Matthew Delooze 25 – In the Company of Apollo (Olympics)

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Matthew Delooze 25 – In the Company of Apollo (Olympics)

 Beside the statue of Zeus

(The Olympics ritual exposed)

 By Matthew Delooze

The Olympic games will be upon us shortly so I thought I’d say a few words before the official opening ceremony that is to take place on the 8th August 2008. I am glad my current incapacities have allowed me to do so. I am sure there will be some flashy attention grabbing ceremony to open the ‘Olympic Games’ tomorrow. The phony leaders and their hangers on will be out in force wallowing in hypocrisy whilst millions watch on TV without having a clue what is really going on.

Anyway I’m not here to tell you about the ceremony that will take place in Beijing tomorrow. I’m here to tell you about the ceremony that already took place in March 2008 in Olympia, Greece. Most of you won’t even know what went on then or those that did will have forgotten all about it. Don’t worry about that, you were meant to find it easily forgettable, intensely boring, and utterly meaningless or even miss it altogether. I am only here to remind you of it. The ceremony is known as ‘The Lighting Ceremony of the Olympic Flame’. It is, in my opinion the most important ceremony of the games as far as the Serpent Cult are concerned.

It is my opinion that this ceremony turns the Olympic games into an ‘official event of Sun worship’ and indeed officially announces it as such. Those people that know my work will know that I mention the fact that symbolic stadiums are placed on energy lines and that the crowds are used to generate spiritual energy whilst they feel emotional about the event taking place. Live 8 style music concerts and official visits from the Pope are good examples of this and I have tried to bring this to your attention for quite a few years now in my articles and books. In this work I’d like to show you one example of how the Serpent Cult can use what I call ‘portable esoteric symbolism’.

It is a scenario where a symbolic ritual can take place in one location and the effects and symbolic meaning of the said ritual can be transferred to another location many miles away. I have indeed experienced this myself in South America in recent years. I suppose an easy way to describe what I mean in a 5 sense way is to say simply. “If a court official passes a ruling (a ritual) in the USA and orders a man in the UK to face the same court then that ritual has been transferred many miles and had an effect then the ritual is literally ‘portable’. In other words a symbolic ritual carried out in the USA literally caused a physical and spiritual event in the UK. It also transferred ‘emotional energy’ from one place to another. YES?

It is time to start to go a little deeper into the energy extraction scam that I believe has been going on in this world, this dimension if you like, for thousands of years. For you to understand what I am trying to say you may need you to watch the official video of a ceremony on the Internet (The website address is provided further down) or at least study the pictures carefully. It takes place in ‘Olympia’ in the ruins of the ancient temple of Zeus and the ancient temple of Hera before the Olympic games begin. The area is also a location for one of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World, known as the Statue of Zeus.

Zeus the creator of Apollo (Sun)
The statue of Zeus was located in Olympia

Oh yes my friends please note that a full symbolic Sun ceremony always goes on in ‘Olympia’ but it is hidden within the pomp and glitter that surrounds the hyped Olympic games themselves. Anyway this ceremony is always carried out by a pre-selected ‘High Priestess’ and for the 2008 ceremony this is Maria Nafpliotou.

Maria Nafpliotou High Priestess 2008

Similar ‘chosen’ women have actually carried out the ceremony for numerous games, over many years. The symbolism they carry on all levels is very important to the ritual that is actually taking place.

Greek High Priestess Thalia Prokopiou 2004

Maria Moscholiou 1968 to 1980

( As I said earlier you are meant to find the official ceremony ‘boring’ and the official video is really boring. I know it is bloody boring because I have watched it several times during my research. (Update 2012 I had trouble accessing the video in 2012 hence I have edited the original 2008 article. The full video was located on the official Olympics website

I therefore add a short clip of the main lighting ceremony anyway.

embedded by Embedded Video

I believe it is important that you do watch this ceremony if you want to see what is really going on and see what the Olympic games really represent.  (Occult Sun Ritual to create spiritual surrender) Please note in the clip that a flame is actually brought to the temple before the torch is lit. (It is said only to be a back up flame)

The Priestess reads from a script, I don’t know what was said entirely but the High Priestess shouts something like this during the ritual;

“Sacred silence let the Sky, the Earth, the Sea and the Wind sound.
Mountains fall silent, sounds of the birds cease.
Apollo. The god of the Sun.
The light bearer King shall keep us company.
Apollo. King of the Sun and the? of light.
Send your rays and light.
The Sacred Torch”

I’m sure you get the drift, just from the clip provided, that this particular Olympic games ceremony was indeed Sun worship/ sacrificial orientated. For those that don’t know who Apollo is or represents I will say he is on a par with what you know as Jesus and I’ll add that Zeus, the father of Apollo, is on a par with what you know as ‘Jesus’ Dad’, in other words, he is ‘God’. Apollo is literally the SUN of God.

