Ebola Virus,Plague and Olympic Opening ceremony – Update 09 aug 2012

“Ebola Virus,Plague and Olympic Opening ceremony”

Ik wist het – heb er vanmiddag nog aan gedacht – en daarnet vond ik dit… Het begint nu echt eng te worden – en dan denk ik aan het “parade paardje” van onze vriend Appie O (waarvan de details niet bekend mochten worden gemaakt).

Ga er maar even goed voor zitten – ZEER GOED “denk en speur werk”!!

This video shows the connections between the Ebola virus, the Plague and the symbolism of the Olympics. This includes links between Monsanto, Dow chemical and the virus known as Yersinia Pestis. Also known as The Plague. Are the connections to the 2008 and 2012 games giving us clues to the virus? . Could this be the start of a new pandemic that will wipe out the population and be blamed on the Ugandan athletes in UK? Thats for you to decide. Please refrain from insults as my only purpose is that we protect ourselves from any danger.

Update 09 aug 2012

Via Facebook vonden we dit:

Warning to everyone…Do not drink bottled Coca cola,!Did you know that the bottling plant for Coca cola has two bottling plants in Uganda and one of them is only 9 miles from the region of Uganda that has an Ebola outbreak, the capital Kampala, even though the first outbreak was reported in Kabaale which is 100 miles west of Kampala…SO IF IT CAN TRAVEL 100 MILES, WHOS TO SAY THAT SOMEONE IN THE BOTTLING COMPANY ISNT AFFECTED…ONLY 9miles away??? WHY HASNT THE BOTTLING PLANT BEEN CLOSED DOWN? THE BOTTLING COMPANY IS CALLED CENTURY BOTTLING PLANT and the virus has been reported to be transmittable via bats..How strange coincidence can it be that the Century cinema was a shooting at the Batman film. THIS IS NOT ALL PURE COINCIDENCE. The team members are all from the area that has been hit with the virus and they all have been allowed to come into the UK during the incubation period of the virus and all their uniforms went missing during the week…..Tune into Critical Mass Radio tonight to hear all the connections that have been uncovered including the imagery from the opening of the Olympic games that point to a planned pandemic!!!


My interview last night talking about the Ebola virus and the Olympic games…..please listen and share….about an hour into the interview. http://www.mixcloud.com/cmr/the-critical-mass-show-with-host-paul-giovanni-and-guest-ann-carey/?utm_source=notification&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=new_upload&utm_term=cloudcast_link&utm_content=html

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