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“Mystery Babylon”


The complete collection of the Mystery Babylon series of lectures by Bill Cooper. Note episode 33 does not exist, and the series starts with episode 00.

Each lecture is one hour, as broadcast originally on The Hour of The Time.

You might want to keep a pencil and paper to hand. Try to listen to all the lectures in order. Otherwise you will fail to fully comprehend latter episodes .

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More Bill Cooper MP3

Recently aquired a large collection of Bill Cooper MP3. It will take me some time to sort through the MP3 into some sort of order, and write some html pages.

In the mean time you can browse the raw directory of 2 Gigabytes of MP3.

All credit for this magnificent work goes to the owner of this site:

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  1. watash schreef:

    I found the .mp4 video for the missing session 33.

    the link is;

    hope this helps complete your very interesting collection.

    thanks for posting,

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