Jesus is a ‘symbolic Sun’ god just like Apollo

Anyway, back to the ritual that took place in Olympia in March 2008. The High Priestess actually ‘lit the Olympic torch’ directly from the ‘Sun’ using what is known as the parabolic mirror.

A parabolic reflector (or dish or mirror) is a reflective device used to collect or project energy such as light, sound, or radio waves. Its shape is that of a circular paraboloid, that is, the surface generated by a parabola revolving around its axis. The parabolic reflector transforms an incoming plane wave traveling along the axis into a spherical wave converging toward the focus. Conversely, a spherical wave generated by a point source placed in the focus is transformed into a plane wave propagating as a collimated beam along the axis. Parabolic reflectors are used to collect energy from a distant source (for example sound waves or incoming star light) and bring it to a common focal point. (Source

Obviously you can carry out your own research in to ‘parabolic reflections’ but I will tell you the truth and say that the parabolic mirror in this case is a symbolic EYE.

The Olympic Torch is lit directly from the sun via a parabolic ‘mirror’ (The Eye of the Sun)

Diagram of parabolic mirror system

In my opinion the Parabolic Mirror is a symbolic Eye of the Sun God

The official torch was lit directly from the EYE (mirror but the fact is folks that a flame in another cup was actually brought in by the priestess and placed on the altar of Hera just in case the torch could not be lit from the parabolic mirror. (There was already a flame brought to the temple before the torch was lit it is located next to the little boy (sacrifice) in the background.

The scene at the ‘Altar of Hera’ after the torch was lit by the Eye (Parabolic Mirror)

A cup is lit directly from the torch. Again note that a flaming cup was already brought and placed on the Altar of Hera before the torch was lit. It was said it was a back up light in case the parabolic mirror failed.

But I ask you who the hell is truly aware of where the flame in the first cup, the so-called back up cup, placed on the Altar of Hera, actually originated? Who know what rituals it may have been involved in?

I realise that the vast majority of folks don’t really give a monkey’s toss about the lighting of the torch ceremony and most folks believe it is just a joke and a waste of time. But I tell you the truth if it is a joke then it’s a sick one and if it is a waste of time it concerns the time of your eternity.

Anyway, despite being told that once the torch is ignited (by the Sun) it would not go out and it would be handed directly to the first ‘torchbearer’, it appears this was not the case. Indeed my friends the focus of the ceremony was totally placed on the cup (mini cauldron) that was ignited by the torch in the previous picture, not the ‘torch’ itself. Indeed the torch was quietly removed from the ceremony and very discreetly placed on what we are told is the Altar of the Goddess Hera. Here is a picture (obviously bad quality) showing the placing of the torch, the same torch that was supposed to be handed directly to the first torchbearer, on the Altar whilst the focus of the ceremony is now placed entirely on the flaming cup.

The High Priestess literally places the torch on the Altar.

The torch is not passed directly on to the first torchbearer at all and it is officially placed on the Altar. It then becomes obvious that the cup, not the torch is taken to another altar and things are moved to another official altar.

The cup is carried to a second altar

The ceremony starts up again at another ‘Altar’ (Zeus/Apollo?)  Another occult announcement takes place by the High Priestess in Greek but it is obvious that the High Priestess is carrying out the worship or offering a sacrifice to Apollo.

Anyway I would like to point out that the torch, the eternal flame we are told would never go out, reappears in the ceremony. It suddenly appears on the ‘Altar of Whomever’ that is beng used in the second ceremony. But sadly it appears to have been extinguished. Indeed it is just lying on altar. Oh my! The eternal flame has gone out already has it? Fortunately there is the cup of flame placed on the altar, it is the one that was brought from the first altar or is it the one that was ignited by the mirror?

The torch is not lit and how do we know which cauldron is actually being used?

If you can look at the whole event properly The ‘High Priestess’ has only played the role of ‘cup bearer’ and she actually only made offerings to the altar in the temple of Hera in the name of Apollo and used his symbolism (The Sun). Then she walked down to the second altar and her entourage was carrying her symbolic offerings from Apollo (Including a virgin sacrifice, the boy!) and she symbolically ‘lit that altar’ just as she did the first altar by placing the torch (the sun) on it. Again the ‘High Priestess’ main role is the act of placing offerings on both the altars, not start off a sporting event. Indeed if you open your eyes you can see that a proper ancient and spiritually binding ritual is taking place and it is taking place inside an official temple of the Sun, using official altars.

