in their own ranks (Diana) or sports events as pied pipers. The public were once literally forced to worship Royalty ‘automatically’. ‘Cap off’ and salute sort of thing. These days their knighted champions are the main pied pipers on their behalf, they leech off the attraction value and energy created through it.

Because, on a spiritual level, they are Knights and Dames of the realm, any energy created through emotional respect at the concert, or through watching TV, will go to the ‘Royalty’ that Knighted the pied pipers and ultimately to the force that anointed the royalty the Serpent, it is a food chain. It is only the energy and its final destination that the masses cannot see, its like trying to see the energy that make cell phones pass messages on to other cell phone. You can see the mobile phone towers around so you accept that the power to send messages (energy) comes through those towers. I tell you that the Serpent’s mobile phone towers are certain monuments. It’s been going on for years and years and years, since the Days of Noah, and bloody well longer than that too. Long before soulless humans had smart phones that are, sadly a million times smarter that themselves.

But at the end of the day it’s up to you to see what you want to see or believe what you want to believe. I can only show you things I can’t make you believe what I show you. I point it out to you because I know these rituals inside out. I showed you to help you, not to con you, to sell you tripe or beg money off you.  I’m not here for that. I show you because I think you have a right to have this information. You also have the right to laugh at the information. I spent years trying to provide you with knowledge that I believe will help you in the build up and even during events that are coming to this world. In the main I have only been shit on and abused for doing so.

Anyway before you go…

I always show people, who visited my talks, a short video clip. It is to show how the masses are ‘ordered to rejoice’ over the appearance of royalty in the golden coach (solar boat in ancient ritual) at the victory (Nike) monument. It is short but direct. Please just watch the clip below and study the words being sung (Coronation anthem) and the crowds reactions during the Queens ride round the monument.  Just for a couple of minutes. Also listen to the description on the coach being used. You will see that the Queen is literally worshipped at the Nike monument and the area in general. Again please note and listen to the coronation anthem, the people are ordered to rejoice. (It was being performed live it is not added to the video)

embedded by Embedded Video

Right to rule ritual.

And all the people rejoic’d, and said:
God save the King! Long live the King!
May the King live for ever,

If you study what is going on and think of spiritual surrender ritual taking place then you may understand the scam and see a ritual is going on. You will see that the masses are led to praise the Victory coach and indeed ‘Scream’ as the Victory Coach and its occupants go around the ‘Victory Monument’ (Nike). Again they are ordered to rejoice, it is a ritual. But it is not just a silly show of pomp and privilege. My friends, I tell you the truth when I say that ritual not only gives Royalty the right to rule your 5 sense lives, this ritual also gives interdimensional forces the right rule over your spirit and destiny, your soul. The victory is the victory over YOU.

And all the spiritual energy, which is created via the silly blind morons screaming and waving flags, or in street parties and through TV actually feeds the inter-dimensional force that Royalty represent too. It obviously feeds the Queen her 5 sense life of luxury too!  Watch and listen again to the first few minutes of the video. You will not get a better example of a deceptive, energy stealing, spiritual surrender ritual. Silly arsed apes worshipping their enslaver.  I tip my hat to the skill of the trickery but its time to break free if you want to do so. If you don’t want to maybe you can apply for a free ticket and attend the live event. You are bound to see Hercules fronting the ritual along with sell out King Paul McCartney. LET IT BE my arse, not this time matey. I showed you the free concert scams through Live 8 in 2005 before Live 8 took place. It is a scam that cannot fail simply because the masses cannot see beyond the programming.

Anyway, the lyrics to the coronation anthem are highly ambiguous. Those that read the Stars are Falling will know I have covered some of these things in 2005 and as far as the coronation anthem goes, its on a par with the Lord’s Prayer for ambiguity. It is clear if you listen to the Coronation Anthem (Zadok the Priest) that the words are literally for an anointment ritual but the people are not only rejoicing the King but, in my opinion, they are praising Amen (Ra) too. The song is very ambiguous and single lines are repeated over and over but the scam is easy to spot. The people are indeed ordered to rejoice the King or Queen that is present but they are also bombarded with the words Amen Allelujah. (Listen to the video again if you have forgot)

  And all the people rejoic’d, and said:
God save the King! Long live the King!
May the King live for ever,
Amen, Allelujah.

 The scam is easy and the prayer that appears to be only honouring the King or Queen… is not. It is honouring the Sun God ‘Amen’.  The words Amen Allelujah is literally praise for the god Amen. Listen to the video again with that thought in mind. You may understand the ritual better.

Amen Halleluhah, Amen Halleluhah, Amen Halleluha

‘May the King live for ever’
Amen Halleluhah
Amen Halleluhah
‘May the King live for ever

I tell you the truth. If you think, as you have been informed, that the human race is the highest form of intelligence operating on and in control of this planet, and an unseen force does not carry out these rituals, for their own benefit, then I suggest you stick a Taser up your anal passage and pull the trigger, cos you need a jolt up the arse.

Of course I could just be having another paranoid episode over this Nike monument. They must keep recurring.

LOL Mam….   Silly Arsed Apes indeed

Mind you I’m now proud to say I can now mark down this event as another scam I previously wrote about that is now right in your face and appearing in 2012. Err… let me recap…  That’s the Queen’s Barge Scam, the Beckham Bodywear scam, the Madonna hypnotic lyrics and symbolism in a stadium scam and now the Nike Victory monument scam. I now count 4 already and its only February.  But as Jimmy Cricket used to say… “There’s More” (In the near future)

If you know of my work, or came to one of my very expensive talks, what do you say? Coincidence is it?  Is it? I don’t think so. But it’s a good job I set seeds back or it would be 10 times harder trying to show anyone this information from scratch now. Bloody hell where would I start? And of course it would be too late and you’d only shit on me anyway.

Until next time

May Love Reign O’er You

Matthew Delooze 8th February 2012.

Copyright Matthew Delooze All rights reserved 2012. Pictures used for non profit and sources, when available are linked.


One is preparing a Tater Pie & Mushy Peas supper for the event

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