Matthew Delooze 27 – Sussing the Sophists of Olympia

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Matthew Delooze 27 – Sussing the Sophists of Olympia

(And About Bloody Time Too!)
A Delooze News Report

Hello folks,

Just a few lines to mention that the Olympic Torch was lit today. (As some of you will know about this time round). Although the ceremony would be considered boring to most I assure you it is the most vital part of events as far as the multi-dimensional force that I call The Serpent Cult is concerned. The 2012 Olympics take on special meanings for me too this time around and those reasons will be explained at a later date.

Mind you if you don’t believe my research from four years ago it won’t matter if I do explain things at a later date or or not will it?

My friends, the actual lighting ceremony in 2012 is absolutely no different whatsoever to all previous lighting ceremonies.  Indeed your enslavement in 2012 during the Olympics is just the same as it always has been during any other. That’s why we are stupefied silly arsed apes that don’t even know who we are.  The vast majority of folks in conspiracy circles didn’t even know this ceremony took place only 4 years ago and the Olympics meant nothing to them either.

But the only difference in this Olympic 2012 ritual compared to all the others, in my opinion, is the locations the torch will be taken too and that is because the route varies at each Olympic event. This includes the winter games too, or do you not bother with them ( They have not been hyped by hawkers eh?)? 

In 2012 there will still be the High Priestess, the Virgins of Vesta (hearth) and a lighting of the flame. There will be a symbolic sacrificial lamb (A cute little boy with a pert bottom), which represents the sexual preferences that The Serpent Cult enjoys the most, and there will still be a ritual using the Altars of Sun Deities and their hangers on, but don’t worry it is all just a bit of expensive fun isn’t it? All this ceremonial razamataz is just so we can watch folks run around a track in the shithole East End of London in a few weeks time isn’t it? So take no notice of the odes to Apollo, Hera and Zeus, because they are all goody goodies and we know them personally right? Good Old Zeusey Boy I know him well eh?

Oh my brothers what silly arsed apes we really are.

Anyway here is a brief video showing the basics of the ‘Sun’ lighting the fire for the 2012 event and the ambiguous words (carefully scripted as they are every time at this event) nicely narrated by nicey chunky bummed angel Baron Coe, who who is the official puppet for 2012. May he get his just rewards for his actions.

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Obviously, in my opinion, the only difference this time in 2012, compared to other odes to the Sun ritual, is that liars and puppets like Seb Coe have taken the role of the previous nicey boy liars and puppets that were used in previous occult ceremonies as they go through their routine ‘ode to the sun’ ritual that their masters insist on.

The Torch is symbolically lit by Apollo (The Sun) as I have pointed out in the previous writings and therefore the torch represents the Sun on Earth too. The lighting of the torch ceremony is the foundations of the Spiritual energy extraction scam that will take place at the 2012 Olympics and at all previous Olympics too. I can only suggest you read my previous writings on the matter to understand what I believe is behind the rituals, if you haven’t read them before. For those that have I say the Olympics ritual starts NOW. They do not start in July.

I will be reporting on the Olympics nearer the time.  

I will link the previous work I have done on the lighting of the torch ceremony (From Years Ago) below and I will reproduce my previous work on the Olympics work shortly and in my compilations. I will also produce new information on the 2012 Olympics nearer the time. But I do wish to quote from my last news report on this matter. I cannot stress enough how much I believe the paragraph below should at least be noted by truth seekers…

“It is also clear to me that the London Olympics 2012 have been seriously ‘hyped’ (not exposed in any shape or form at all) far more by the ‘truth movement’ than by any malevolent illuminated secret society in recent years. Business driven ‘entertainment’ and pathetic ‘disinformation’has been rife through manipulating this event for at least the last five years. Instead of creating awakened spirits this hyped material has literally created mindless drones in some cases. But please note the Olympics ritual is not exclusive to ‘2012’ and never ever ever has been. It has been carried out for thousands of years and the sad public swallow the same scam time and time again. It isn’t the end of the world just yet! In my opinion the Olympic flame relay, after taking into account all the games that have taken place since 1936, has now travelled around the entire globe, and the spiritual (respect) energy being transmitted back through Olympia is now close to its peak, and this is simply because the world has now bowed to the fire from Apollo (sun) and allowed it to happen. I tell you the truth, it is part of the Serpent agenda to use the exact same energy line connection scam in the future, especially so in RIO 2016. Indeed South America, in my opinion, is going to be very important to the Serpent Cult, far, far more important than London 2012”.

Rio used some very symbolic apparatus in the build up to winning the bid for the 2016 games and those that know me know I knew that Brazil would win the bid. I mentioned the Ferris wheel being continually used to promote their bid and it is still used daily in Rio today and it will be used many times leading up to the games. Obviously to most awakened spirits Ferris wheel’s are just silly loony tunes information though eh? J Maybe one day I’ll change your minds on the subject, sadly I fear it may be too late to matter to you though.

The Rio 2016 Ferris wheel

But, Hey where the hell did all these Ferris wheels come from? Are they breeding somewhere? Have you got one in your city yet? Chuck a bucket of cold water on the buggers if you have or we are going to be over run with them. But if I’m the silly fruitcake in this tale, then how did I know they were going to appear years ago? They are now in position in most major places around the globe. But I suppose it is meaningless and nothing much to think about so not to worry, at least we have Susan Boyle to listen too don’t we?  Och Aye.  

Anyway. I will be talking about 2016 briefly in my talk next Saturday. So I won’t report on it yet. But please try to understand that the Serpent Cult plans most things way in advance. Anyway don’t forget. My previous writings on the lighting of the torch ceremony are here.

In The Company Of Apollo

In the Presence Of Hera

I am happy in 2012 to say I am now shutting my gob about this torch lighting ritual. Behold the truth but obvious you are free not too.

May Love Reign O’er You All
Matthew Delooze

11th May 2012.

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