I have said many times that the Serpent Cult ‘use’ mythical deities as middlemen and icons to gain free will respect and acceptance from the masses. I therefore point out that the entire world accepts this ritual and in doing so the entire world accepts that the iconic gods and goddesses like Apollo, Hera and Zeus rule over us.

Anyway, back to the ceremony, the official Olympic torch that is already placed on this second altar is not ignited.

Second Altar:
The torch is not lit

The torch is lit for a second time on a second Altar.

The High Priestess actually reignites the official torch from the cup we are told she herself previously lit at the first altar by using the torch. So I ask you ‘to ask yourself’ why the parabolic mirror was not just simply placed at this second altar in the first place? Save a lot of time eh?  Surely if the ceremony was only created ‘to ignite the torch’ then why not just light the bloody torch? Why have two different altars been used?  Why the hell was the first torch, lit by the sun/eye at the Altar of Hera, not simply used to light the torch of the first torchbearer and then he just go on his way? Indeed who thought up these rituals and who decided to use both altars?

Hey I’m sure no one bothered asking. I’m sure the fakers and takers out there won’t give it a second thought too.

The first runner’s torch is actually lit from the second altar not directly from the mirror.  But no worries.

If the ignited torch, that wouldn’t ever go out, had to be lit ‘directly’ from the sun before passing it on to the first runner then why wasn’t it done so at the first altar when we all witnessed the torch being lit from the parabolic mirror? Indeed why was the flame only passed onto another altar through the cup anyway? Why wasn’t the torch carried to the second altar with the High Priestess and her entourage? Isn’t it strange that they used the ‘back up’ flame so soon?

The ‘altar’ had received offerings, the boy and the ‘rays of light’ from Apollo to name two.

The first runner’s torch was not lit directly from the parabolic mirror (sun); it was literally lit from cups that had been placed on two different altars.

It is very clear in the video that the ‘Beijing’ Olympic torch is indeed lit from at least two ‘altars’ that are located in Olympia and all the bored hangers-on and all the bored officials witness this. Not that they will ask questions. They will simply carry on as they are told.
They were simply there to officially endorse and officially accept the ritual. They would be too busy with their wages and ego to think of anything else.

Anyway be you genuine, or simply another faker and taker, I have tried to show you what goes on at the lighting ceremony I hope you have listened and seen. I realise its hard to concentrate on boring things and that is why they are purposely made boring.

If you have watched the video, or studied the photos, what do you think? Is some secret ritual taking place here? Remember we are dealing with official so-called pagan sun god rituals? Why are we carrying out these rituals in 2008?  Is it just a bit of fun for the cameras?  I don’t think so but I’m wise to rituals and I don’t expect you to believe me.

Those in attendance and the ‘interpreter’ in the official video didn’t have a clue what was going on. They just go along with it. So what the hell is going on here? Are we all so fucking stupid that we never question such things? Oh! Sorry I forgot it is only a ‘tradition’ isn’t it? Silly Billy me, I am simply paranoid and silly to question such things aren’t I?

What tradition is it then? The one that the robotic wankers called ‘teachers’ told you in school is it? Oh that’s fine then; let’s carry on with the tradition then eh? (Mind you it’s all Greek to me) These traditions have enslaved us in this world for many lifetimes so why not keep to them eh? These traditions cause starvation and wars and greed and ignorance so let’s increase the tradition eh?

We are talking Sun Cults that sacrificed children and animals during full moon to Sun deities here. So let’s carry on with that tradition and sacrifice a few kids and slaughter 100 Bulls in honour of Zeus at the same time then shall we? (Olympic Tradition) That is what is said to have happened at these temples during the full moon.

The whole Olympic games are linked to honour Sun gods. In this case it is the Olympian deities. The main focus of respect was a 40-foot high monument of Zeus, pictured earlier.

The ancient Olympic games were carried out to ‘honour and respect’ mythical Gods and to ‘entertain’ representatives of the same. That is why Olympia was built. Nothing has changed today. Beijing’s Olympic stadiums are built for the same reason. My theories are the truth and I say to you to heed my words on these matters because you can only regain your soul and spiritual awareness by doing so.

Everything connected to the Olympic games has a symbolic connection to mythical gods. This is not just about Beijing, it’s about all of the locations where the games take place and it is about gaining the acceptance and consent from the majority of human being, the collective consciousness, on this planet. There are many examples I could show you about many occult practices connected to the Olympics, dating back to Berlin in 1936.

 Olympics 1936

The deception has been going on for a long time and it is all leading up to and beyond the London ‘Olympic’ event in 2012. You would need to really open your mind to fully see the deception that is taking place. It is not the sad 5-sense reality you see around you that really makes this world tick, it is our subconscious ‘collective thoughts’ that creates an illusionary physical world you see around you. We simply write the script subconsciously and then act it out physically in our 5-sense reality later on. Therefore when an outside force interferes with, our subconscious, we are simply writing the script that the said force wants us to write. We are simply host to a deceptive mind controlling force. We then act out the script in a physical way. We simply get what we ‘think’ we get.

We cannot see the force that is interfering with our thoughts. If we are ‘subconsciously taught to worship deities’ then we will be led to ‘physically worship and be slaves to the same deities’ in some way, whether we can actually ‘see’ them or not does not matter. So if your subconscious has been interfered with and programmed to worship symbolic sun gods then you will somehow worship them unknowingly through events like the Olympics. Do you understand that?

We cannot see the physical deities hiding behind things like the Olympics can we? We can only see the stadiums, the participants and the medals they receive. Those things receive our collective respect on a five-sense level. That said we know deep down in our subconscious that it’s all linked to the Olympian deities and we subconsciously accept it. We are also physically told and shown the occult rituals involved in the event and we accept them, even if it is in ignorance. We openly give respect to the athletes and they will be cheered on, not only in the stadiums but also around the world on TV.

But just think for a moment. Please. Could the collective consciousness of the human race, whilst being physically and consciously connected to the games, also be subconsciously and spiritually connected to the symbolic deities that really represent the games? I have said many times that the Serpent Cult literally hide behind our major physical 5 sense events and then covertly siphon spiritual energy through them. When we show respect to the Olympic games we are showing respect to the symbolism (Olympian Deities) that are symbolically behind them.

Emotional respect = Spiritual energy.

Therefore the whole event is basically carried out to extract ‘free will’ spiritual energy from the masses, to feed a multi-dimensional force, through deception. This takes place on a level of consciousness that is higher that the mundane, dumped down, 5-sense reality we live in. Those that have read my stuff will know that I have mentioned Live 8 concerts etc. as a means for the Serpent Cult to extract our spiritual energy, at certain ancient locations, around the world.

The Olympic games is a similar sort of scam and it allows the Serpent Cult to ‘create’ a type of ritual that can actually be transferred and have the same effect many miles away from where the ritual originally took place as mentioned earlier. E.g. In this case the temple of Hera or Zeus is symbolically transferred anywhere the torch that was lit in Olympia wants to go, literally anywhere it wants. Indeed the Olympic flame is literally representing Apollo the Sun God and the ancient temples, as you now know if you watched the video properly.
In other words the games of today are still carried out to honour the Gods of yesterday and whoever hosts the games becomes an extension of Olympia with the company of Apollo.

We also literally send our ‘strongest and most powerful representatives’, our athletes, to symbolically pay honour and to serve and entertain the Olympian supreme deities when we take part in the symbolic games. That act in itself is a spiritual surrender ritual on behalf of mankind.

The ritual that takes place in Olympia symbolises that wherever the games take place they are still symbolically taking place in Olympia and in the company of Apollo.

The Serpent Cult require your permission to rule over you and by us taking part in games that ‘they created’ and games that fully display their symbolism we give them the permission they require.

The vast majority of the human race has no direct knowledge of the rituals that take place in Olympia before the games and they can’t be bothered to find out anyway. They simply wouldn’t accept what I am saying anyway would they? We are far too clever to be deceived on such a scale as to be still worshipping Olympian deities during the modern day Olympic games aren’t we?

Oh my brothers what fools they are. What fools we are.

Do you think the ancient rulers of the world demanded massive respect and demanded to be worshipped simply for the fun of it? I realise that the modern day lighting of the torch ceremony in Olympia is all supposed to be only done ‘in fun’ but did that ceremony in Olympia look like it was just ‘in fun’ to you? Did it look a joke to you? It certainly looked a serious ritual to me and I know in my heart that it was an important ritual to the Serpent Cult too or I wouldn’t have spent the time writing this article.

In my opinion the ‘games’ that start tomorrow are not fun, they are an act of ‘global worship’ mostly in honour of the symbolic sun god Apollo, his father Zeus and the Goddess Hera. The games, because of the symbolism behind them, are an act of spiritual surrender to the force that all ready enslaves us all and has done for thousands of years. That’s why the bullshit leaders of this world deceive us and then ensure the games are always carried out and they are indeed carried out based on the same foundations of ancient occult rituals in Olympia. The fact that we are deceived does not matter; being deceived does not prevent the effect these rituals have on our spirit in the long term. Ignorance is no excuse when we ‘blindly’ accept occult rituals and indeed collectively applaud them simply because we have been conned into thinking and accepting that its simply tradition’.

We are still simply giving our enslavers the right to rule over us by continuously following the said ‘tradition’ because we are too stupid to see or we simply can’t be arsed to think for ourselves. Would you still follow a tradition that enslaves you if you truly knew it enslaved you? Who are you waiting for to tell you that you are enslaved?  Are you waiting for the same power that enslaves you? The deceptive force that has brainwashed you is not going to tell you that you are brainwashed. Wake Up!

Isn’t it true that we blindly and proudly accept ‘traditions’ simply because we are led to believe they do us no harm? Indeed we believe traditions like Christmas and Easter are good traditions that do us no harm but what if these traditions really lead to your spiritual enslavement and add to your misery? What then oh proud traditionalist?

You have also been deceived into thinking that the authorities have your best interest at heart and therefore you should always believe them, that’s why you see the Olympic games as another simple ‘tradition’ and not as an act of worshipping a force that continuously imprisons you and as a ‘portable’ ritual that affects the entire collective consciousness of the human race.

It is easy to say and sometimes easy for some of you to see that by accepting and supporting events like the Olympic games that you are conned into worshipping Sun deities like Apollo. Those that know me know that even deities like Apollo or Jesus are simply only one level of deception and when we are conned into worshipping deities like Apollo we are also conned into worshipping the ‘creators’ of the symbolic deities like Apollo. Those creators of mythical deities like Apollo are multi-dimensional beings that are alien to this world AKA the Reptilians of the lower fourth dimension. They created the first level of symbolic deities especially for use in occult ritual. So in a nutshell, as I have said before, when we accept and take part in events like the Olympic games we are conned into worshipping deities like Apollo. In turn when we worship Apollo we really worship multi-dimensional alien beings. Indeed there are many levels of deception but the average forum gossip’s ego simply cannot get past the first one because their educated mind won’t let them because it is programmed with ‘tradition’ that acts as a hypnotic defense trigger. I know it is hard to accept that but believe me the serpent has many forms of defense.

You are not going to easily accept my version of the Olympic type ‘tradition’ simply because of the people that ‘taught’ you differently in school, for at least 10 years are you? You have no reason to disbelieve them have you? They have already made you believe the Olympic games are all straight and above board and they of course they also taught you that you, just like them, are really inferior to some silly mythical deity like Zeus haven’t they? So believing me is not going to be easy is it?

I realise that too. I had a hard time breaking the spell I was under too. All I am asking is that you look at the situation with ‘open’ eyes. Think why the ‘powers that be’ insist ancient rituals like the one in the video are carried out. Watch the ceremony again and ask your soul if it wants to be part of that ritual…. because you currently are and you are currently bound to the force that created it.

The official ritual is a total waste of money if it is done simply for fun isn’t it? (I am assuming you have watched the ceremony on the video). It was has and never been done for fun. It is done to enslave the human race through deception. The ritual hides behind art and theatre and relies on the total spiritual dumbed down ignorance of the human race.

Many illuminati type rituals took place in the ancient temples in Olympia in March 2008… but did you know this?  Do you actually care?

I am not saying we shouldn’t have world sporting events but I say can we have them based on ‘humans’ and not symbolic occult deities? Or can you not see past your hypnotised mind and the blind acceptance of ‘tradition’ and see sport actually existing without the word ‘Olympic’ being used? Our traditions have led to the world you see around you. In my opinion it’s time to really question all of our traditions simply because they have led to the world we see around us today. The human race has been deceived on a massive scale.

Surely in 2008 we can arrange for sporting events to take place without all the occult ceremonies taking place beforehand or, if we can’t do that, at least question the symbolic rituals that are actually taking place without sarcasm or ridicule?

The main point in writing this essay was to lay foundations for another stepping-stone and to try and help for some of you out there to dare outstretch a toe. Take in and think about the actions of the ceremony shown to in this chapter and try to watch the official Olympic video. There were several other illuminati/ serpent ceremonies that went on in Olympia. I just haven’t the means to report them all to you now. I will say I believe it is time to really question ‘yourself’ and question just exactly the world leaders and what their ‘traditions’ actually create. Please believe me when I say it is time to start to open your eyes or you will literally miss the real show.

The past is calling for you to remember who you really are and to remind you not to get fooled again. Please don’t ignore the call! Please do not ignore the call! I do not know how much longer I can supply information but… Until next time…

May Love Reign O’er You All.

Matthew Delooze 7th August 2008

ALL TEXT Copyright © Matthew Delooze, 2008. All Rights Reserved

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